Average Temperatures of Lake Michigan in Summer and Winter

There are people who like to test the waters first before they take a dip. A good dip of a toe gives them an idea if it would be better to slowly introduce themselves into the water, or majestically dive (or flop) given the water is deep enough.

There are a lot more reasons why it’s important to understand the temperatures of lakes, especially when you’re going to take part in some kind of water activity. Temperatures influence where flora and fauna form and frolic, it’s a measure of what you should bring with you, if you need to bring your best bikini or your coolest wetsuit, or if you need to know where the ice is thickest.

Lake Michigan is a large body of water, the second largest freshwater lake by volume among the Great Lakes. Large bodies of water can gather large amounts of energy, which can greatly affect the weather above it, as well as the temperatures of both the water and the wind. It could be a nice breezy afternoon in Chicago, but the center of Lake Michigan could very well be an oven.

Lake Michigan Temperatures During Summer

Summer is when the water seems most attractive. The hot air coupled with the cooling water makes for excellent swimming opportunities, great fishing as some of the lake’s sport fish climb up to the warmer waters, and the weather is perfect for simply enjoying the sun and perhaps getting a good tan.

Recent lake temperatures reported that Lake Michigan’s waters have an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) with the temperatures cooler closer to the center of the lake. Temperatures close to the shore have been measured higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius and higher).

It’s worth noting that the ideal lake temperature for swimming is around 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit (25-27 degrees Celsius), especially for children. For those who want to slim down by swimming, ideal temperatures should be cooler at around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit (23-25 degrees Celsius).

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Lake Michigan Temperatures During Winter

Lake temperatures during winter can influence where the ice forms. Thin ice is one of the greater hazards of the lake, some of which is hard to identify especially for first-timers.

As of recent, the average temperatures in Lake Michigan during the winter season are 36-39 degrees Fahrenheit (3-4 degrees Celsius). The temperature around the shores are lower and it gets slightly warmer as you go to the center of the lake. The shore temperature could go on the lower 30s (or sub-zero temperatures) and the center of the lake would be around 39 to 40, often climbing higher if it’s particularly sunny for a winter day.

Only the bravest would dare swim in the lake during these cold temperatures, but it hasn’t stopped people from doing so. Swimming during the winter is illegal in Lake Michigan, unless it’s from one of the open beaches, with a lifeguard on duty, or scuba diving off a boat. Refer to the local authorities to find out the exact laws in the area before you take that icy dive.

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5 Amazing Colorado Ski Resorts That You Should Visit

One great way to spend a winter vacation is frolicking around ski resorts in Colorado. The state of Colorado has many snow-capped mountains. This makes it one of the premier travel and tourism destination for people who want to ski. Because nature has given Colorado this wonderful and beautiful mountain ranges, there are a lot of well-known mountain ski resorts. You can even say that it has too many. A lot of tourists will find it difficult to select the right one for them due to the number.

This list of the top 5 mountain ski resorts will help you choose the right one. This list will talk about the environment, the view, the ambiance, the accommodations and the enjoyment value. One great thing about Colorado is that there is a large amount of snow that falls on the state each year. This makes the snow on the mountain ski resorts of good quality and should be considerably safer than most. Another important thing to know about mountain ski resorts is that families operate the bulk of skiing and snowboarding resorts. This gives a more hospitable feel to the accommodations. The list also takes into account the skill level of the tourists.

The mountain resorts in Colorado are open to both skiers and snowboarders.  

This is a big bonus. Not to mention the wonderful landscape and entertainment that your family can get. On one hand, this means double the fun. On the other hand, this may mean a lot more tourists which means a more crowded mountain resort.

Here are five amazing mountain resorts in Colorado that you should visit.

Echo Mountain Resort

Are you looking for a resort that is near to the Denver metro area? Do you want facilities and specialized locations that will be good for skiers and snowboarders? Are you looking less for casual strolling and frolicking and more on fast-paced skiing and snowboarding? Then the eco mountain resort is a great choice for you and your family.

Located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, this mountain resort gives you a feeling of adrenaline and friendly competition. That is to be expected this was a ski training facility before. This beautiful resort has around 60 acres of land by itself. However, the total area is actually 226 acres that you can ski and snowboard in. The view that will greet you when you wake up will be the northside of Chief Mountain, with snow-capped mountains inspiring you to ski and snowboard more often.

This resort also has the Milk Run Special, which is the main lift. Transport time is around a little over four and a half minutes. That gives you ample time to enjoy the snowy scenery. You may also notice that they pay attention to the younger generation, too, which makes the location great for families with children. This is even better for those who want their children to be more active.

The accommodations are also good. This might be because it is not as well-known as other resorts. This means that there are fewer visitors so you could have more space for yourself and your family. You can consider the Echo Mountain Resort to be a newcomer. It is relatively new because this has been renovated by the new owner in 2016 and 2017. The resort only reopened very recently.

To sum it up, accommodations are good. The ambiance and environment lean more towards moving and skiing rather than cloud watching. The view is great. The price is also very reasonable as well. A great bargain for your money and the travel to this resort is very easy and fast.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

For those with a penchant for enchanting heights, beautiful snow and long lift rides offering a wonderful panoramic view, then the Breckenridge Ski Resort would be a perfect destination for you. The breathtaking mountain view is an absolute treat to the eyes and the famous Tenmile range gives it an ambiance that is both romantic and inspiring.

We are not joking when we said the heights are enchanting; the resort encompasses 5 mountain peaks. What this means for you is that the one of the lifts ends up reaching heights of more than 12,800 feet. This makes it the highest lift in the united states. This is not for the faint-hearted though. This mountain resort has more than 2900 acres that you can ski and snowboard in with 34 lifts total to support the many runs.

We really have to talk about the lift system. That is one of the biggest reason why you must visit this mountain resort. Can you imagine going through over five and a half kilometers of views? With you riding at heights over 12,000 feet? It is definitely a breathtaking sight, but even those who consider themselves courageous may find their knees shaking. But for those are can handle heights, nothing can beat looking out from over ten thousands feet. You will feel as if you are flying – that is how good the view is.

You can see well that the view also brings with it some problems, and by problem we mean a lot of crowded places. That is the reason why this is the most visited mountain ski resort. The accommodations are impressive.

This would be highly recommended for those who are looking for a honeymoon or romantic vacation. Children might not like the overcrowded places. All in all, this is a great mountain resort and you will not be making a mistake if you do choose this one.

Keystone Resort

Looking for a great family vacation emphasizing leisure and convenience? Do you want thousands of acres of views? Do you want a more laid back and tranquil family outing?  How about 4 and 5-star restaurants? How about a mountain resort that focuses on family activities and even programs for kids?  If you are looking for a family friendly mountain ski resort, then the Keystone Resort is perfect for your needs. With more than 3,000 acres that you can ski and has runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, this is a great spot for a family vacation.

There are more than 3,000 condominium units and the resort even has a resurfaced skating lake that spans 5 acres. If comfort and convenience are your priority, then you won’t go wrong vacationing at Keystone.

There are two important places to visit and to watch in this mountain ski resort.  The first one would actually be the night skiing trails. This trail covers three mountains. The trail is made up of ski lifts and gondolas. Can you imagine skiing and snowboarding under the beautiful night sky? That is an experience that you should not miss. The night skiing session trail is open at 9 p.m. And should be something to be experienced at least once in your vacation.

The second thing that you should not miss when you visit this mountain skiing resort is the wonderful dining experience. The food is just so amazing. You can basically find any kind of restaurant in the restaurant belt. For instance, Alpenglow Stube offers contemporary dishes with a Bavarian twist. It has a wide offering of dishes and wines. For a more laid-back feeling with local cuisine, The Bighorn Bistro & Bar is a great restaurant to dine in. The view is absolutely amazing and you can eat delicious dishes while taking in the beautiful Continental Divide.

Another wonderful offering of this mountain skiing resort is their Kidtopia program. Your kids will love the activities while the parents can enjoy their time as well. There will be a scavenger hunt, which is operated safely of course. Fireworks and parades are also held here – you will be surprised at how wonderful your stay will be.

In a nutshell, Keystone Resort is best for families. This is because the accommodations and the dining are definitely world class. They have wonderful programs and the panoramic views will take your breath away. Prices can be a bit high, but you will get more than your money’s worth. This mountain resort is highly recommended.

Beaver Creek Resort

Are you looking for a classier mountain skiing resort with fewer visitors? How about a resort that offers not only skiing and snowboarding but also golf? Are you perhaps tired of the older and more known resorts in Colorado? Do you want a resort wear more than 80% of the runs provided are for intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders? Then this newly improved mountain skiing resort maybe what you are looking for.

Think of this as a world class resort that not a lot of people know about yet. What is special about this skiing resort is the terrain; this resort has always been the host for the opening of the Men’s World Cup Downhill season. If you prioritize skiing and snowboarding over other activities, then this resort is perfect for you.

Another impressive feature that can be found in the skiing resort is the diversity of accommodations. There are a lot of great places to rest here, whether you come as a family or just as a couple.  There are wonderful hotels, some mountain villas and even private homes for you to choose from.

Since this resort is also known for high-level terrain, you can get great ski and snowboarding lessons. Still, around 20% of the runs are accessible to beginners. This is really good for family outings. The resort puts heavy emphasis on security and safety. You can be assured that your children will be well taken care of.

This resort has around 1800 acres you can ski and snowboard on.  The elevation is not as high as others and reaches only up to 8100 feet, but the lift system is still very . There are a hundred and fifty runs to choose from with 650 acres classified for snow making.  The longest run is around 2 miles.  This is perfect for those who are looking for more posh accommodations, so expect to shell out quite a bit of money. In a nutshell, this is the place to be if you are looking for a ritzy vacation with great offerings to improve your skiing. Just be prepared to hand over some serious cash.

Vail Ski Resort

This is one of the most-known mountain skiing resort not only in the United States but also in the world. With more than 5200 acres that you can ski and snowboard on, there is no question that this is one of the biggest. 193 runs are also present, and can serve anyone in differing levels of skill, from the new skiers to the players that compete in skiing events. This resort gets around 370 inches of snow, so you can say that the snow is really great for skiing.

We also have not talked about the mesmerizing view when you either ski or travel inside their lifts. The longest run which is the Riva Ridge, covers four miles. Again, this is not for the faint of heart.  The view is absolutely breathtaking though.

As for the ambiance, you will feel like you are still in an urban setting due to the reputation of the mountain resort.  You see the mountain resort is immensely popular, so you must be ready to move alongside quite a big crowd. Of course, the mountain skiing resort is quite big so you can always find a nice area to ski or just relax on.

The price tag is actually not that high, considering the fact that it is well known and actually has quite modern amenities and equipment. The skiing trails are also quite long and the view is definitely top notch. Again, because of its popularity, parking can be an issue. Snowboarding and skiing is really fun here because it is considerably safe and the people are also good. All in all, this does deserve to be considered as one of the best mountain skiing resorts not only in Colorado but in the entire United States.

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The Things Lake Michigan is Famous For

When we think of large bodies of fresh water, one of the more famous ones in the United States is the Great Lakes. Among them is Lake Michigan, which is the only Great Lake fully encapsulated within the United States. It got its name from the Ojibwa Indian word “Mishigami or Michi-gami” which means “Large Lake”.

Spanning about 58,000 square kilometers and having an approximate water volume of 4920 cubic kilometers, it the second largest among the Great Lakes, second only to Lake Superior (hence the name).

With large bodies of water come great recreation and business, so what are the great recreations and businesses Lake Michigan is known for?

The City of Chicago and Lake Shore Drive

The best parts of the lake are close to the shores, where people can best enjoy land and water. Chicago is the go-to spot when you traverse Lake Michigan, which hosts numerous places for indoor shopping, outdoor recreation, and family must-sees like the aquariums, indoor ice-skating rinks, holiday festivals, and of course, Lake Shore Drive.

As its name suggests, the Lake Shore Drive is a long stretch of lake shoreline along Lake Michigan. The lengthy shore, stretching approximately 25 kilometers, is filled with all sorts of places to go such as the Navy Pier, Lincoln Park, Soldier Field, Buckingham Fountain, and of course, the sandy shores of the lake.

Lake Michigan’s Frozen Pier and Lighthouse

The St. Joseph North Pier features two lighthouses that take on a majestic form when winter arrives. During winter, on times when the tide is high and the waves crash on the lighthouse’s structures, it forms a ghostly ice veil around the entire structure, creating a haunting view of sleek ice spikes as if it was a creature that sprouted from the lonely icy waters. It makes for great photography. You can go there to get up close and personal if you want, just mind your step.

The Lake Michigan Triangle

An infamous area around Lake Michigan to the liking of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Around the area of Manitowoc, Ludington and Benton Harbor is where the theorized triangle is. The first mystery there was during 1891 when Thomas Hume sailed across the area for Lumber. He and his seven shipmates disappeared one night in that area, never to be seen again.

Another notable mystery is the disappearance of Northwest Flight 2501 in 1950. The airline flight that carried 58 people crashed into Lake Michigan, with their last report stating severe electrical storms and high-velocity winds. The plane vanished from radar and no wreckage was found.

To this day, there are reports of strange weather phenomena and UFO sightings in this area. In 2007, researchers discovered an ancient underwater rock formation similar to Stonehenge, and many people believe it was related to the mystery of the lake.

These are only some the many attractions Lake Michigan is known for and why we love it so much. There are many more, and they change as the seasons go by. Some attractions are great and some are small, but all that matters is you make the best of it. Tell us about your favorite Lake Michigan recreation activities and businesses in the comments below or check out our Lake Michigan inspired clothes and accessories.

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LIVNFRESH Gets a Ton of Screentime in Upcoming ‘United Colors of Bennett Song’

Alongside the likes of Dennis Haskins, Tara Reid, and many more talented actors, LIVNFRESH is getting a ton of screen time in the upcoming 2018 film ‘United Colors of Bennett Song’. So just how often can you expect to see LIVNFRESH’s great clothes and designs come out in the film? From our count, the trailer alone has at least 10 of our designs on display:

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How Deep is the Deepest Part of Lake Michigan?

The Great Lakes are not called great just because of their square mileage, but for their depth as well. A lake’s depth is not only valuable as a measure for how far you can dive downwards, or how much water the lake has. Determining deep points in the lake allows people to figure out probable temperatures, water quality, and where certain lake fauna can be found during certain times. So throw on your favorite Lake Life t-shirt and read up on what’s at the bottom of our beautiful Lake Michigan.

Finding the Average

The average depth of Lake Michigan is about 46 fathoms or 279 feet. That’s about twice the height of the Chicago Water Tower. That is only the average depth, summed up by adding all the differing depths of the lake and dividing it by how many depths were used.

The shallowest point of Lake Michigan is easily measured simply by going to the shores, but the deepest point is where the numbers soar (or dive in this case). The deepest point of Lake Michigan is 923 feet (153-154 fathoms deep) To give you an idea how deep that is, if we managed to get France’s Eiffel Tower and gently dip it in, only the top viewing area would be poking out of the water with the flag waving by the lake wind.

An Abrupt Cold

The deeper you go, the colder it gets, but what’s interesting is that the transition is more shocking. Instead of the temperature gradually dropping, you start off with the natural “warm” waters of Lake Michigan, then about 30-40 feet down, you’ll find that the water is quite clear and there’s a large temperature dip, from a “warm” 23 degrees Celsius, to a bone-chilling 14 degrees Celsius in just a few feet. This is due to a process called a “Thermocline” or thermal layer, usually due to the sun’s radiation stopping at that depth, literally the point where the warmth offered by the sun stops.

What Can Be Found in the Depths of Lake Michigan?

  • A Stonehenge Like Structure – Stonehenge is a circular set of stone slabs placed in a vast prairie in the United Kingdom. A popular theory suggests that it was a way for the ancient people to measure the years, watching how the sun aligns with the stones. One thing is for sure, it’s man-made. At just about 40 feet into Lake Michigan, researchers found a set of stone slabs in a small circle. It’s proven man-made due to a carving of a mammoth on one of the rocks. What it could be used for, nobody knows for sure yet.
  • An Oak Forest – Not the living one of course, but fossilized stumps found in the lake floor were found, and after carbon dating determined that these tough trees grew plenty just after the ice age. You only need to dive 75 feet to reach this.
  • Plane and Ship Graveyards – Like all large bodies of water, many ships have sunk in Lake Michigan, either by accident or on purpose. Some airplanes and ships, however, have evidence that they went through a catastrophic event resulting in sinking or crashing, but no proper debris could be found, except a few scraps. This was attributed to the mysterious Lake Michigan Triangle, akin to the infamous Bermuda Triangle, where ships and planes also mysteriously disappeared.

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What Kinds of Fish Can You Catch on Lake Erie?

In this article, we will explore some of the ways to fish in Lake Erie. We can also answer some of the common questions that people have about the lake. Lake Erie is a rich place. It’s got a lot of history. But, one of the fun things people do in Lake Erie is fishing. We will discuss here some of the Do’s and Don’ts for fishing in this wonderful lake.

Note: We also have a Lake Michigan fishing guide if you’ll be angling there, too.

Let’s see what Lake Erie fishing has to offer:

Are There Asian Carp in Lake Erie?

There’s a lot of Asian carp in Lake Erie. In fact, there’s too many. There are too many Asian carps that the government is even intervening because too much of it ruins the eco-system. The Asian Carps invasion will not be healthy for the other fish in the lake. In fact, the U.S. Army Corps is intervening to address the concern. Two of the invasive fish species in Lake Erie include the big-headed carp and the silver carp. The bigheaded carp is native to China, but it is now starting to invade Lake Erie.

How Is The Walleye Fishing At Lake Erie?

One thing that can be said about the walleye fishing is that it’s slow to do in spring. There’s a lot of fish to catch in Lake Erie, but it’s not going to be easy when walleye is what you want. The daily bag limit for walleye in the Ohio region is about six fish per angler. It can also be said that the minimum size limit today for the walleye you catch is about 15 inches. That’s just the average. It could be higher or lower. In the Ohio waters, there’s also a yellow perch bag limit, and that is about 30 fish per angler.

How To Catch Walleye On Lake Erie

One of the first DOs in catching walleye in Lake Erie is to not do it in spring. It may be too cold for you to catch walleye in spring. Always remember that. It’s also necessary for you to wear protective clothing against the cold when fishing.
Do try fishing with live bait. Walleye always responds to a good live bait. A live bait also offers the right angler versatility. You should always remember to do a slip bobber rig or a tipped jig in order to better catch a walleye.

One DONT in fishing for walleye is to use a big hook. The smaller, the better will do the trick. The walleyes you can catch will also respond better to structure. Using leader lengths of about 18 to 36 inches will also help you catch the fish better.
When you’re using a Slip Bobber Rig when catching walleyes, don’t lure the fish too far. You should put the bait right in front of the walleye’s face. You can also use a piece of string to help you get the right angle. It may also help to add a small spilled shot right below the bogger to create the balance you need. Tying a hook with a size 5-6-8 using a minnow leech will always do the trick.

How To Catch Yellow Perch In Lake Erie

When you’re trying to catch a yellow perch, try to use a light jig. Do create a 5 to 5 ½ inch of jig to do this.
You also need to remember to do a basic rod and reel combination for this type of fishing. Yellow perch are tricky to catch. Doing this trick will give you better chances of catching the fish. This technique, by the way, is called a Bait and Tackle trick. It’s one of the popular ways to do open water fishing and catch yellow perch.

Don’t use a big lure when catching yellow perch. What you need a small bait that can fit the small mouths of the yellow perch. It would also help to use a live bait for these fish.
Don’t go without protective clothing. It can be too cold out there when you fish. You should try to address the weather issues before you go fishing. That’s very important.

How To Fish For Perch In Lake Erie

Perch are one of the most common fish that you can find in Canada and America. You can find them in so many spots. Because they’re relatively easy to catch,they are some of the most popular fish that anglers and families catch.

One important DO in perch fishing is to remember to do it during late summer, winter or fall. Perch are active all year, but these are the best times to catch most of them. Ice fishing for perch is also popular in winter. You can find perch in shallower water during warm weather.

Do not bother trying to catch perch at night, since they’re rarely active during these times. When the sun goes down, perchs will no longer be available to catch. They will hide. They will come out again in sunrise.
The good place to catch perch is in rocky areas and at the edge of any structure. These perch may also like to move along piles of wood and rocks. To fish for perch, you should try to look for places with underwater structure that has plenty of vegetation. Perch love to swim along these areas.
Another good tip for fishing perch in Lake Erie is by going to bait and tackle shop. Ask from the shop where you can get the perch in Lake Erie. You can also ask around where in Lake Erie in that particular season has a lot of perch.
It may also help any fisherman to use a light jig to catch perch. The best jigs to use would be around 5 to 5 ½. These are small enough for any perch to bite into. The slightest nibble of any perch would already trap them. That’s a neat trick for beginners to use.
You should not also forget about the weather when catching perch. If you find that the weather is too windy, by using a heavier jig. That way, you can get better control, you can lure in more perch, and you get more out of your time. It’s not that easy to spend a long time in the middle of the cold. It’s not a joke to fish around the lake. You will get exhausted. You will get bored. You have to make most out of your time. Doing the trick above will lessen your waiting period. The work you do above could make it faster for you to catch the best perch in no time.

Other Fishing Tips and Tricks In Lake Erie

It may also help any fisherman out there to use a necessary rod and reel combo to catch more fish. The more you do this, the higher your chances of finding a perch. It could also help you when you choose an action rod tip. This tactic will help ful get the perch through a subtle bite.
It could also help you to get many perch when you use a shorter rod. A shorter rod you use in winter will also increase your chances. The lightest line you can use for your fishing will determine your success. It may be better to start with a small lure. When you have dozens of choices, always pick the ones that are the most minor. It may also help you to pick out decoys that come in different colors. Perchs will react to varying colors of baits. In a given day, the fish you catch will almost even depend on the lure’s color.
A good thing to remember, too, to catch perches is to use crayfish meat. In fact, any live bait will do.   You can ask the experts in Lake Erie which fish is best. However, some of the more popular ones you can choose include minnows, night worms, and insect larvae.
When you want to catch perch in the more in-depth area, it may be able to help you to get a reliable boat. The deeper waters are filled with a lot of perch. You can take advantage of that in winter months by getting a good boat. It may also be easy for you to catch them if they’re not biting in the place where you set up your lure.
During warm weather,  you can get a lot of perch by just sticking to shallow shores. This is most effective during spring when perchs love to flock shallow areas. LAs mentioned before when you are looking for perch, always look for rock piles first. They usually rally there before moving to different ponds or rivers.


In this article, we found out the DOs and DONTs of fishing in Lake Erie. This article was able to assist you of the tricks to make sure you’re successful in your fishing. Fishing is only fun when it’s successful. Otherwise, it might be just a cause of worry and hassle. Make sure you don’t forget these tips the next time you go to Lake Erie, and absolutely make sure you’re protected from the sun while sipping brews with your friends with our Michigan Love Beer Hat.

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What To Do At Lake Erie: A Guide for First-time Visitors

There are so many things to do in Lake Erie. In this article, we will list many of them so you can use this as a bit of a guide. This guide will not be complete. There are unlimited ways to enjoy the Lake. We can’t list them all here, so use this article as your starter kit. Get ideas from this article, but better if you create your own. The best way to enjoy Lake Erie is to find creative ways to enjoy it. Let’s Start:

Walk In The Park

There are various parks around Lake Erie, and these include Cedar Point Amusement Park, Wildlife Refuge, Kelleys Island, Put-in-Bay and Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. These are all good places to enjoy nature. These are excellent places, too, to pitch a tent and to go camping with friends. You can even go creative and do a movie marathon while you’re in the middle of these parks. The 100-mile stretch of shore in Lake Erie will give any tourist or a traveler that needs a breather. The Marblehead and Catawba peninsulas of the lake will offer any kind of tourist the view they need. Vacationers can stroll these parks, enjoy the breathtaking views and even do a bonfire in the middle of the forest. They can go trekking. They can explore the wild and enjoy the calm of the trees.

Victorian Houses

Another good thing that people can do in Lake Erie is to take a boat ride in Put-in-Bay Village. Explore the Victorian houses near the lake. Enjoy the historical homes in the Heineman’s Winery and Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. All of these are excellent places to dig into the history of the lake. This is also another good way for people to appreciate the diversity of the region.

Trip To Kelleys Island

Another fun thing to do in Lake Erie is to do kayaking in the Kelleys Island, which is Ohio’s quietest lake. Take selfies with the glacial grooves of the lake and admire the smooth ruts in the glaciers. Take witness at the bedrock near the lake. Take photos of the Victorian-era homes that are displayed around the towns. You can also explore Lake Erie by biking. Take a guided bike tour from a reliable tour center, and spend the entire day exploring the place.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

One good activity you can also do in Lake Erie is to take thrill rides at the Cedar Point Amusement Park. This park has carnivals, and a Ferris wheel for everyone in the family to enjoy. The roller coasters in the park are also the attraction of Lake Erie. This place may not be for the faint-hearted. This area of lake Erie may not be for those who are scared of heights. But, if families are not up for the challenge, they can just go for the Ferris wheels and carousels. They can ride those instead of pushing their adrenaline to the limits with dangerous rides. For those who want to try the rides, the 17 roller coasters available will offer a lovely view of the lake. This may make up for the fact that the roller coaster is such a difficult challenge to take.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Animal lovers have a reason to love Lake Erie. With the lake’s wonderful selection of animals, many birdwatchers and animal lovers will flock to the place. In Lake Erie, you can find coyotes, foxes, and deer. You may be able to spot bald eagles while you’re riding a roller coaster. At the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, you may be able to see all the sampling of all the animals that reside in Lake Erie. You don’t have to camp in Lake Erie anymore. You just have to go to the

Magee Marsh Wildlife Area

Another good thing you can do in Lake Erie is by visiting the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. You can do a lot of bird-watching in this area. The entire 25 miles of enclave in the marsh will be a fascinating place for families. Families and friends can also enjoy the boardwalk in the Toledo area. You can also go to the warbler migration in the wildlife area in the early Mid-May. There are countless spots in the forest that you can explore. The wildlife in marsh will give you all the adventure that you need. The Wildlife Area used to be a settlement until it was no longer so when the marsh was drained in the 1900s.

And if you’re visiting Lake Erie from Michigan, make sure to show your love of our state with this cool Michigan D Cork Hat.

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