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Where is Lake Superior State University?

History #lssu_history
Courses Offered #lssu_courses
A Unique Location #lssu_location

Lake Superior State University also referred to as the Lake State, Lake Superior State, Soo Tech or LSSU is a public university located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The university is the smallest public university in Michigan with a total of 3,000 students. Its campus radio station is WLSO and the student newspaper is called The Compass.

The place where Lake Superior State stands served as Fort Brady from 1894 to 1944. Sitting on a 115 acre of land that includes several buildings, the university is listed as New Fort Brady according to the National Register of Historic Places.  LSSU is one of three Michigan public universities that operate as a university and community college. They recently opened another center in Dearborn in the southeast part of Michigan. This is in addition to the existing regional centers in the cities of Escanaba, Gaylord and Petoskey.

Lake Superior State University History

Established in 1946, Lake Superior State University aims to educate the returning World War II veterans and the rest of Eastern Upper Peninsula residents. The Michigan College of Mining & Technology or Michigan Technological University helped the early upbringing of Lake Superior University.

In its earlier days, the university was known as Sault Ste. Marie Residence Center of the Michigan College of Mining & Technology or Soo Tech. One of the first courses offered in the campus was mining and technology. It started off with 272 students and later renamed as Lake Superior State College of Michigan Technological University in 1966. Just 4 years later, in 1970, the university already received autonomy from Michigan Tech. The university then changed to its present day name after it was granted a university status in 1987.

Courses Offered

The university offers both bachelors and associate degrees. However, they also have Master of Arts in several curriculums as well as a number of certificates.

LSSU is widely known for its academic endeavors in the fields of engineering, chemistry, education, business, nursing, geology, fisheries and wildlife management. These also include environmental sciences, fire science, and criminal justice.

The university also pioneered in an accredited four-year fire science program and remains as one of three universities in the country to offer such program. LSSU also boasts of one of the best robotics facilities in the country. Their laboratory for robotics courses is valued more than $3 million. Despite its size, LSSU is one of the three universities in the country to offer specialization in robotics with ABET/TAC accreditation. Due to their world-class robotics facilities, they are known for their Bachelor of Science degrees in computer engineering, manufacturing engineering technology, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

LSSU also offers courses in, one of the only two universities in Michigan to offer such accredited curriculum. Alongside with Central Michigan University, both universities offer quality education to fully understand environmental health. Other courses they offered include forensic sciences, creative writing, recreation management, and legal studies.

One of the main goals of LSSU is to bring the community together and inspire people in continuous learning.  In 2010, the university launched its first Creative Writing program that encourages veteran writers as well as aspiring writers to read their work. In doing so, it bridges the twin cities of Saults to build better and stronger artistic communities.

Unique Location

Because of LSSU’s unique location in its proximity to the Canadian border, the university has many Canadian enrollees. Not only it helped flourish the young minds it also builds a close relationship with its international neighbor. As a tribute to its many international students, the campus ground has both the United States and Canadian flags. During athletic events, both national anthems of each country are sung before the game.

Just as there’s nothing like Lake Superior State University, there’s nothing quite like all of Michigan. Show of your love of our great state with a piece from our LIVNFRESH Michigan selection.

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Ski in/Ski out Lodges In Colorado

Snowmass Colorado
Beaver Creek
Steamboat Springs Colorado
Copper Mountain Resort

Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and all kinds of winter sports are fun. However, packing and lugging your equipment from your hotel room while catching the next shuttle to the slopes may not be as fun. This is why ski in/ski out lodges are a popular choice for many visitors of the Colorado mountains.

Ski in/ski out lodges are houses located near slopes that are perfect for skiing and other activities. Staying in them will save you time from gathering all your equipment to go to the skiing spot. By having all the fun just at your doorstep, you’ll even save some money by having cooked dinner in your lodge instead of getting your meals at expensive restaurants. These are also great for families with kids who can’t wait to go skiing outside right after breakfast.

So, where can you get ski in/ski out lodges in Colorado?

Snowmass Colorado

Located on the western side of Colorado, Snowmass Colorado is just 6 miles from Aspen Airport. It’s a great option for tourists coming from all around the country. Snowmass Colorado has plenty of condominiums and town homes that are just a walk away from slopes.

Got beginners in the group? Snowmass Colorado offers skiing and snowboarding school for all ages. Kids and adults who aren’t used to skiing can take lessons during their stay. If you’re lacking equipment, Snowmass also has rentals for all the gear you need to start your adventure.

There are other activities that you can try out in Snowmass Colorado too. From rock climbing and ice climbing to fly fishing, golf, mountain biking, and hiking.

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is located in Eagle County, Colorado. The resort is part of Vail Resorts, along with Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone. Beaver Creek has plenty of ski in/ski out hotels and condominiums. Their hotels have beautiful views and accommodations, perfect for couples.

With their hotels and condominiums close to the activities, you won’t be wasting time gathering everything and heading up to the next ski slopes. Kid-friendly adventure zones are great for the kids to have a great time.

The resorts performing arts center has amazing shows, from ballet to Broadway musicals and symphony orchestras. Enjoying a show after hours of thrilling sports is a great way to end the night.

Steamboat Springs Colorado

Steamboat Springs is located in Routt County in Colorado. The resort is located at the Mount Werner just east of the town.

Steamboat Springs has villas and inns that are located right at the ski spots. Their villas have options, from studio types, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom villas. Whether you’re with your family, friends or just on a date with your special one, you’ll have a choice of accommodation.

Aside from the slopes, you have access to outdoor pools, hot tubs, day spas, retail shops, and fitness centers inside the villas. Aside from skiing and snowboarding, you can rent snowmobiles or get a horse to go horseback or sleigh riding.

Breckenridge Resort

Found in Breckenridge, Colorado, Breckenridge Resort is known to have nearly all kinds of slopes that you can want. The resort is popular as one of the best resorts in the state.

They have a number of luxury condominiums and lodges near the peaks of the mountain, great for winter sports. Their ski in/ski out lodges also have access to their BreckConnect Gondola that connects to the other peaks and places around the resort.

Other than their exciting slopes, Breckenridge Resort boasts many other activities. Their Alpine Coaster lets you and a friend ride on a coaster car while navigating around the turns and twists around and above the ski runs and forest. You can control your own speed so you can go as fast as you can, or slow down to appreciate the views. The resort also has the Arts District where you can attend classes, activities, and events.

Copper Mountain Resort

Copper Mountain Resort is located at Copper Mountain in Summit County, Colorado. The mountain is just 75 miles west of Denver.

The resort has plenty of townhomes for large groups and families that are nearby popular ski spots. The resort has many kinds of terrain, from ski terrain for beginners to more exciting slopes and terrain for the experts.

Families and friends have so many activities to enjoy in Copper Mountain Resort. From tubing hills, athletic clubs, to their indoor activity area where you can jump into foam pits and trampolines or go skating. There is even an indoor skiing and snowboarding training for those who are just getting started with the sport.

Whatever you may be looking for, the state boasts plenty of options for ski in/ski out lodges and that’s just one of many reasons why we love Colorado so much.

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How deep is Lake Superior at its deepest?

Lake Superior
Tragedies in Lake Superior
Shipping Still Flourishes

The Great Lakes situated in North America which span 750 miles from its eastern tip to its western region remains as the largest freshwater system on Earth. It has the most spectacular scenic view of the wilderness on the face of the planet. It contains 10% of all the freshwater in the world and has more than 10,000 miles of shorelines. Today, at least 40 million people live along the Great Lakes, of which there are actually more Canadians than Americans.

Each lake of the Great Lakes is named after native American or French. Lake Erie, for example, came from the Erie Tribe which resides in the southern tip of shores. The same goes with Lake Huron, which originated from the Huron tribe. Lake Michigan is named after the French word from the Ojibwa word michigami. There are more than 35,000 islands within the Great Lakes. Measuring 1068 miles and with a total population of 12,600 Manitoulin is the largest island located in Lake Huron.  

Likewise, the Great Lakes offer some incredible moments of natural beauty and serenity. It’s no wonder people looking for things to do in Michigan flock to these locations and why our Great Lakes Girl gear has made such a splash.

Lake Superior

The greatest and biggest of all the Great Lakes is Lake Superior. It has an average depth of 483 feet with the deepest depth can go as far as 1,332 feet. Located on the borders of the United States and Canada, Lake Superior spreads around the states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It surfaces water measures 31,700 and spread across 350 miles wide and 160 long. It holds up to 2,900 cubic miles of water or the equivalent of 3 quadrillion gallons of water. When completely frozen, there is enough space for everyone on the planet to sit in a 12” x 12” picnic blanket comfortably in Lake Superior.

The other four lakes can fit into Lake Superior plus three Lake Eries. With today’s alarming global warming phenomenon, many consider the importance of Lake Superior as an equivalent of Saudi Arabia’s oil consuming industry.

Tragedies in Lake Superior

An estimated 6,000 to 10,000 sea vessels lie deep within the waters of the Great Lakes, which have claimed the lives of an estimated 30,000 people.

One of the famous shipwrecks in Lake Superior is the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. The tragedy even generated a hit song, memorials, and conspiracies about its ill-fated journey. Sadly, Fitzgerald is just one of many wrecks; there are a number of ships that succumbed to the treacherous waters of Lake Superior. The area near the Whitefish Bay in Whitefish Point, Michigan is notorious claiming many sea vessels traversing its territory. This dangerous passage in the south of Lake Superior has been referred to as the “Graveyard of the Great Lakes” and “Shipwreck Coast”. It is a place where hundreds of ships sunk and thousands of lives lost.

Shipping Still Flourishes

Every year a staggering amount of 200 million net tons of commerce passing through the Great Lakes. The country’s lake fleets alongside with the Canadian’s carriers, tankers, bulk freighters, tugs, and barges haul these massive shipments of cargo. Around 40% of the cargo includes mined minerals like iron ore, coal, salt, and stone. The other percent composes of agricultural products like corn, wheat, oats, and soybeans.  Even though the waters of the Great Lakes pose a perilous journey for these brave sailors, they still make sure that the shipping industry still flourishes.

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The Three Most Expensive Ski Resorts in Colorado

Breckenridge Ski Resort  #breckenridge_ski_resort
Aspen Snowmass  #aspen_snowmass
Vail Ski Resort  #vail_ski_resort

As they say, the money you spent on something you enjoyed isn’t money you wasted. When we have the time to go on an adventure, we indulge ourselves and our families as much as we can. After all, we deserve it.

When it comes to skiing, Colorado is definitely the place to go. If indulging in the most luxurious resort is what you want, here are the top three most expensive and luxurious ski resorts in Colorado that you can wear your favorite Colorado native sweatshirt at.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge Ski Resort is located in Breckenridge, Colorado, and is one of the most popular resorts in the state. And that is not without reason. Breckenridge Ski Resort boasts luxurious accommodations, many activities, and spectacular sights.

Breckenridge Ski Resort has one of the highest summit elevations in the country, standing at 12,998 feet. The mountain has all kinds of slopes for beginners and experts to ski in. Not only that, a town is on the mountain itself! This means you’ll have access to bars, restaurants, and shops without leaving the mountain.

Their accommodations are worth the price. They have luxurious hotels rooms and lodges that are perfect for every kind of group. They also have plenty of ski in/ski out lodgings so you don’t have to travel far from your room to start skiing.

Aspen Snowmass

At Pitkin County, you’ll find the second of the most expensive ski resort in Colorado: Aspen Snowmass. Boasting ski areas on four adjacent mountains, Aspen deserves to be one of the state’s luxury resorts.

Millionaires and celebrities are known to choose Aspen as their ski destination. The resort boasts on its variety, culture, and extravagance. Like Breckenridge, Aspen has a town right on the resort. The town has all you need from family-friendly restaurants, fine dining, pubs, galleries, shops, and many more.

For accommodations, you can choose from luxury hotels to spacious condominiums. Ski in/ski out hotels can also be found in Aspen to save you time from traveling between your hotel room to the ski areas.

Vail Ski Resort

Eagle County in Colorado offers another luxury ski resort in Colorado: Vail Ski Resort. With 5,289 acres of area, Vail Ski Resort is the third largest mountain ski resort in the country and has the fourth largest skiable terrain in North America.

Vail Ski Resort boasts great terrain for all kinds of skiers. For beginners, they can sign up for their top-notched ski lessons. But other than skiing, you won’t run out of things to do in Vail Ski Resort. They have a mountain coaster, snowmobiles, ski biking, tubing, a discovery center, and more. Want fine dining while having the amazing view on top of a mountain? Need to grab a few drinks with friends after skiing? Vail has everything you need to have a good time.

They have a great range of lodgings, from premiere to mid-range hotels and condominiums. Vail Ski Resort also hosts many events, from concerts to international snow competitions.

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How to identify Lake Superior Agate

What is Agate? #what_is_agate
Where to Hunt Agate #where_to_hunt_agate
A Waxy Luster #waxy_luster
Banding #agate_banding
Hardness and Weight #hardness_and_weight
Conchoidal Fractures #conchoidal_fractures
Pitted Surface #pitted_surface

What is an agate?

Agates are semiprecious stones that can be found all across the globe but commonly found along the shorelines of Lake Superior. Under a trained eye, one can easily find agates within the area of northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. These precious gems compose of several mineral quartz and layers of chalcedony. Formed billion years ago, the bubbles rising from volcanic activity formed the famous banding layers of agates.

Most people can easily spot the familiar banding color of orange and yellow. However, the unpolished agate is far more difficult to find in a sea of bedrocks. Noting the weight and size of a rock can give hints if it’s an agate or not. Nonetheless, identifying agates like a pro is something anyone can learn to do.

Where to Hunt Agate

Some billion years ago, agates formed along the shores of Lake Superior. It’s really best to hunt where these semiprecious stones started off. From its formation glaciers, currents, and rivers carried agates across the North and South America.

The best place to start hunting for agate is where the soil has been moved or in the shorelines, riverbanks, and riverbeds. Currents constantly give these parts fresh supply of stones from the bottom of the lake. Gravel pits along the shores of Lake Superior are perfect for hunting agates. However, most gravel pits are privately owned so traverse carefully and with caution. It’s not worth getting yourself in a lot of trouble for a handful of these semiprecious gems.

Once you decided on a good spot, here are some helpful tips to help you identify agate better:

Waxy Luster and Translucency

Agates that are freshly throne in the shorelines by the current may have some waxy luster or shine on its surface.  Feel the stone on your hand and try to find some waxiness on it. Slide your fingers on its weathered surface or where the rock exterior has worn out. Waxiness is one of the sure sign you may have found an agate.

Even though agates have banded minerals, there are few agate stones that have translucent property. Look for translucency in the stone; you may even spit some quartz-like mineral along with the familiar orange, red, and brown color. When held up to sunlight, unpolished agates may appear to ‘glow’ as of the sun refracts through them. Because of this technique, it’s best to hunt them in the early morning or when the sun is about to set.  

Look for the Banding

Careful inspect stoned for banding which is a factor that many collectors and jewelry designers sought for. Check in the exterior of the stone where it is broken or worn away. Most agates have weathered surfaces that may reveal their particular banding.

Check Hardness and Weight

Agate stones are no more than 3 inches in diameter and heavier than ordinary stones because of their dense composition. Another tip from expert agate hunters is to compare them with stones lying close by. As a type of quartz, agate is quite hard that cannot be easily scratched even when using a steel knife.  

Check for Conchoidal Fractures

Agates as a quartz mineral tend to break due to its brittleness. Check for conchoidal fractures or irregular break in the suspected agate. These fractures may look like a break similar to fine-grained materials like glass and obsidian. Fractures in agates may appear in a wavelike pattern or often curved.

Get Hints from the Pitted Surface

Agates oftentimes form in igneous rock or have been surrounded by softer rock. These softer rocks may have eroded leaving from pitted or dent marks on the semiprecious stones. The pitted surface on agate may also cause by softer minerals formed into the agates.

Remember, finding an unpolished agate is nothing compare to the ones bought in stores. Meticulously inspect each stone and in time, your eye can easily identify a perfect unpolished agate.  And when you go out to do so, make sure to keep warm along those Lake Superior Shores with a Michigan Home Grown hoodie to show off your Michigan pride.

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What You Always Wanted to Know About Lake Superior

Crystal-Clear Water #crystal_clear_water

Weather #lake_superior_weather

Early Settlers #early_settlers

Life in the Lake #lake_superior_animals

Tourism #lake_superior_tourism

Lake Superior is the largest of all the Great Lakes in North America and also considered the biggest freshwater lake by surface area in the world.  It borders the US states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Canada.

Just raising the water level in Lake Superior by merely an inch will require 551 billion gallons of water. Its surface area measures 31,700 square miles (82,100 square kilometers), it’s roughly the size of Maine. Lake Superior holds at least 10% of the surface fresh water in the world. With 3 quadrillion gallons, it is enough to put both the North and South America under a foot of water. The deepest point in the lake goes as far as 1,276 feet – the distance is about the height of Chicago’s 108 stories Willis Tower.

Crystal-Clear Water

Has Lake Superior completely frozen over? Because of the depth of almost 400 meters below the surface, it makes a complete freeze a rarity. But a complete freeze does happen. Lake Superior freezes over once in every two decades.  The last time the lake froze over was back in 2014. It is important to monitor the freezing of the lake because it will greatly affect commercial shipping, fishing industry, hydropower generation and more, according to the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research.

But if climate change continues, the lake could be ice-free by 2040.  The lake boasts of clear water with an underwater visibility of an average 27 feet or 8.2 meters deep. According to the University of Wisconsin, it will take more than 200 years for the lake to refill with new water.


The water temperature is prone to lake effect snow, but the weather is generally moderate, with warmer temperatures than inland throughout the year. Winter temperatures around the lake rarely fall below minus 30 F, well above inland temperatures. Although it rarely completely freezes, during most winters, Lake Superior is 40% to 95% covered with ice.

Weather is the state of the atmosphere with respect to current temperature, precipitation, wind, and cloudiness. Lake Superior vastness can greatly affect weather known as the “lake effect”. The lake shoreline temperature can be noticeably warmer in winter and much cooler during summer. Due to water is slower to absorb and release heat than the land.

This lake effect can also brew some treacherous storms comparable to hurricane size storms. This is because of the added moisture and wind speed passing over the lake. During winter times, Michigan is one of the states that greatly affected by the lake effect. The state can be buried under six times more snow than Duluth.

In summer, a dome of high pressure can form over the lake pushing when low pressure approaching storms of the southeast. The dangerous Gales of November occur in autumn, along with some violent storm when low-pressure systems pass over the lake. Wind speeds can easily reach 50 mph and gusts can exceed 1001 mph. fogs forms when temperature and dew point differ by less than 4 degrees F. As the moisture in the warm air condenses over the colder surface waters, advection of fog rolls into lake coastal communities. Sea smokes occurs when cold air moves relatively warmer water during winter.

Lake Superior’s Early Settlers

About 1.2 billion years ago, Lake Superior started to form because of the North American Mid-Continent Rift. Shaped like an arc, it stretches from Kansas all the way to Minnesota. According to the History of Lake Superior, the first settlers in the lake arrived around 8000 B.C. just after the glaciers melted. The Laurel people known for trading metal and other goods arrived around 500 B.C. Not until in the 1600s when the Ojibwe tribe had established a village on Madeline Island.

Lake Superior has a very rich history that started hundreds of years ago.  The Ojibwe and Chippewa Indians settle along the shorelines of the lake and learn how to fish. They build birch bark canoes and used nets crafted out from the willow strands. Most of the early settlers in the lake fish in order to survive. However, when the European arrived, they introduced commercial fishing during the 1820’s. They used big ships and huge nets to catch as many fishes as possible using minimize efforts.

Some species of fish residing the lake started to decline in 1880’s and then again the business began to boom with the use of modern equipment to catch fish.  Unfortunately, in 1950’s the whitefish began to decline because of overfishing, along with pollution. The introduction of external invasive species greatly contributed to the decline of the fish species in the lake, thus affecting the fishing industry.

Life in and Around Lake Superior

It is a home to about 80 species of fish, including carp and varieties of trout, salmon, and perch.  The fishes found in Lake Superior are rich in omega 3 because the lake is very cold and deep. A local fisherman called Whitefishes as Humpback because their heads are smaller than the length of their bodies. Humpbacks also have silvery to white in color and have olive to light greenish brown back, with forked tails. They eat smaller animals that lived at the bottom of the lake, nearer to the seafloor.

Adult whitefish eat small fishes as well as amphipods, snails, and shrimps. Young whitefish, on the other hand, eat microscopic animals and larvae as they are small and are not able to eat what their adults consume. Superior’s shallow water temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius, the whitefish start laying eggs at night over small rocks near the shores of the lakes, it comes up to the water surface and releases eggs and sperm. Around 10,000 eggs are laid by the whitefish which hatch early spring season.

Lake Superior houses several native plant species like the state tree of Michigan.  During the 1900’s the non-native species like the rainbow trout and brown trout were intentionally introduced in the Great Lakes. A total of 97 non-species, from parasites to plants live in Lake Superior. More than 10,000 migrating birds of prey lands in the lake each day during the fall migration season. There are nearly 60 orchid species including birds such as hawks, loons, and owls call Lake Superior their home.

Lively Tourism

Tourism is one of the economic mainstays of the lake region, which is home to over 600,000 people. An abundance of festivals, concerts, events, and unique dining and shopping opportunities create a cheerful atmosphere. The lake is known for its good and clean water, and the epicenter of scuba diving, at winter excites the skiers, snowmobiles, and ice fishing fans.

Indeed Lake Superior is one of the greatest natural creations on the planet, we need to love and take good care of this wonderful lake. It’s easy to fall in love with the area and if you have, too, celebrate it with a shirt or hoodie from our Great Lakes collection.

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What animals and Plants Live in Lake Superior?

Native Fish
Other Creatures
Invasive Species 

Lake Superior is not just a lake by name; it is the largest freshwater lake in the world. The lake’s volume is so humongous that it can cover both North and South America in at least one foot of water. With an average depth if 147 meters or 483 feet of water, Lake Superior had claimed a huge number of water vessels lost at sea. To date, a record of 350 shipwrecks succumbed to its treacherous waters along with thousands of people who died in these ill-fated travels.

The lake holds up to 10 percent of all the fresh surface water on Earth and covers 82,000 sq km or 31,700 sq mi. Because of its size, Lake Superior takes pride in hosting thousands of plants and animals, which make up its diverse ecology. Lake Superior serves as a home to 78 different species of fish alone alongside many, many other life forms.

Native Fish

With all that water Lake Superior contains, it’s no wonder that many varieties of fish species thrive in the area. Anglers usually hunt for varieties of fish like perch, shiners, and trout. A lot of people can even reel in nocturnal fish that feeds at the bottom of the lake including deepwater sculpin.

One of the most peculiar fish species in Lake Superior is probably the burbot. Because of its strange long body, the fish is known to many as eelpout. Burbot spawns before the ice begins to melts.

Plantlife in Lake Superior

Sandy soils that are acidic in nature most often than not surround the shorelines and coasts of Lake Superior. These type of soils known as poor fens are commonly found in extreme northern climate. Many carnivorous plants thrive on these poor fens because of slow decomposition rates. Plant life that flourishes in Lake Superior includes buckbean, marsh, St. Johns-wort, pitcher plants and bog rosemary.  Due to ever-changing seasons and climate change, marshes can also occur around the lake. There plants like bulrush, blue-joint grass, bell-flower thrives. In some days, one can even spot meadow willow and meadowsweet, type of shrub-like plants.

Other Creatures at Lake Superior

Aside from fish species, there are other aquatic animals that thrive in Lake Superior. These creatures make up the bottom part of the Lake Superior’s food chain. Other larger animals on the lake feed on these aquatic animals which includes water fleas, copepods, rotifers, zooplankton, and phytoplankton. Some of these creatures feed on each other in order to survive the harsh reality of the lake’s diverse ecosystem.

Abundant tiny invertebrates dwell on Lake Superior like chironomids and mayfly whose presence indicates the very healthy water condition of the lake. These also include snails, clams, shrimp, and amphipods. Countless ships and boats that traverse in the Great Lake waters introduced some of these tiny water creatures in Lake Superior.  

However, as industrialization kicks in, the waterways of the Great Lakes become so accessible to all sea vessels, some invasive fish species make their way to dwell well in Lake Superior’s ecosystem. These creatures threaten the good balance of the marine ecosystem in Lake Superior.

Invasive Species

Invasive plants life like the Eurasian watermilfoil often formed dense clumps submerged underwater. These plants disrupt the fun of fishing and other water activities such as boating.

One of the most dangerous invasive species in Lake Superior is the sea lamprey, a jawless sea parasite that came from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s one of the most aggressive predators in Lake Superior, only one of seven fish can survive their attacks. Some invasive species tag along with the bottom of the boat that sails in the Great Lakes these include quagga, rusty crayfish, and not to mention the notorious zebra mussels. The zebra mussels and the quagga pose a great threat to the native reducing their size and even causing extinctions in other parts of the lake.

If you plan on visiting the Great Lakes or Lake Superior, stay warm at night with one of our stylish and comfortable Michigan hoodies.

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