A Guide To The Best Country Western Bars in Minnesota


We are all unique when it comes to having certain tastes. In all honesty, no two people are exactly the same. When it comes to going out and having a good time, there is a plethora of options to choose from. Bars, nightclubs and lounges are very popular in America as well as popular all around the globe. When it comes to western-themed bars, the state of Minnesota has its fair share of top-rated establishments. Western bars allow you to frolic in a wide range of activities. These bars are also great for meeting new people, are great for dancing and are great for relaxing. The choice is simply yours, and here are some of Minnesota’s best country western bars.

Country Western Bars in Minnesota

Rollie’s Rednecks & Longnecks

Is the place to be if you’re a honkytonk kind of fellow. Located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, this country western bar offers a wide selection of festivities, including themed parties. Patrons of the bar will receive great customer services as well as an inviting atmosphere. Line music, dancing, billiards and tasty food is always on deck. Some of the best country music bands have played here, including Hitchville, Mostly Cash, TG Shepard, Jack Wagon, Hell Country Truckers and more. Rollie’s Rednecks & Longnecks is listed amongst the top 25 Honky Tonk bars in the nation. From breakfast to dinner or from whisky to pancakes, this is definitely the place to be.

Lee’s Liquor Lounge

Has historical roots that date back to 1891. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this establishment is one of the last real country bars in the country. It has an open layout that provides plenty of room for shaking a leg, and it has a long-flowing bar where patrons can sit and order drinks. You won’t find any Taylor Swift music here. This place has western-styled chandeliers, provides some of the most authentic country music that’s live and offers a good selection of beers and food.

Jackson Hole’s Bar & Grille

Is country western with a contemporary flare. This fine establishment is also located in the city of Minneapolis. This establishment is definitely one of the top country-western bars in the state thanks to its whisky barrel tables, its hardwood flooring, and its wide array of tasty treats. Jackson Hole’s Bar & Grille has good music that comes via the overhead speakers, and it offers a two-level bar. This place also has more than enough room to accommodate large groups. In addition to that, Jackson Hole’s has a newly remodeled floorplan, has new bathrooms on the main floor and offers 13 flat screen televisions to catchup on all live sporting events.

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A Place to Think and Drink: The Best Dive Bars in Minnesota


What makes a dive bar? Is it the age? Does a bar have to be of a certain number of years to qualify or could a five-year-old bar count? Is it the patronage? Does there need to be a very poor blue-collar element amongst the crowd with three or four consistent men in their forties and fifties, not saying a word to one another? If it’s a chain of any variety it doesn’t count. We can all at least agree there.

Let’s go ahead and set the specific terms of what makes a dive bar, as per this article at least. The bar will not be a chain, i.e. if there are more than one of them, it’s out. The bar has to be at least ten years old. It must not be a hotspot of the local collegiate hipsters that tend to seek out dive bars. Certain bars over the years have given up themselves to becoming a hotspot for them and have since cleaned up their ways, lost their original clientele and changed bartenders. Dive bars have male adults who tend to be big as their bartender, not little twenty-three-year-old blonde beauties like hipster dive bars do. A real dive bar requires a bartender who can also be a bouncer.

Dive Bars in Minnesota

Cuzzy’s: A Beautiful Disaster

Right in the Minneapolis North Loop, Cuzzy’s can be found. The business understands that price is what’s most important to most people looking for a bar like it. To get a burger at a reasonable price is a major deal for the type of person who will tend to spend thirty or forty hours a week in a bar. Even the greatest of alcoholic must have a meal from time to time.

Liquor Lyle’s is Legendary

The iconic Liquor Lyle’s is a great staple in a dive bar filled evening in Minnesota. Located in Minneapolis, the bar is home to some of the best deals in town. Two for one special are common and the values given out exceed most bars in general, especially in Minnesota.

Dusty’s Bar Dazzles

Dusty’s Bar is on Marshall St on the North East side of Minneapolis and is an absolute staple in the community. Stepping into the bar makes one crave whisky, neat. There’s something quite divine about sitting in the corner of the bar-top staring down into your glass and up at the retro cash register. It is almost a step back into time, if only for a moment.

Go to Minneapolis

If there’s one common theme throughout this article and list, it’s this: Minneapolis has great dive bars. The city begs you to come take a stroll through its streets and check out the lovely bars they have to check out. While there is live great music with traditional bars all around, there are these beautiful holes in the wall type places which have so much character and history to them, that a night in one might just get to you. Check out the Minneapolis dive bar scene.

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The Best Sandwich Shops in Minnesota

When it comes to finding the best sandwich in Minnesota, there are many different shops to choose from. Whether you’re in a large city or a smaller town, you likely have a great sandwich shop option nearby. There are many places that offer gourmet sandwiches with ingredients that are unique to the area. Others shops make the ideal grab-and-go stop for a quick lunch during the workweek. The following is a list of some of the best sandwich shops in Minnesota.

Clancey’s Meats and Fish – Minneapolis

This butcher shop is quick and the service is friendly. They have responsibly raised roast beef that makes for an amazing sandwich served on a baguette. If you’re feeling adventurous ask for extra horseradish mustard.

Best Sandwich Shops in Minnesota

Jasmine Deli – Minneapolis

This deli serves tasty Bahn Mi that are both authentic and affordable. The meat options for sandwiches include Vietnamese meatballs, grilled pork, and curried mock duck. When topped with pickled carrots, jalapenos, and cilantro, this sandwich may make you think you’ve traveled to the streets of Vietnam.

Maverick’s Real Roast Beef – Roseville

If you’re looking for a classic roast beef sandwich, Maverick’s is an excellent choice. This is a favorite lunch spot among locals so don’t be deterred by the line if you visit during peak lunch hours. They offer a condiment bar so you can customize your roast beef sandwich exactly how you want it.

Northern Waters Smokehaus – Duluth

At this deli using local and fresh ingredients is the key to making delicious sandwiches. They offer unique spins on classic sandwiches and make their own bread in house. They also have a unique selection of sides to compliment their sandwiches. If you’re into seafood, be sure to try the smoked salmon. Northern Waters Smokehaus also makes their own corned beef and smokes the pastrami on location.

Cecil’s Delicatessen, Bakery, and Restaurant – Saint Paul

This classic delicatessen has a full menu and a neighborhood deli feel. The Reuben is one of the favorite menu selections and it’s been bringing in return customers for years. They offer several different takes on this deli favorite which includes a turkey Reuben, a Russian Reuben, and a veggie Reuben. Their cole slaw is also a favorite and the perfect side for your sandwich.

Holy Land Bakery, Grocery, and Deli – Minneapolis

If you’re looking for casual Middle Eastern food, including sandwiches, gyros, and vegetarian-friendly options, Holy Land Bakery is a local favorite. Some of the most popular sandwiches include the Holy Land Chicken, beef and lamb gyro, and the falafel. They also make the hummus and pita fresh each day.

The state of Minnesota has some great options when it comes to sandwich shops. Whether you’re looking for classic American style or something more adventurous, you can find it in one of the many shops throughout the state. Many of the delis have been around for years and are neighborhood favorites. If you’re not sure what to order, you can’t go wrong with the local favorite.

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The Finest Bars in All of Minnesota


Minnesota is a Midwestern state that’s known for snowy landscapes, warm locals and pure fun. If you want solid proof of the “fun” part, all you have to do is head to one of the North Star State’s plentiful amazing bars. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Minneapolis, St. Paul or even Rochester. Minnesota is home to a wealth of incredible bar choices.

Marvel Bar

Located on North 2nd Avenue in the heart of Minneapolis, Marvel Bar is a tried and tested destination among the city’s most loyal bar-hoppers. It’s an initially unassuming place that serves whiskeys and cocktails that are exciting and cutting-edge. Marvel Bar’s decorations are quirky and memorable to the max, too.

Finest Bars in Minnesota

Living Room

Living Room is another Minneapolis draw that attracts a chic crowd. It has a modern ambiance that’s swank and serene. It’s not just a great place for relishing cocktails, either. It’s also a good place to grab a quick bite. Its choices in appetizers are abundant and mouthwatering.

Amsterdam Bar & Hall

If you want to get a European vibe in the American Midwest, you should head to St. Paul’s beloved Amsterdam Bar & Hall. This intimate music venue has a trendy atmosphere. It serves up the tastiest Dutch snacks around. It’s known for high quality beers straight from Belgium as well. People frequently visit Amsterdam Bar & Hall in order to enjoy its happy hour options.

Vieux Carré

People who visit Vieux Carré can feel like they’re in spirited New Orleans, Louisiana without having to leave St. Paul. The club boasts a historic vibe that’s tough to resist. People who want to relish the finest live music choices around regularly head to it. It’s a haven among jazz enthusiasts in the city and beyond. The destination has a reputation for incredible craft cocktails, delectable Creole culinary delights and friendly, attentive staff members.

Finest Bars in Minnesota

Glynner’s Pub

Glynner’s Pub makes a terrific spot for people who want to have laidback and understated evenings in Rochester. If you want to visit an unpretentious bar that has it all, you can’t go wrong at Glynner’s Pub. It makes a fantastic location for people who are in the mood to nosh on hearty hamburgers. It makes an equally fantastic location for folks who want to kick back with great beers and cocktails as well.

The 1029 Bar

The 1029 Bar is a popular place in Minneapolis. It’s a community bar that gives guests access to a broad range of top-notch cocktails. It gives them an abundance of choices in scrumptious seafood meals, too. If you want to have the time of your life, you can head to the 1029 Bar for an evening of karaoke, gregarious people and superb food overall.

Palmer’s Bar

Palmer’s Bar is a Minneapolis gem that has a nostalgic feel. People who want to take it easy next to cocktails and draft beer often can’t say no to it. It features excellent activities and live tunes as well.

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Best Off-Roading Trails in Colorado

There are thousands and thousands of great and famous off-roading trails in the U.S. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Colorado, fortunately, offers numerous excellent off-roading places which all fun and picturesque trails. With many trailheads to explore— with a mix of well-kept trails, numerous mountains, and rough terrain, as well as top-grade topography which allows for easy or challenging driving— the state of Colorado is every off-road driver’s dream. If you’re ever in Colorado and have no idea where to start your off-road driving adventure, this list is here to help you.

Off-Roading Trails in Colorado

  1. Colorado State Forest

With an abundant of Colorado scenery and wildlife, the 50-mile off-road trail awaits those who are willing to have a memorable off-roading experience with their jeep or 4WDs. While driving, wouldn’t you want to spot a moose? Well, the Colorado Forest offers just this and in fact, it is known for its moose-viewing opportunities while driving in addition to countless activities outside of its fun and thrilling off-road trails. If you are craving to escape the hectic city, take a 3-hour drive to the northwest of Denver and experience as well as explore the thousands of acres of fun.

  1. Central City/Saint Mary’s

Looking for breathtaking mountain views? Why not take yourself and your vehicle to the Central City/Saint Mary’s trail? In this sprawling network of trails, you will find and experience numerous adventures on any avenue you have picked. However, if you want the challenge of a real mountain climb on your jeep or 4WD, Yankee Hill would be the best option for you— this is one of the few trails that have extremely steep and short inclines however, it is worth the occasionally rocky terrain, which leads to views of St. Mary’s glacier and other nearby peaks. If this is not enough for you, other trails around the Saint Mary’s can also lead you up and around the glacier for more astonishing views.

  1. Alpine Loop

The scenic byway, Alpine Loop, is a well-known classic Colorado trail. Although some parts of this trail do not need a 4×4 or any vehicle, if you keep going, you’ll be able to find a 63-mile off-road terrain which would need a strong and heavy-duty off-road vehicle. With its rocky climbs and rugged trails, Alpine Loop, which is located south of Telluride, is a must-drive trail for everyone. Moreover, Alpine Loop also offers a little bit of history in which there are multiple ghost towns and ruins along the way— this is only accessible off-road.

  1. Imogene Pass

With its rugged and difficult adventure through the steep slopes in the San Juan Mountains, Imogene Pass is for sure not an easy ride, even for those who have been driving for a long time. Despite its difficulty and hard drive, it is still a joy dive. After enduring the difficult drive, you will be rewarded with many amazing views of nature; wildlife, sweeping panoramas, Instagram-worthy views, as well as an elevation of around 13,000 or more feet is what you will be greeted with at the end of your adventure.

  1. Lizard Head Pass

Are you looking for some snowcapped peaks, specifically on Purple Mountains Majesty? Then Lizard Head Pass is the trail that should be on top of your list. With its dense forest which covers the trails, a sighting of one or two mountain goats, a view of the peak’s snowy views, the 13,113-foot tall Lizard Head Mountain— which pass is in the San Juan Mountains— offers just what every off-road driver seek and need. Due to the many things it offers, Lizard Head Pass has become a popular spot for many off-road drivers and campers, making it a perfect place for a weekend stop. Furthermore, avid skiers might be drawn to Lizard Head for an off-road adventure and its proximity to Telluride has made it an ideal spot for some off-season sports.

  1. Kelly Flats

Despite its name, which has the word “flat” in it, the Kelly Flats offers just the opposite of this. Prepare yourself for a “Heart Attack” for the Kelly Flats’ main claim to fame is its extremely steep drop called the “Heart Attack Hill”, at the beginning of the trail. Although it can be fun and your adrenaline might kick in, it is important to be careful along this long drive up the ridge for some vehicles may be prone to roll over. If you endure the “heart attack” and the difficulty that this trail offers, you will for sure be rewarded with the Chutes— a short but challenging ride through an outcrop of boulders as well as plenty of amazing sights between the trail’s most treacherous hills. Since this is one of Colorado’s most difficult routes, this trail is made by nature for pro and experienced road drivers and off-road junkies ready for a challenge.

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Where to Eat Burgers in Colorado


Colorado is a growing center for the farm-to-table cuisine movement with a strong commitment to organic and locally grown food. Many of the best Colorado burger joints offer local, grass-fed beef. The following is a list of restaurants that have made the list for favorite Colorado burger joints by patrons and critics alike.

Canyon City, Colorado

Bunk House Burgers
One of the few family-owned burger joints in Colorado, this restaurant serves local, grass-fed beef raised on family ranch. There are over 10 themed burgers to choose from.

Denver, Colorado

The Cherry Cricket
Wesbste claims Denver’s favorite burger joint since 1945. Listed on Westword’s 10 best burgers list in 2015. Unusual toppings include peanut butter, raspberry jam and jalapeno jelly.

Eat Burgers in Colorado

The Steak and Buffalo Burgers were listed as the two of the best burgers in Colorado making the Cityguide’s list of burgers to try before you die in 2006. CityGrille was featured in the Denver post, on USA today, in Westword, and on Citysearch.com. A sign outside the restaurant boasts the “Best Burger in Denver.”

Highland Tap and Burger
Over 12 gourmet burgers to choose from. One of the signature favorites includes root beer pulled pork.

Meadowlark Kitchen
The Meadow Lark Burger is the only burger on the menu. Making the list of one of the best burgers in Colorado, it is topped with Irish cheddar sauce, candied spicy bacon, onion ring, poached egg, and jalapeno bacon confit on a house made brioche bun.

5820 Burger Bar
Their mission is to serve the freshest, all natural ingredients. Serves hand-crafted gourmet burgers. Burger options include bison, quinoa, and prime waygu beef.

Finley’s Pub
Made Westword list of best 10 burgers in Denver 2017. The Finley Burger is topped with braised short rib, ground chuck, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, and bearnaise.

TAG Burger
Listed as one of the best burger joints in Denver by Westword’s in 2017. There are over ten local favorites to choose from.

Voted Westword’s best burger in Denver for 2018. Their El’orado Burger is topped with beef, chorizo, avocado, cilantro, and a spicy beer-cheese sauce.

Eat Burgers in Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

The Sink
One of the best burger joints in Colorado and the oldest bar in Boulder. The Sink is also a college favorite. The website reads “Best darn burger in Boulder” so be sure to add to your list of where to eat burgers in Colorado and stop by when you’re in the area.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Big Al’s Burgers and Dogs
Big Al’s special seasoning and burgers topped with Big Al’s saucy sauce are their specialty. The 60/40 burger is 60 percent beef and 40 percent bacon

Sedalia, Colorado

Bud’s Cafe and Bar
The favorite, local “hole in the wall” serving simple, no frill, delicious burgers.

Aspen, Colorado

CP Burger
Family friendly and affordable. Their tuna burger is topped with kale, miso-vinaigrette, tomato, onion, and wasabi aioli.

Pueblo, Colorado

Bingo Burger
Launched in 2007 and serves hand crafted, farm fresh burgers. There are three signature burgers and the option to build your own.

Dinosaur, Colorado

Massadona Tavern and Steakhous
Local favorite for the juiciest “sloppers.”

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Best Pizza Place in Colorado


One of the most popular and delicious food: pizza. Available in all kinds of flavors and can be customized to suit each one’s taste buds or dietary needs, pizza is a food that everyone loves and craves. Whether you are hanging out with friends, craving it for a late night snack, eating it for comfort, or on a date, pizza sure is a food that everyone loves to eat. Articles talk about best pizza places in New York, California, or Chicago, but what about Colorado? Colorado sure has many restaurants and outdoor activities that are a must-go and must-dos but the state also has numerous must-go pizza places. If you’re ever in the state or living in it, we recommend these top pizza places for you.

1. Amicas Pizza

Open seven days a week and located in the heart of downtown Salida, Colorado, Amicas Pizza is a place where you are able to get a kitchen that is full of great energy and delicious flavors. Amicas is focused on providing their ingredients and food as clean and locally sourced as possible so you are ensured that your food is served fresh! Additionally, their pizza is often raved about by both visitors and regular customers. With a 4.5/5 rating on TripAdvisor, almost all of the reviews are stating about their good experience and the delicious pizza they were able to eat. One reviewer states that the pizza was “great and wood-fired,” while another states that Amicas had “seriously good pizzas.”

Address: 127 F St, Salida, CO 81201, USA

Phone: +1 719-539-5219

2. Pizzeria Rustica

Located in Colorado Springs and settled in a historic 1889 building and patio, Pizzeria Rustica ensures your pizza is served at maximum quality by combining both slow and fast movement standards in their preparation. They hand-stretch and fast fire their own dough in a pecan wood-fire oven. Additionally, they make their own dough, cheese, and sauce every day so you are able to taste the freshness and deliciousness of their pizza. One reviewer on TripAdvisor rated this place a 5/5 and wrote a review: “We greatly enjoyed the pizza, salad, and dessert. The limoncello sorbetto and spumoni gelato were delicious. The service was excellent. The atmosphere is fun and decor lovely and interesting. We liked our experience so much we went back for dinner again the next day before we left town. Kudos to the staff and management for creating a very enjoyable dining experience.”

Address: 2527 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, USA

Phone: +1 719-632-8121

3. Bella Luna Pizzeria

With many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, Bella Luna Pizzeria stands as one of the best pizza places in Colorado— especially in Trinidad! This place offers Italian pizzas that are suit many different individual’s taste buds and dietary needs. With a 4.5/5 rating on TripAdvisor, a reviewer states that this is “absolutely the best place to go to for pizza!” Therefore, if you are craving some good Italian pizza and happen to be in Trinidad, no need to worry, Bella Luna Pizzeria has got you.

Address: 121 W Main St, Trinidad, CO 81082, USA

Phone: +1 719-846-2750

4. Big Bill’s New York Pizza

As most know, the state of New York is the main state you want to go to if you would like to fill your stomach with good pizza. However, not everyone can be there. There’s no need to worry because Big Bill’s New York Pizza offers great New York style pizza that is able to take you to the state without actually being in it! Opening in 1995 and eventually having the reputation of having a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as great New York style pizza and Italian food, Big Bill’s has definitely made an impact on customers and visitors. We could not find any bad reviews on this place and many raved about its great food and atmosphere!

Address: 8243 S Holly St, Centennial, CO 80122, USA

Phone: +1 303-741-9245

5. Duca’s Neapolitan Pizza

Take a trip back to an Italian village where pizza and its ingredients are made fresh daily and visit Duca’s Neapolitan Pizza. In this place, they use centuries-old techniques when creating their delicious and authentic pizzas. This place has a good reputation of having good quality authentic pizzas as well as good service.

Address: 12229 Voyager Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80921, USA

Phone: +1 719-487-3200

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