Best Snowboarding Resorts in Colorado

Are you interested to learn about snowboarding? No one can blame you since it is immensely fun and can give you some pretty intense workout. For those who want to really have fun with snowboarding, the mountains of Colorado are definitely the place where you want to be. You should really try to find wonderful terrain park the snowboard on. Colorado has many amazing mountain resorts where you can both ski and snowboard. Finding the right one for you can take quite a bit of research. That is the reason why this article was done to give you an idea which resort would work for you.

Below are the best Colorado ski resorts for those who want to snowboard.

1. Keystone Ski Resort

This is one of the premier ski resorts of Colorado. The people behind it is the highly experienced people in Vail Resorts. Snowboarders with love this restaurant simply because it and compasses three wonderful mountains and five bowls.

What perhaps make Keystone Resort one of the best snowboarding destinations is their terrain park. For people who snowboard, the A51 terrain park is simply amazing thanks to its abundance of features. This terrain park has 60 acres of progressing fun. This means that you can start slow and steady first and then you can just go crazy at the very last leg. This area is very well made and any snowboarder will appreciate this simply because it has an area for everyone, beginners and experts alike.  The aptly named Easy Street is the start of the snowboarding area where people can start getting comfortable. The difficulty progresses with each area. Once you reach the last area, Main Street, there is a large triple jump line available and you can definitely go as wild as you possibly can, in a safe manner and environment of course.

2. Winter Park Resort

For those who love variety, you will love the Winter Park Resort.  This is very aptly named since the whole area does look like a park. This means that both skiers and snowboarders would have a wonderful time here. The great thing about Colorado is that resorts allow people to ski and snowboard and the same time unlike most resource found in other parts of the country. This has more than 3000 acres that you can ski and snowboard on. This resort also gets around 370 inches of snow. That gives it a high-quality snowboarding floor.

The great thing about this winter resort for people who want to do some snowboarding is that this mountain haven has quite a lot of terrain parks. They have the beginner friendly starter and bouncer park for those who are just starting out or those who want to improve their snowboarding. There is also the Gangway and the Ash cat parks which is great for the snowboarders who are transitioning from beginners to the intermediate level. You then have the Rerailer Park, which is great to practice your tricks and then the Dark Territory park, with the many eye-catching features. They culminate to the Rail Yard, where the superpipe stands majestic, bringing both awe and anticipation for visitors.

The Keystone Ski Resort is best for those who want to do a lot of relaxing while the Winter Park Resort is better suited for those who want to take their snowboarding skills to the next level.  Whichever of the two you choose, you can be assured that you will have a quality time.

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The History of Houghton Lake

Michigan’s largest inland lake has shared many memories among the residents and tourists who paid it a visit. It is a popular destination for people who want to go fishing, swimming, enjoy watersports, among others. But before it became a popular tourist destination, Houghton Lake served a different purpose to those who lived in the area.

Houghton Lake is found in the Roscommon County in the north-central area of Michigan. But aside from Roscommon on the southwest, it reaches to three other townships: Markey Township on the northeast, Lake Township on the northwest, and Denton Township on the southeast.

Size of Houghton Lake

It has a surface area of 20,044 acres. This makes it the largest inland lake in Michigan and one of the largest natural inland lakes in the United States. However, it is also particularly shallow. Its average depth is only 7.5 feet, which makes it only a bit deeper than an Olympic swimming pool. At its deepest point, it’s 22 feet deep.

A.K.A. Roscommon Lake

Before it got its name, Houghton Lake was known as Roscommon Lake. It was named after the Roscommon County where the lake is located. It was in 1879 that the lake got its new name in honor of the state’s first geologist and famous explorer and physician, Douglas Houghton. Douglas Houghton died at the young age of 36, putting an end to his many promises to science. In his honor, the lake was named after him. Along with the lake, the city of Houghton, the Houghton County, and Douglas Houghton Falls were named in his honor.

In 1873, the Emery family settled in the area around Houghton Lake. They were the first white settlers of the land. Augustus Emery and his family made their way to the lake after leaving Chesaning, Michigan. Here, Augustus and his three sons built their family home on 160 acres of land.

Commerce and Life at Lake Houghton

In the mid-1800s, the area around Houghton Lake became a means of transporting lumber. Lumber was transported from Houghton Lake to Muskegon River. From there, they will be brought to sawmills and shipping facilities in Muskegon. Lumbering became a big part of the development of the area around Houghton Lake. This became the primary industry of the area by late 1800s. As more lumber camps operated in the area, more people started to settle in around the lake. By 1883, a community was established at Houghton Lake.

By the early 1900s, however, the lumbering industry was declining. Due to this, the railways that were used to transport lumber became passenger lines. These passenger lines catered to fishermen, hunters, and tourists who want to explore the “north country.” This was the beginning of Houghton Lake’s popularity for great fishing in Michigan.

Recreation and Luxury

Years later, Houghton Lake became primarily as a resort area. Businesses and vacation homes were built around the lake’s area. Houghton Lake’s abundance in aquatic life and gorgeous views of nature attracted tourists from all across the globe. Today, Houghton Lake is one of the top vacation destinations in Michigan.

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Lake Michigan’s Pollution Problem

It’s nearly guaranteed that if you put a lot of people in one place for a while, it’s certain that they will leave behind trash. It’s not necessarily intentional but it’s not inevitable, either. Lake Michigan is a water source for the people living near its shores, so what are the pollution problems in Lake Michigan and what is the major pollutant we should be aware of?

  • Billions of Gallons of Raw Sewage

Raw sewage has to go somewhere. In some cases, it goes into Lake Michigan. It has been like so for years now and billions of gallons of raw sewage have been dumped, causing changes in the lake’s ecosystem. The billions of gallons may look small compared to the quadrillion gallons of water the lake has, but even comparatively small problems can become a problem when left unattended. One of the main effects it has on the lake is the high amounts of nitrogen and organic materials that cause a big bloom of algae and other small plant and animal life.

  • Chemical Contaminants

Factories have dumped their own waste products in the lake, sometimes intentional and illegal, sometimes accidentally like spills from transport ships or breaches from nearby chemical waste silos. Chemicals like Chromium and Mercury are present in the water, poisoning the aquatic life. The water treatment plants are capable of removing these chemicals before they are sent back to the people who need them, but the lake suffers a blow.

  • Plastic and All other Non-Biodegradable Trash

It’s likely that you’ve seen pictures of seafaring animals caught in six-pack rings or dead birds whose guts are filled with metal from ring-pull cans and a bunch of plastic bits. There are more examples and those apply to the lake as well. It’s not uncommon to see tin cans on the shallow lake floor, or pits of plastic floating along the center of the lake. One of the more concerning issues they have with plastic pollutants is the newly discovered presence of nearly microscopic, fine plastic fibers in the lake. Like asbestos fibers, it can get stuck into a marine animal’s lungs and gills, causing slow but sure death.

Among these three examples, which one is the major problem in Lake Michigan? One could easily say all of them are, since stopping them could lead to significant improvements the lake and the creatures in it, including the people around it, too.

The answer, however, is the plastic pollutants. Raw sewage can adjust the ecology, causing blooms of life that tip the balance, but once stopped, can naturally recover. Chemical spills are downright nasty but can be isolated and eventually treated, even naturally in some cases.

However, plastic stays behind. Lake cleaning is hard enough and the sea and its inhabitants cannot quickly deal with these non-biodegradable wastes. It’s also harder to control compared to chemical transports and dumping as it happens in very small scales, everywhere.

This is why helping to protect and preserve the environment doesn’t have to be big. It could be as simple as throwing your trash in proper places and picking up after yourself. Like the plastic problem in Lake Michigan, the solution can be very small scale, everywhere.

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What is the Largest Island in Lake Michigan?

When we think of a lake, some people think it’s something bigger than a pond, but smaller than, say, the sea. That’s about right, but when we talk about the Great Lakes, they do deserve the name “Great”. Lake Michigan alone is 307 miles long, 118 miles wide with the minimum with at 91 miles. It has a total surface area of 22,404 square miles and an estimated water volume 1180 cubic miles. It is so wide that it might as well be a sea of freshwater.

Among the vastness of this lake are islands. Some of them are small, not even enough to put a car on, but others are large enough that they’re inhabited by people and even big enough that they are their own incorporated towns.

Among the many islands that dot Lake Michigan, the largest is Beaver Island. Located along the north of the lake, 32 miles from the city of Charlevoix in Michigan. This island is secluded enough that it can only be reached by air or by boat. The island is about 55.8 square miles and has two townships. It even has its own airport for small aircraft. Despite it being far from Charlevoix, it’s still considered part of  Charlevoix County.

This is not to be confused with another Beaver Island, which can be found in Lake Superior.

The “King” of Beaver Island

This island is a popular tourist attraction, not just because of its dense population and great fish market, but because back in 1856, it was once home to a unique religious colony led by “King James Strang.” This religious colony was known as the “Strangite Mormon Church”. Presently, their church and culture have become a tourist attraction and the island itself is now a vacation destination.

This island’s history is based very much on this church created by James Strang. He established a “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. However, Strang’s church is actually wholly separate from the current Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is much, much larger. This led to Strang’s church to end up being named “Strangite Mormon Church.” He led his 300 followers into the island where they cleared the land and built small settlements. Eventually, they became a town under Strang’s rule and, with his political power, appointed himself king. After a small ceremony, he was crowned King James Strang by his followers.

Visitors Beware

The island eventually had its share of outsiders visit Beaver Island. King Strang exerted his authority over the non-Strangites. This was even to the point of confiscating their property and hurting them. This eventually led to hostility between the Strangites and their neighbors, who considered the island community intolerable.

King Strang’s fall eventually came when he started to dictate that women should wear bloomers. When two women didn’t follow, Strang had their husbands flogged. These two men plotted to assassinate him, and one night on June 16, 1856, they shot him and fled into a departing US gunboat.  King Stang died on July 9, 1856, due to the wounds. Soon enough, the neighboring islands’ people drove the Strangites out, and in 1895, control of the island was legally placed under Charlevoix County.

Beaver Island Mini-Documentary

For more information, check out this short documentary:

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The Largest City on Lake Michigan

Some of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world are the Great Lakes. These four great lakes are a source of life and livelihood of many that cities grew around it, flourishing on what flora, fauna, and entertainment the waters can provide.

Among these lakes is Lake Michigan (In which Michigan actually means “Large Lake” in the language of the region’s indigenous people) and among the shores of Lake Michigan stands great cities. Which one of them is the largest?

The Windy, but Populated, City

There are plenty of cities around the lake, but hands down the largest and most populated city is Chicago. Known as the Windy City, its land stretches out at 227.34 square miles, (588.81 square kilometers) with the actual city area nearly covering it at 234.14 square miles (606.42 square kilometers) Why is the city area bigger than the calculated land area? That’s because Chicago stretches over the waters, with 6.80 square miles of it, (17.62 square kilometers) being water.

To compare how large it is, the second largest city around Lake Michigan is Milwaukee which has a land area of 96.17 square miles (249.09 square kilometers) and a total city area of 96.84 square miles (249.09 square kilometers.) This makes Chicago more than twice the size of Milwaukee.

With great land comes great building space, and with good building space, comes a lot of people. Chicago is home to 2.7 million people and given the land area of 227.34 sq mi, that means there are approximately 12,000 people per square mile in Chicago.

If you compare that to the second largest city, Milwaukee, it has a population of around 600,000 people. With a city area of about 97 square miles, that means Milwaukee has about 6,000 people per square mile.

Largest City Around Any Great Lake

Chicago is not just the most populated and largest city within the shores of Lake Michigan, it’s actually the largest city among the cities surrounding all the great lakes. In fact, it’s the third most populated city in the entire North American expanse, with New York leading at 8.5 million people and Los Angeles at nearly 4 million people.

With 2.7 Million people and an attraction as big as Lake Michigan, Chicago hosts over 5000 restaurants, over 580 parks with a total land area of 8,100 acres, around 370 historical landmarks, over 250 music venues, 225 miles of bike trails and tracks, 125 art galleries of all sizes and styles, and, of course, 26 beaches with a total of 26 lakefront miles.

There are over 119 hotels all over Chicago, with most of them clustered around the beaches, perfect for those who come from afar or those who live there but want to be far from it all.

Chicago is not something you appreciate within a day, or perhaps even a week. Lake Michigan alone hosts a great variety of things to see and places to explore, so with the Windy City just by the shore, it makes for an excellent time whether you’re a local or a tourist. And if you’re visiting from Michigan, make sure to profess your Michigan-ness with a LIVNFRESH Michigan Native cork ballcap!


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The Ragtag Guide to Answer Your Questions About Lake Erie

There’s so much to discover in Lake Erie that it can be daunting trying to learn everything you can about this majestic body of water. In a previous post, we discussed the numbers of Lake Erie like water volume, size, temperatures, and more. Today we will be focusing more on the fish that call Erie their home as well as a variety of other fun Lake Erie trivia. Enjoy!

What Kind of Fish Are In Lake Erie?

The first common question that people usually ask about Lake Erie is the type of fish live there. One of the types of fish in Lake Erie is large walleye. You can catch this fish in around 15-inch minimum. You can also get an average walleye off the lake in the 3 to 5-pound range. You can also find a lot of smaller fish in the Lake, but they may not be ideal for fishing as a hobby. Other kinds of fish you can find in Lake Erie include Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Steelhead, and Salmon. These are the kinds of fish people flock to the Lake. They go for this fish for entertainment reasons, which include angling, and stream fishing.

Chinook salmon is also one of the right types of fish you can find in the Lake. This fish is found in Pennsylvania waters that reach its end at the Lake Erie. The trout stamp you can find in Lake Erie is also a source of excitement for any fishing hobbyist.

Are Lake Erie Fish Safe To Eat?

To answer this, you should remember that eating Lake Erie fish is safe to do in moderation. In fact, when you plan to eat a Channel Catfish, you shouldn’t eat anything longer than 16 inches. It’s also safe to eat a walleye fish that’s under 23 inches. Eating a yellow perch once a week would also be healthy. Most of the fish in Lake Erie are great to eat if you just don’t eat them all the time. You should remember to eat them in due caution, though. Don’t overeat. If you’re unfamiliar with the fish, try to avoid them and get a local to eat the fish with you.

You should avoid eating Lake Erie fish all the time because of mercury pollution. The fish you get might have them. Other areas of the Lake Erie could be polluted. The fish may be contaminated. Try to be careful with that.

How To Catch Fish In Lake Erie?

There are many ways to fish in Lake Erie. You can go angling. You can go boat fishing or spring fishing. One of the common methods to use when fishing in Lake Erie is shore fishing. This is the trick fishermen can do when they want to catch a walleye at night. This can’t be done in all seasons, though. You may want to wait until spring to be successful with shore fishing. You also can’t fish when the water is too turbid. You have to wait for it to be mostly calm. You can start shore fishing at dusk. To do this, you should use a long spinning road or a medium size spinning reel. You can also use a floating Rapala as your lure when you do fishing in Lake Erie.

What Animals Live In Lake Erie?

There’s a rich biodiversity in Lake Erie. You can even find most of the greatest and biggest fish in the world at Lake Erie. Some of the common fish you can find in Lake Erie include steelhead, walleye, pickerel, whitefish, and smelt.

What Is The Biggest Fish Caught In Lake Erie?

The simple answer to this question may be the 5-foot-11 and 205-pound lake sturgeon. It was reported that a 27-year-old man caught this fish. This is a rare species of fish that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources considered to be endangered. This fish is so rare that the last time this was spotted was only about last 2011. This may have something to do with the fact that the fish went in decline since the 1920s and 1930s. Overfishing and loss of habitat are the culprits of this decline.

Other Interesting Facts About Lake Erie

One basic fact you should know about Lake Erie is that it’s the fourth-largest lake in the world in surface area. Lake Erie is part of the five Great Lakes in North America. Regarding volume, the lake is ranked eleventh-largest in the world. You should also know it is the shallowest lake among the Great Five lakes, but there is still a ton of things to do at Lake Erie.

Did you also know that Lake Erie has a depth of about 210 feet? That’s about 64 meters of deep sea you can explore. Imagine the exciting things you can do. There is a lot of fish diversity in the area waiting for you to interact with them. You can also catch a lot of fish in Lake Erie because of such depth. You may also find a lot of deep-sea animals swimming under the depth of such wonderful lake.

You could also find a lot of use in the fact that Lake Erie is right now situated near an International Boundary between the United States and Canada. You should also not forget the fact that at the northern shore of Lake Erie is the Canadian province of Ontario. This only means that people who live in Ontario can just go to the lake and explore the lake through fishing and unusual action activities.

Lake Erie Facts and Features

The elevation of Lake Erie is 571 feet (174m) above sea level. It has a surface area of 9,900 square miles.

You might find it interesting that Lake Erie is considered to be the thunderstorm capital of Canada. The formation of the lake came from the force of the Detroit River, which is itself from Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron. The water that runs through Niagara Falls towards Lake Ontario also helps form the body of Lake Erie.

At Lake Erie’s southernmost point you will find Point Pelee National Park. There are also several islands that surround the lake, which can be found in the western area around the lake. There are eight neighboring islands that are part of Ohio in the lake. All of these are wonderful places to explore and visit if you want to have a good time outdoors. Total, there are 31 islands on Lake Erie, 13 of them in Canada and 18 in the U.S. You can also find the Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island in the Lake Erie.

Beyond geographic features, you may also find a lot of wild flora and fauna. In fact, two endangered snake species can also be found in Lake Erie.

Regarding water levels, you should know that Lake Erie has a lake retention time of a little more than two and a half years. The water in Lake Erie fluctuates according to the seasons. The lowest levels of the water happen in January and February, while the highest of the waters are in June or July. People planning for an outdoor vacation should look into these dates to know when they can have the right time for whatever activity they’re preparing.

It could also help you when you’re planning an outdoor activity to know that Lake Erie’s water is drinkable. But you should take that factoid with a grain of salt. Always take caution when drinking or eating from Lake Erie, whether it’s sturgeon fish or its freshwater source, or any other natural body of water for that matter.

Seeing as you’re still here reading about Lake Erie, it’s probably a safe bet that you truly enjoy the Great Lakes. And if so, you ought to check out our Great Lakes Girl collection for yourself or the lake-loving lady in your life.


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Places to Visit When You Are in Aspen for A Ski Vacation

Aspen is one of the leading ski resorts destination. This is true not only in Colorado but in the whole United States. It boasts four world-class mountain ski resorts located just miles from each other. It is immensely blessed with wonderful breathtaking views as well as abundant snowfall each year. The facilities are also very modern. This is because the local industry and government support the tourism sector. The lifts are very reliable. The runs are also immensely well-planned. If you choose Aspen as your ski and snowboarding destination, you definitely will not have any regrets.

You may have a hard time deciding on what to do in Aspen. This is due to the large number of things and activities available for every tourist. There is no reason to worry because this list was made just for you. Here are a few activities and locations that you should visit when you are in Aspen.

The Resort that Meets Your Needs

The ski resorts are a buy-1-get-4-deal. These 4 Colorado ski resorts have their own specialization. You can spend around 50% of your vacation in the resort that is most fit for your vacation goals. You can then spend the remainder of the vacation visiting the other resorts.

Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort

Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort will do you a lot of good if you are leaning more on purely skiing and snowboarding. This is because buttermilk is the host of the winter X-games. They have a great tradition of competitive and casual skiing and snowboarding. They have runs and training facilities for every skill level. They cater to everyone from beginners to experts.

Aspen Mountain Ski Resort

Aspen Mountain will work best for the tourists who are in the intermediate to advanced level when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. They specialize in black-diamond trails. Their accommodation is also great for those who just wants to rest after an exhausting but fulfilling skiing run.

Aspen Highlands

Aspen Highlands would be the top choice for the tourists that are looking for high elevation and views. The king mountain resort has the best backcountry bowl. On the other hand, this resort does not have any terrain parks. This will be perfect for the tourists that loves to ski for long runs.

Aspen Snowmass Ski

Aspen Snowmass is perfect for the family in a vacation. This resort works really well for anyone or any group with varying skiing and snowboarding skill levels. This is the largest skiing resort. That means that the place is very convenient since it will have anything that you need. It has three terrain parks that are wonderful to frolic round.  It also boasts of its snowboarding schools that are considered the top snowboarding facilities in the whole country.

By knowing what the resort specializes in, you ensure a more enjoyable trip.

Wonderful Aspen Dining

Campo di’Fiori

Campo di’Fiori offers amazing Italian cuisine. Their pasta is something that you should experience and their selection of wines pair really well with the food. They transformed into a very lively bar at night.

Ajax Tavern

Ajax Tavern would be a great choice for those who want the more conventional dining. This is located on the foot of the Aspen mountain. They serve European and American cuisine. The menu has burgers, fried truffles, and even oysters. The view is absolutely wonderful so you should try eating here at least once.


Kenichi is best for those who are looking for sushi and other exotic Japanese dishes. The ambience is very hip and modern. The dishes taste like heaven.


You can also go to the more upscale Matsuhisa. The prices can be a bit expensive. However, you may have the chance to meet celebrities like Paris Hilton, Antonio Banderas, and Orlando Bloom.

Sun Deck

Sun Deck is perfect for those who want to eat on top of a mountain. It offers a 360 degree view the Elk mountains and even a part of the Aspen Highlands. They serve food that are extremely fresh considering that they are on top of a mountain.


Bonnie’s will be perfect for those who want a bit of history. The original architecture is still there. The breakfast is also iconic and the locals will really recommend you to try at least one meal here.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro really deserves the name. Not only will you be near the clouds. You will also definitely feel at cloud 9 with the amazing food that be served. They are also located in the aspen highlands so you can have a wonderful and breathtaking view.

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