Things to do in Denver

With over 680,000 people, the capital city of Colorado, Denver, is full of activities that everyone with different interests can enjoy. Did you know that Denver records over 300 days of sunshine per year? That’s more sunshine compared to San Diego and Miami Beach—imagine almost a whole year of sunshine! So, we have listed all of the entertaining activities that you can do in the city of Denver.

Mount Evans Tour

To those of you who enjoy being in nature and the fresh air, you can tour around Mount Evans, one of Colorado’s highest 14ers, and witness the dramatic ranges of the Continental Divide. From its accessible summit, you witness the surrounding views of alpine lakes, glacier valleys, and other dramatic mountain peaks. As you make your way up the scenic route, you pass through five climate zones. In addition to this, as you watch the landscape change, you also see animals such as bighorn sheep, mountain goats, local wildflowers, and other wildlife. Led by a tour guide, you are able to see native wildlife in their naturally beautiful and scenic environment. This is indeed a beautiful getaway from the hectic and crowded city!

Multi-car 65 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive

How does driving a Lamborghini or specialized Porsche along 500+ turns on a 65-mile, 3 canyons drive outside of Golden, CO. sound to you? Sounds quite amazing yet unbelievable right? Well with the Multi-car 65 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive, you are able to accelerate along thousand feet straightaways and around hairpin curves in order to test-drive premium supercars (you can even change cars halfway!). As you drive and look to your side, you’ll be seeing yourself driving into the hills and proceed into the canyons, where the real fun begins—more than 500+ turns through pine and cedar forests, past roaring streams and rivers, as well as across open straightaways. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to have a road-trip and explore some of the best driving roads in North America while driving a Lamborghini or a specialized Porsche.

Things to do in Denver

Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Being America’s only downtown area theme and waterpark operating on 63 acres, Elitch Gardens Theme Park is a place to go to if you, your friends, or family want to have a good time. The theme park offers 50 rides, live entertainment, shopping, and lots of food! In addition, Elitch Gardens Theme Park is also known to have a breath-taking view of Denver from 20 stories high on their Observation Tower or from 200 feet on the Tower of Doom. This park is a must-go-to make memories that are worth repeating.

Darkside of Denver Ghost Tours

The Darkside of Denver Ghost tour offers a bunch of research and investigated stories as well as Denver’s most haunted buildings; get ready to be introduced to the tunnels beneath Denver and its dark history. This tour has been said to be very well thought out, entertaining, and well worth doing. Going beyond the spooky parts, you are able to learn a handful of interesting historical facts about Denver—you will walk away with lots of knowledge about Denver and it’s the kind of tour that has you researching even more after the tour. With a rating of 5/5 on TripAdvisor, this tour has said to have “nice, funny, and entertaining tour guides” as well as “not overly scary parts but still spooky, leaving some people feeling a bit uneasy.”

Downtown Denver Food Tour

To all the foodies in Denver, taking the Downtown Denver Food Tour sounds heavenly. In this three-hour walking tour, you are able to try seven different tastings from some of Denver’s top places to eat. It won’t just be your hunger and thirst that will be quenched in this tour but also quenches your thirst for knowledge. As you go on with the tour, you will be learning about the history of the different dishes you’re going to be eating as well as the unique history of Denver.

Things to do in Denver

Denver Inside and Out

If you’d like to explore what Downtown Denver has to offer, why not do it in a fun way and have a scavenger hunt? Denver Inside and Out has created an urban scavenger hunt for people to explore around Downtown Denver—but don’t get too distracted, this scavenger hunt should only last two hours and around two miles of walking. With 10 questions, this hunt starts off at the Capital and ends at Little Man Ice Cream in LoHi; the Adult hunt is way harder than the family hunt. With this fun activity, you are able to tour around the city while exercising your brain as well as your body!


To those who just want to be laid back and learn more about Denver and the world, going to museums in Denver is a must do. Denver offers a variety of museums—such as the Museum of Nature and Science for science nerds, the Denver Art Museum for artistic folks, History Colorado Center for those who love a little (or a lot) of history, and so much more. There is a wide range of museums in Denver that fits everyone’s taste. Museums not only offers cool things to look at, they also offer a truck-load of knowledge about the world and you will definitely leave the museum feeling and be smarter.

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Downtown Colorado

The Mile High City hides a hidden gem known for its small-town vibe but with big city amenities. Downtown Colorado has marveled tourists from across the country for decades. No surprises there, lined with luscious trees that change as the season goes and filled with traditional designs topped with some modern architectural styles. Denverites have their own particular way of naming their streets; the north and south streets are named after their regional mountain ranges while the east and west are named after their rivers.

Things to do in Downtown Colorado

Roam the city from one end to another

There’s plenty to do while in Denver, particularly in its famous Downtown area.  The Pikes Peak Center is famous across the country for its shows and entertainers. One great thing about going to the place is the streets in lined with restaurants and shops. Tourists will enjoy an entire day going from one shop to another.

Shopping strips, great restaurants, parks, and museums lined the streets of Downtown Colorado. Dining options ranging from casual meal al fresco to very posh dining experience for those special occasions.  Kids will love the many varieties of local treats of ice creameries, frozen yogurt shops or candy shop. Try to visit as they celebrate one of their many festivals throughout the year, to really get to see its full glory.

Downtown Aquarium

With over 500 species of different marine animals, the Downtown Aquarium is a place not to miss in Denver. The whole uninterrupted tour usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour to see everything inside this massive building. It’s a recommended go-to place for families with little ones. They have friendly staffs that can answer almost everything about their exhibitions. Perhaps the most anticipated show in Downtown Aquarium is their mermaid show, which had captivated hundreds of tourist who visited the site. Its child-friendly equipped with restaurants and shops for an ultimate family day out experience.

Confluence Park

Denver is known nationally to have great parks. Confluence Park ranks as one of the most visited parks in Downtown Colorado.  The placid riverside is known to have great biking and walking trails as well as a kayak run. Families can enjoy a full day of a picnic in its many benches or grassy lawns along its banks. With a huge space, the family can enjoy a different outdoor activity like Frisbee. It has an easy access from the city and ample parking space for everyone. Since Denver weather is famous, Confluence Park is the place to be whenever Mother Nature allows it.

Denver Art Museum

Another great place to visit in Downtown Colorado is their Denver Art Museum. Known to have expertly curated many artworks of time periods from different cultures, tourist will definitely find some fascinating piece of art. The building itself is a work of art on its own; it has one of the most incredible architectures known worldwide. It’s what makes Denver unique; the museum is never a bore from its exterior to its many amazing exhibits inside. Even on crowded days, the museum has plenty of space with light airy spaces with people can comfortably sit and marvel at one particular artwork to another.

Forney Museum of Transportation

If staying in Colorado for a short layover, then head directly to Forney Museum of Transportation. It’s a popular place even for locals, as they have great automobiles exhibits and shows. They have great items not seen at any other museums in the country. They have great classic cars; motorcycles, planes and every collectibles one can possibly think of. But the show doesn’t stop there; they have railcars waiting to be restored on site. Kids will surely enjoy their little train ride at the gift shop, where they can drive their own train.

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What Makes Denver Colorado Unique?

Denver has its own distinct character from other big cities, but resting at the foothills of Rocky Mountain is what set Denver apart from other metropolitan cities in the country. The city rests on the prairie as the mountains served as a beautiful backdrop that dominates the horizon and much of its outdoor recreational activities.

Culturally Inclined Residents

There are many things that make Denver unique from other parts of the country. For one, Denver is the second highest educated population in the US with culturally diversified residents. Even before the city had its very own hospital or school, it had regular performances of Macbeth in the older days. Now, the Denver Performing Arts Complex has nine theaters with a seating capacity of 10,000 people. The city has implemented a self-imposed sales tax to fund its love for performing arts which amounts to $40 million annually. Festivities last all-year round even during the coldest of winter months as they have intimate venues like Paramount Theatre and the world-renown Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre.

Denver Colorado Unique

With a deep love for art, Denver is home to many architectural marvels of our time. Famous buildings in the city include the Frederic C. Hamilton building, designed by international architect phenom Daniel Libeskind, which looks like a ship collided with an iceberg. Hailed as one of the best American West art museums, Denver has a collection of artworks from Frederic Remington Charles M. Russell and George Catlin. To top it off, it has a massive collection of 8,000 works of the Bauhaus master, Herbert Bayer.

The famous ‘LoDo’

Their Lower Downtown or more commonly known as ‘LoDo’, has the largest preserved collection of Victorian-era styled commercial buildings. It wasn’t easy maintaining these historical building but Denverites fought its way to have such preservations. Because they deeply treasure its historical value, they chose to save the area instead of having modern day skyscrapers dotting their views.  For forty years, they had their ‘LoDo’ almost unchanged except for the fact it has a number of the shopping strip, great dining options, and entertainment area for everyone.

Denver retained most of its laid-back appeal and character because they have an enduring appreciation of their rich history and cohesiveness. Denver doesn’t just do the talking when it comes to preservation; they put a strong foothold to protect their historic buildings and to have vast open space even if it costs them.

More than just mountains

People would know Denver for its mountains, but it’s more than that. This is a city that takes their brews seriously. There are more than a dozen brewpubs in the city their baseball field is named after a famous brewery – Coors Field. America’s largest beer festival is celebrated in Denver with the annual Great American Beer Festival. Brewing companies make their first big step as new craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries opening in almost every corner.

But there taste for food is much more tantalizing than any other. Long before Green Chile was a big hit in New Mexico, Denverites raved about it in a smothering Mexican hamburger. Denver is one of the few cities that enjoy gourmet food truck and great dining options using only the freshest local ingredients.

Best Parks

Denver ranks as one of the most walkable cities in the US, with free public dog parks, skate parks, bike parks, grassy parks, walking parks, gay parks and the Red Rocks. The city enjoys 300 days of sunshine all year round which makes their winter months more exciting, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Ranking as the 10th largest downtown in America it has three major sports stadiums, three colleges, and museum within a mile of the walkable radius. It’s an understatement to say Denver’s economy is booming; its way beyond that. It has 300 restaurants, $100 million aquarium, $140 million themes and Water Park.

Nature Lover

Denverites don’t need to know how important Mother Nature is, as they particularly love their trees and everything around them. With their humble beginnings starting out on the prairie without any trees, they planted each tree by hand and cared for it for a very long time. How far they go for their love of trees? During the Denver Tramway construction within the city, the then Mayor Robert Speer would not talk to the company until they planted hundreds of trees.

The city also has a sustainable and renewable energy with the construction of The Denver Zoo’s Toyota Elephant Passage, a biomass gasification system. It turns human and animal waste into energy. The Denver International Airport (DEN) has its own solar power system in 2008. In 2006, John Hickenlooper, the former mayor promised to plant one million new trees in the city by 2025. Because Denverites are just pureblood nature lovers they had planted more than 2.2 million new trees as early as 2016.

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Where to Go in Denver?


Colorado’s capital city, and an American metropolis dating to the Old West era, Denver is a city that is full of adventures and places to visit. Visitors can enjoy a handful of activities and see many great sceneries.

We have gathered the top 10 places you should go to in Denver

Landmark Mayan Theatre

Dating all the way back to the 1930s, Landmark Mayan Theater, run by Landmark Theaters, is known as the best place to watch a film in Denver. Even without the modern fancy system and enormous screen, the theatre has a historic feel and look as well as a romantic vibe to it. It is one of the country’s remaining three theatres designed in the Art Deco Mayan Style and the city has claimed it to be a historic landmark. With a 4.5/5 rating on TripAdvisor, visitors have said it to be a place “for interesting films that are hard to find” as well as “gorgeous and entertaining.” One reviewer, Suzanne L, says that “The Mayan is a fabulous, old-fashioned theater with a great line-up of shows. You’ll always find something interesting showing and good ice cream nearby.”

Where to Go in Denver

Coors Brewery Tour

Visiting the Coors Brewery and taking a tour is a must for those who enjoy a good drink and who interested in getting an up-close look and experience what goes on inside a brewery. The Coors Brewery 30-minute tour includes the malting, brewing, and packaging process of their great beers before the visitors get a chance to taste it. The Coors Brewery in Golden—still standing on the same ground where the founder, Adolph Coors, set up the shop in 1873—is the world’s biggest single-site brewery in the world. If that’s not enough to get you to book your own tour, then we don’t know what is!

Museum of Nature & Science

To all nature and science nerds, or those who just enjoy learning, the Museum of Nature & Science is a place in Denver you never want to miss. In this museum, you can expect to see a variety of nature and science from dinosaur bones to Egyptian mummies. The “nature & science” part of the museum covers more than just nature and basic science; this museum covers a variety of scientific areas such as anthropology, zoology, geology, health sciences, paleontology, and space science. With general admission being $16.95 for adults, $13.95 for seniors, and children ages 3 to 18, visitors at all ages leave the museum with added knowledge about science and the world.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

To the outdoor enthusiasts visiting Denver, a visit to the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater might be something you would want to consider. Occupying 700-something acres of excellent views of the Rocky Mountains, miles of hiking trails, and cinnamon-hued sandstone cliffs, the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater offers visitors the fascinating sight of the transition between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. If the spectacular view isn’t enough for you, there is also the Amphitheater that has hosted many headliners such as The Beatles, Tom Petty, and John Denver. The theater, created by nature’s red rocks, gives amazing acoustics and a great concert atmosphere. 9 out of 10 local experts on Travel US News said that the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a must-see for all visitors. It is recommended that you stop by the visitor center, where you can learn about the park’s history and trails. Don’t forget to take pictures of the picturesque views here!

Denver Art Museum

To those who love art, Denver Art Museum is somewhere you want to be. Located in the Civic Center of Denver, the museum offers a range of extensive art collection, world-class exhibitions, as well as helping visitors to explore art and creativity through hands-on activities. As soon as you enter the museum, you are greeted with a warm welcome at the door and throughout your visit, the warm reception continues, whether it be the security, gift shop, security, or ticket manager.

Denver Zoo

To all animal lovers, the Denver Zoo is your playground! You might have gone to other zoos but this Denver Zoo is a must visit in Denver. Whether you are by yourself, with a significant other, with friends, or family, the Denver Zoo is a “wonderful zoo that has large, adequate areas for the animals.” and “many animals that were very active and sociable,” according to Fonda B, a visitor. You can expect animals such as mandrills, Asian elephants, zebras, gorillas, Bactrian camels, Indian peafowls, red pandas, African wild dogs, African penguins, and the list goes on!

Forest Room 5

Well-known for being a hip night spot, with its artsy and rustic interior and outdoor area, Forest Room 5 calls the attention of all hipsters. According to an Airbnb host, Lia, the bar is the “Weirdest, albeit coolest, bar in Denver. Hipster to the highest degree.” The owner has said that the bar’s purpose is to celebrate the beauty of nature in the city.  When you visit, you can expect a campfire—because they’re all year round—, a stream running through, a rope swing upstairs, taxidermy in every corner, and you can also expect to be relaxed and laid back. You can also take lots of pictures on Instagram or for memories.

Watercourse Foods– Denver’s original vegan restaurant.

Vegetarian or vegan? No need to worry, Watercourse Foods is a restaurant you can go to that has a 100% vegan menu. With a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, Watercourse Foods prepares fresh ingredients every single day to offer incredibly satisfying and mouth-watering vegan comfort foods. Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, you can still pay this restaurant a visit for its yummy foods!

Work and Class

On the topic of food, another highly rated restaurant in Denver is Work & Class. This Latin-American restaurant has a relaxed and comfy location and serves home-style Latin American cuisine and cocktails.

Last but not the least, Denver Botanic Garden.

If you just want peace, relaxation, and enjoy the comforts of nature, then going to the Denver Botanic Garden should be a go-to when you visit Denver. With each area being well thought out, your experience of visiting here is going to educational and just utterly beautiful—you are able to enjoy the acres of garden, water features, and seasonal sculptures. There are exhibitions, such as The Blossom of Light exhibit, that you just can’t miss. This place is definitely enjoyable for everyone of all ages, especially photographers!

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Things to do in Denver, Colorado Today

Being located along the Rocky Mountain Front and being surrounded by beautiful scenery, having direct access to one of the best skiing and mountain climbing in the world, delicious restaurants to eat at, numerous of activities to do, as well as the lively art and music scene, it is quite easy to see how Denver, Colorado has been one of the country’s fastest-growing big cities in the US. With an estimation of 2.7 million people, we can assure you that there are plenty of things to do in Colorado. If you’re here to plan your trip to this wonderful city or if you’re already here and just wanting to see what you can do today, continue with this article and you’ll be enjoying Denver in no time!


If you’re ever in the city of Denver, make sure you bring a bike. The city of Denver is mostly sunlit throughout the whole year, making it a perfect place to bike as a reliable mean of transportation— or just a perfect place to bike in general. Don’t have a bike? No problem. Denver has the Denver B Cycle, a city-wide biking sharing system, where people can use a bike according to their needs. The package options for these bikes include an annual pass, 30 days, seven days, or one day (24 hours) day cards. You can find the Denver B Cycle stations all around town where bikes are accessible and can be returned at. Have nowhere to go but still want to bike? No problem. Denver also has The Cherry Creek Bike path, a 40-mile picturesque route where you are able to bike for hours! This path starts in Downtown Denver and connects to several area suburbs such as Parker, Centennial, and Aurora. Biking is definitely a must do in this city.


While you’re in Denver, why not go through your bucket list and zip through the sections of the Rocky Mountains and witness the breathtaking view at over 6,000 feet with Rocky Mountain Ziplines? You can even ride down Colorado’s longest and fastest zipline from 850 ft to over 1,900 ft long cables and 250 ft above a beautiful nature park nestled in the Rocky Mountains at 60mph with Denver Adventures. There are also many zip line packages that will allow you to zip line in addition to a brewery tour, distillery tour, or even rafting! So go ahead, book your zip line, and tick ziplining off of your bucket list.

Cultural Experiences

There are many cultural activities you are able to experience while in Denver, Colorado. Love music? If you want to see one of your favorite big artists and musicians live, they most likely have performed or are performing at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The sound of music is amplified in this place, making your music experience incredible, as well as the views,  make this place unforgettable. Denver Performing Arts Complex (The Plex) offers a variety of seasonal events such as Broadway Theatre, ballet, and opera. The culture in this city is amazing and you are able to witness a wide variety of them!


With over hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants in Denver, especially Downtown Denver, eating in this city is no problem and can be a whole lot of fun. If you love great modern comfort food, come over to The Steuben’s. This restaurant serves delicious versions of food everyone has grown up eating, but with a yummy foodie twist! Be aware though, the happy hour and brunch in this restaurant are so popular that it draws big crowds and you might have to wait a while before you can eat here— it’s worth it though.

Keep an eye on their mobile food truck because it usually goes around town. Is the taste of meat something you love and often crave? Then The Chop House and Brewery is the perfect face to satisfy your taste buds. With 4/5 rating on Yelp, this steakhouse offers all of the good traditional steakhouses has in addition to happy hour offerings. Vegetarian or vegan? No need to worry, Watercourse Foods is a restaurant you can go to that has a 100% vegan menu. With a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, Watercourse Foods prepares fresh ingredients every single day to offer incredibly satisfying and mouth-watering vegan comfort foods.

Denver, Colorado Today


Of course, one of the first things everyone (or most people) think of doing when they visit a new city is shopping and checking out the different shops that the city offers. In Denver, going to the pedestrian-only street, Sixteenth Street Mall is a must for those who love to shop and stroll around. This is a fun part of Downtown Denver where there is a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and office buildings. You can even catch a ride on a free mall shuttle and listen to the street performances. Denver Pavilions is also somewhere you can enjoy many shops, restaurants, and entertainment. So go treat yourself and having a shopping spree.


Denver has many of the country’s ideal ski destinations. Therefore, one of the top things to do in Denver is definitely skiing. The Vail Mountain Resort has 5,289 acres of skiable slopes and you are able to ski for hours and hours! If this isn’t enough for you, you can stop at Ski Cooper and skip the long lines and hassle of the other popular skiing destinations. This lesser-known, although still great, the resort has 400 acres of skiing space as well as 39 well-kept trails. Traffic may not be the ideal in Denver but skiing definitely is.

Go to green spaces

Denver also has many desirable green spaces such as the Washington Park, City Park, and Confluence Park. If you are not able to drive to the mountains and enjoy their picturesque view from thousands of feet above the ground, you can still visit parks in Denver that offers a beautiful view of the green nature. Take a pedal boat across Smith Lake for a peaceful afternoon with yourself, friends, or family. What about hiking the Mile High Trail in the City Park and get a five-kilometer workout at one mile above sea level. Hiking isn’t for you? Well, what about kayaking out and exploring a man-made kayak chute located in the Confluence Park, minutes from downtown?


If you’re not so much into big outdoor activities but still want to enjoy nature and the outdoors, you can go golfing at Arrowhead Golf Club and spend a leisurely day hitting some golf balls; due to the high altitude, golf balls can reportedly go 10% farther so you can feel like a pro!

Last but not the least, you can go drinking!

You can enjoy a whole lot of alcohol in Denver but make sure to drink in moderation. With places like Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, Epic Brewing Company, Black Shirt Brewing Company, Great American Fest, and Coors Brewery, you are able to enjoy a variety of alcohol and many types of beer!

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Best Things to do in Denver Colorado during Winter Months

There’s really no surprises why Denver tops as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. With many art galleries, museums, thriving food districts, and great festivities happening all year long, everyone can find amazing activities every time they visit the city. The search for the best powdery snowy mountains ends here at Denver. Denver remains as the favorite spot for most winter sports enthusiasts. Ski resorts in Denver are known for its luxurious amenities and great service. Here are some of the best winter destinations.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area or just ‘A-Basin’ to locals is famous for its extended ski season and the longest in Colorado. And for ski fanatics, nothing can really beat that, with the fresh supply of snow lasting until early summer, this ski resort is an all-time favorite of amateur to professional skiers. Situated just 68 miles from Denver is boasts of beautiful scenery and a laid-back ambiance most holiday goers adore. Half of the ski resort rest above timberline with snowboarding facilities and open-bowl skiing that goes beyond spring and well into early summer. The resort houses one of Colorado’s longest and steepest trails, the Pallavicini which features learning areas, on-site rentals, and a Snowsports School. Families love that the resort has three dining options to choose from.


From the longest ski resort, here comes the largest ski resort in the world – Vail. These 5,200 acres of open terrain has avid skiers screaming out of pure delight for its almost perfect slope. Its Back Bowls has the most groomed terrain that stretches about 7 miles. No wonder Vail is one of the most visited ski destinations in the world featuring Ski & Snowboard School, luxurious accommodations, high-end shops, ravishing spa services, with lots of dining options. Their hosted events make Vail even more attractive for everyone with a thick wallet. For more than 50 years, skiers and snowboarders dubbed Vail as the most ideal winter destination on the planet.

Keystone Resort

Keystone Resort is a perfect winter destination that’s located about 70 miles outside of Denver. This ski resort has a world-class mountain facilities featuring 131 unique trails, 3,000 acres of skiable slopes, and 20 lifts so tourists don’t have to wait long to ski. With almost 300 inches of snow, every year Keystone will not disappoint even avid winter sports enthusiasts. People love how the resort has retained a perfect place for beginner skiers to practice their skills. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders alike raves about how the resort maintains it’s perfectly groomed terrains.  The best part is that Keystone has the longest ski day operating from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening.

Winter Park

For those who can’t wait to hit the slopes, Winter Park Resort is the closest major ski resort to Denver. Located at the east end of the Fraser Valley, it ranks as one of the local’s favorite ski resort with an easy access via the Winter Park Express ski train. Aside from the convenient train ride, it has a spectacular view of the mountains. Winter Park offers tourists looking for a quick winter holiday with an easy access from the Denver International Airport. Just about two hours from the airport, it entices tourists what’s ahead with breathtaking scenery, making the journey even more memorable.

Things to do in Denver Colorado

Loveland Ski Area

For people who don’t love all the glitz and glamour of the usual luxurious ski resort, Loveland Ski Area is the right place to go. With an average of 400 inches of snow, it will not disappoint anyone looking for pure fun on the slopes. Located about 53 miles from Denver, it’s known for its ideal skiing and snowboarding slopes and the fresh supply of powdery snow – one of the best in Colorado. Boasting of 1,365 diverse acres of terrain and spectacular views, it has the highest chairlift on the planet. Avid skiers love who Loveland Ski Area is not too mainstream and doesn’t get too crowdy. They even offer equipment clothing rentals and ski schools for anyone wanting to learn a new trick or two.

Eldora Mountain Resort

From all the ski resort in Denver, Eldora Mountain Resort is perhaps among the local’s favorite go-to place during the winter season. With an average 300 inches of snow per year, is has the best-groomed terrain and the most accessible ski resort using public transportation. Simply hop on the bus from Boulder going up the mountain for a fraction of what it would normally cost in other luxurious ski resort.

However, Denver isn’t just all about the luxurious ski resorts; there are many great winter day trips that every family can enjoy. The Denver Botanic Gardens has different plants and flowers blooming from the coldest of the months lasting throughout the winter season. Escape the chilling winter air and get inside a tropical tour through the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory situated near the Gardens’ York Street location. The botanical garden houses banyan tree roots and colorful orchids that beautiful design. Nature trails and educational exhibits strategically incorporated throughout the garden. Families love exploring the historical farm with a working 19th-century schoolhouse and wildlife observation area.

For sports fanatics, a tour to the lights of Coors Field and Sports Authority Field will make their hearts racing with delights. Families with little children in tow can explore the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or the Denver Zoo. To really get to know the true cowboy attitude the Larimer Square is a good place to sample Denver’s best cuisines paired with the best local brews.

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Is Denver Colorado Gay-Friendly?


In many occasions, talks of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) communities are always sensitive topics – politically or socially. Whether we admit or not, there are states where discrimination for LGBT communities is beyond horrendous. With the diversity going on in our world and the search for equality growing stronger, the need for LGBT-friendly cities across the country profoundly increase, quadruple on many occasions.

However, that’s not the case in Denver Colorado. Colorado has been supporting the LGBT communities ever since the late 1960s, a time when most of them are still considered taboo. So when someone asks ‘Is Denver Colorado gay-friendly?’ we can say hell yeah!

According to a research study of NerdWallet, a financial literacy website, Denver is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the country. They based their rankings on three factors such as a number of sexual orientation-related hate crimes per 100,000 residents, Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index Score, and the percentage of households with same-sex partners. Denver ranked number 12 and amongst the top three most LGBT-friendly cities namely, Seattle, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

Denver Colorado Gay people

Live and let live

It’s neither the annual event nor the amenities that makes Denver special for the LGBT families; it’s the overall welcoming presence and the warmth attitude of ‘live and let live’ way of life. Denver is one of the fastest growing urban communities in the country. Its rich history started way back during the 1850s when Colorado was the boomtown for optimistic prospectors of gold in the Rocky Mountain and for ranchers.

The Native Americans first arrived in Denver who followed the buffalo herds across the Front Range. But when prospectors discovered gold in 1858, thousands of men and women flocked the area and settled in. Denver becomes a full-blown cowboy’s county when freed slaves migrated after the Civil War. More than third of the cowboys herding the cattle comprises of African Americans

Fast forward several decades later, Denver was hailed as the gay oasis of the west in the 1980s. LGBT people had established themselves as an organized group which the made them as a smart, cultured, and politically active community.

Important LGBT Rallies throughout history

It all began when LGBT communities fought their way to abolish anti-gay laws through a collaboration of Gay Coalition of Denver works with Denver’s City Council in 1973.  To celebrate its success, the first ever Pride Celebration in Denver was held in Cheesman Park. In 1982, the Colorado Gay Rodeo Association was founded. By 1990, after much debate, the anti-discrimination policy was passed despite strong opposition.

Perhaps the most monumental of all is when Tim Gill, a Denver businessman founded Gill Foundation to promote LGBT rights through education and different charities. Almost two decades later, Denver’s PrideFest is one of the sought after the celebration of LGBT communities which ranks 3rd all over the US. Not long after, Colorado accepted same-sex couples with the adoption of Colorado Civil Union Act.

Today, Denver implemented anti-discriminating laws to protect LGBT families making Denver as one of the most ideal cities for them. They offer great amenities for gay or lesbian city employees providing them domestic partnership benefits. On top of these Denver has also had anti-bullying policies to protect everyone at school. The city even has an LGBT liaison to help incorporate LGBT resident into city programs and services.

The PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) organized regular Meetups for gay parents. Also, LGBT communities in Denver formed a wide range of resources at their disposal with the help of Family Equality Council.

Denver’s unparalleled urbanism

Because the city has a strong foothold of equality and fairness to all of its residents, Denver is blessed to be one of the fastest growing urbanized areas in the country. It was growing great amenities with performing arts complex, famous art museums, and many food crawl destinations. Many people fall in love with Denver because of its welcoming ambiance and great outdoor destinations for the whole family.

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