Does Denver have a Subway System?

Several years ago, Denver dreamed of a light rail system for the city’s metropolitan area. It aims to decongest the growing population of Denver which was starting to boom back then. For some reason, its construction never began as state officials made a decision not to pursue the original plan because of certain cost and the constructions operations. The subway system never saw the light of day, but it was not forgotten.

But Denverites being Denverites, the decision didn’t damper their spirits. What they do instead? Build a massive walkable city that’s pedestrian friendly, biker friendly, and more importantly eco-friendly. Their entire commute is one of the most pleasant vibes across the country. With parks in almost every corner of the city, pathways interlinking them lined with great restos and shops, most Denverites would rather hop on a bike than drive a car.

It’s a common thing in Denver to walk around or ride a bike when doing errands. But when the situation calls for it, their public transportation is one of the most well access even without a subway system.

The easy commute and the availability of public transportation set Denver apart from other states.

Denver subway

Riding the bus around the city

The first thing anyone will notice in the Mile High City is the super user-friendly website of the Regional Transportation District. It’s complete with information for routes, fares, and other important information. They also have a customer care hotline for those who are not tech savvy but want to know which bus goes where. Denverites are known to be super friendly and can even help tourists plan their visit complete with what bus to take with route numbers and fares.

As with any other bus routes, they have a list of the routes that each bus take marked with red and white signs.  Always check the route number, and bus stops literally mark every street in the city. Equipped with an electronic sign, this makes it easier for commuters to read the bus numbers or routes of each bus. Keep in mind though that drivers do not carry change, so make sure to always have an exact change. Because it does get busy at times, and not everyone has the ability to memorize all routes, they have transfer slip for those ‘oh-oh’moments when tourists realize they are on the wrong route. But to really save money, book tickets in advance or get the pass programs.

Riding the light rail

Another great thing about Denver is their light rail offers Park-n-Ride area where tourists or residents can park for free. So, if you really want to explore the hidden wonders of Colorado, hopping into their light rail would be a great start. Before riding the light rail, you need to have a validated ticket which you can purchase from the machines located in the vicinity. The light rail has four fare zones, A, B, C, and Airport. Tourists, especially those who have long layover hours take advantage of this commute so they can explore the city using the light rail. The train stops at every station, so it’s easy to navigate on these routes.

The Airport Rail

Denver’s Airport Rail makes Denver International Airport one of the popular ones. Even on long layovers, the Airport Rail provides quick access from airport to city. Just recently opened a couple of years ago, the train leaves every 15 minutes with an average 37 minutes travel time from the city going back to the airport. Fares are relatively cheap, which makes it really popular. But don’t forget to bring in your carry-on and your passport for an easier commute.

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Lake Superior Border

Lake Superior named by the French as Lac Supérieur and by the Ojibwe tribe Gitchi-Gami has a size that is unparalleled. It is the largest and deepest of all the Great Lakes of North America. Considered as the largest freshwater in the world, it borders two countries – the United States and Canada. The province of Ontario, Canada is located on the north, while the US state of Minnesota to the west and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the south.


Ontario, the second largest Canadian province is the most densely populated in the country. The provincial motto goes as “Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanent” which means “Loyal she began and loyal she remains”. Measuring about 412, 582 square miles, it’s about the size of Texas and Montana combined. It also houses many mineral, industrial and agricultural industries which boost financial outputs in Canada. It has very extreme weather conditions – the far north has sub-arctic temperatures while the west has a temperate climate condition.

One fascinating fact about Ontario is that the province has the longest street in the world. Yonge Street starts from Lake Ontario and stretches north passing through central and Northern Ontario going to the Rainy River and Minnesota border. According to the Guinness Book of World Records in 1998, the total distance measure about 1178 miles or 1896 kilometers.


The US state of Minnesota was incorporated on May 11, 1858. Because it has a large number of lakes they are known for their slogan of “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. It has a shoreline measuring about 90,000 miles. The state’s official motto is L’Étoile du Nord meaning “Star of the North”. The Guinness Book of World Records deemed Minnesota as “The Quietest Place on Earth” which happened to be in Minneapolis.

The state has 123 rice lakes, 154 long lakes, and  201 mud lakes. Because Minnesota has more lakes than in any other state, the ratio of the boat in the state is 1 per every 6 persons. But they have the most golfers per capita in the entire United States.

Lake Superior Border

There are many historical firsts in this state like:

  •    The Minneapolis Public Library is the first library to have a children’s department.
  •    Minneapolis housed the first ever Better Business Bureau founded in 1912.
  •    They do love their toast as the first Automatic Pop-up toaster first sold in 1926.


Wisconsin ranks as the 23rd largest state by total are and sits at the 20th place for most populous in the US.  It borders Lake Superior in the north and Lake Michigan in the east. Ancient settlers comprise of Winnebago, Menominee, and Dakota Indians. In 1634, the French explorer Jean Nicolet landed at Green Bay in 1634. By 1660s the Europeans built a trading post and Catholic mission near the present day Ashland.

Deemed as “America’s Dairyland”, Wisconsin has the largest dairy cow population which produces milk more than any other US states. It has more than 14,000 lakes and 7,446 streams and rivers.

The state symbol is the badger but does not refer to the animal. It’s a tribute to the miners during 1820s that traveled for work and dug tunnels to keep warm like the badgers. During the summer season, tourists gathered around Door County, raising the population tenfold of the year-round residents.


The name Michigan came from the word mishigamaa of the Ojibwe Indians meaning “large water” or “large lake”. It ranks as the 10th most populous of all the 50 US states.  The state has more freshwater shoreline than any other state in the US measuring 3,126 miles. It sits in a location where the coastline touches the four Great Lakes namely, Lake Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

Due to its unique location, Michigan is the only state in the US that has a floating post office named J.W. Westcott II. It’s the only sea vessel that delivers mail to other ships while traversing the Great Lakes. The J.W. Westcott us the only floating zip code which is 48222.  By using the format “(Vessel Name), Marine Post Office, Detroit, Michigan, 48222”, any members of ships’ crew transiting the Detroit River can receive mail.

Motown, Detroit, Michigan often referred to as Motor City. Some of the internationally acclaimed vehicles like Chevrolet and Ford started in Michigan. It’s also known as the automotive center of the world and metonym for the American automobile industry. In 1939, Detroit’s Packard Motor Car Company built the first ever air-conditioned car in Michigan.

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Things to do in Colorado Airport (Layover Edition)


We get it; layovers are just a waste of precious vacation time.  But if you are one of the thousands of people heading to Denver International Airport, then here’s a list of good things to do with those hours. Whether waiting for a connecting flight or stuck because of Mother Nature’s bad temper, there are several places to visit and things to do while in DIA.  

The good thing about DIA is that there’s more to see for tourists and to do than ever before. Here’s a list of all the great things while waiting for your next boarding call.

Colorado Airport

Visit the SkyMarket

Nothing seems more refreshing than stretching those aching legs and a nice warm meal after getting off the plane from a long haul. One of the most visited places in DIA is their SkyMarket because people usually head straight to where they can get a souvenir of the famous Broncos.  Stretching of about 2,600 square foot of retail store and different restos, it serves as the main stop for most tourists. They have a wide variety of food options from healthy food to the usual fast food favorites. Some of the don’t miss stops include Sweet Action, Huckleberry coffees, and some of the state’s local crafters.  Most of the tourists settle down in their massive newsstand with a pair of coffee and entrée to go by.

Marvel at Public Art from local artists

You will be surprised with how much art collection DIA holds. Most of its amazing art collection was commissioned way before the airport opens which was about two or more decades ago.  Finding these arts is quite a challenge for some folks as they can overhead, embedded in the floor, or hidden in a nook.

Since traveling is not created equally, some may stay a wee bit longer in DIA. If you have a half day to spend, Denver’s Airport Rail is your best friend. Leaving every 15 minutes from the airport and vice versa, it can take you to the downtown area within 37 or so minutes. It’s easy to plan an entire afternoon of sightseeing and getting around on foot, by bus or taxi.

Wander around Colorado Convention Center, Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Colorado Historical Society. You can also take a quick tour of their scenic State Capital and its many parks.  Take a breather in the Denver Botanical Gardens, Elitch Gardens, or in Denver Zoo.

Stroll down in its famous Lower Downtown is known as LoDo and take a sip of their popular local breweries. With the emergence of Beer Crawl, Denver will not disappoint your belly as they have many tap houses. A visit to Coors Field is a must for those who really love sports.

If spending the night in Denver

Because of the increasing popularity of DIA, the city government put up their East Rail Line that connects the airport to downtown in just 35 minutes. This Hotel and Transit Center serves as a great way for people who will spend the night in the city. Book ahead to get the best hotel deals in the city in which you can find many in different rates.  Denver hotels don’t disappoint, even with a small town vibe, the city has great cities that of 5-star quality. Each hotel offers different amenities like free Wi-Fi, fitness center, spa services, and many more. With its easy access, even those who were tired and luggage bound tourists can definitely find a hotel most suited to their needs.

Spending some time or even a day at the airport doesn’t need to be boring and tiring. The key to every memorable travel is to plan well ahead of time and make itineraries for the whole family to enjoy.

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Colorado and Excellent Country Bars


Exploring bars in Colorado can be a joy. It can be particularly joyous to explore Colorado bars that have country western themes. If you want to find the best country western bars the Centennial State has to offer, be sure to check all of these gems out right away. These country bars have absolutely everything you need for an evening to remember.

Copperhead Roast Bar & Nightclub

Copperhead Roast Bar & Nightclub is a Colorado Springs establishment that’s a hub for dancing and high-quality live tunes. People love to hang out in this spirited roadhouse. It’s a popular bar option among all kinds of people. People who appreciate country tunes are often big fans of it. People who admire rock tunes are frequently big admirers as well. It has open mic evenings accessible to people who wish to show off their singing and musical skills. This is also a great place to grab tasty bar foods of all kinds. If you can’t turn away from line-dancing, this bar needs to be on your must-see list.

Cowboy Lounge

Cowboy Lounge in Denver epitomizes all of the glory of its naming. It has a roof deck that’s a fantastic spot for relaxation. It offers live music that’s thrilling and exhilarating. The people who frequent Cowboy Lounge are a pleasure, too. If you adore people watching and smiling faces, you’ll want to return to this lounge time and time again. It’s one of the greatest Colorado bars for people who like togetherness and warm folks.

Colorado Bars

The Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose is yet another Denver establishment for country western aficionados. It regularly hosts musical performances for the country music genre. It’s also a widely known location for eager line-dancers. If you have a penchant for tasty cold beers, unrivaled service and excellent music in general, the Grizzly Rose is a place you need to visit as soon as possible. It’s among the best country western bars out there. Don’t forget to check out the mechanical bull.


Cowboys has a simple name that genuinely says everything. It’s located in the middle of Colorado Springs. It has so much excitement accessible to visitors. Visitors can revel in incredible live music that’s authentic and lively. They can revel in the fun of bowling lanes. They can even revel in country dance lessons that are 100 percent complimentary. Cowboys offers bar foods that are comforting and hearty. If you want to manage your appetite and have the time of your life, this is one of the country bars you have to consider.


Stampede is a dynamic nightclub that has a tried and tried country western feel. It has a spacious and attractive dancefloor for all visitors who want to put their skills and abilities on display for the world. Stampede is impressive due to the fact that it features a total of seven separate bars. It’s also beloved thanks to its happy hour options. People often visit its eatery.

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Denver Solar Eclipse

On the day of August 21st, 2017, Denver experienced the solar eclipse. For a brief moment, the day turned into night. As the street lights turned on in the middle of the day, animals, ranging from big to small, went into their nighttime routines and stars became visible. According to Brian Carlstrom, a deputy associate director of the National Park Service Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate, when asked about the solar eclipse before it happened, the “hair on the back of your neck is going to stand up, and you are going to feel different things as the eclipse reaches totality. It’s been described as peaceful, spiritual, exhilarating, shocking.” According to The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA, a total solar eclipse where you live only happens about once in 375 years. Therefore, unless modern medicine advances and humans evolve, an average human might not be able to witness the next total solar eclipse in their area.

So, in the year of 2017, Denver was able to witness a total solar eclipse. However, they won’t be able to witness another one until August 12, 2045! The people of Colorado would need to wait 28 years to witness another total solar eclipse for the next total eclipse for North America, in the year of 2024, will miss the state of Colorado. Be patient! The northern edge of the path of totality will go through I-70 in Denver and the prime viewing sports for the 2045 total eclipse would be Colorado Springs as well as Grand Junction— this will be worth the wait! To get more updates about the 2024 or 2045 total eclipse, you can visit the NASA website or any social media platform they have.

Total Solar Eclipse

With that being said, let us focus on the recent total solar eclipse that happened in Denver. There were many great locations and parties that people traveled to just to see the solar eclipse. One of these great locations included the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. All activities were free with general admission and there were a limited number of glasses, which are used to safely watch the eclipse, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Furthermore, there was also a solar eclipse party at the Blue Moon RiNo where viewing glasses, sweet food, and drink specials were given out in addition to a free adult beverage for every entree ordered. Many described the experience as “amazing”, “breathtaking”, and “spectacular.”

An eclipse happens when light from the sun is blocked by the moon or the earth. The umbra is the darkest area where all the light is blocked while the penumbra is the lighter shadow where only part of the light is blocked. A solar eclipse is when the light of the sun is blocked by the moon; the moon gets in the middle of the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow over the earth. This is only able to occur during one of the earth’s moon phase, the new moon phase. During this phase, the moon passes directly between the sun and the Earth and its shadows fall upon the surface of the Earth.

The alignment of the Sun, the Earth, as well as the Moon,  produces solar eclipses, which can either be, solar, partial, or annular. Usually, solar eclipses happen around once or twice a year. Total solar eclipses are when the moon covers the whole sun and all light that the sun is emitting is blocked from reaching the specific area of the surface of the earth—this lasts for a few minutes. During a total solar eclipse, the moon casts its umbra upon the surface of the Earth; those who are lucky enough to be positioned in the direct path of the umbra will witness the sun’s disk diminish into a crescent as the dark shadow of the moon rushes towards them across the landscape.

Total Darkness

For a brief moment, the sun is completely covered and the area affected experiences total darkness. The witnesses are able to see, through specially made instruments, the beautiful corona — this is the outer portion of the sun’s atmosphere that extends to the heliopause— of the sun. This may last somewhere from five to seven minutes.

How is the moon able to cover the sunlight although the sun is way larger in size? This is when the wonders of astronomy come in. The sun, being 864,000 miles in diameter, is about 400 times bigger than the moon, which only has a diameter of 2,160 miles. However, the moon is also coincidentally 400 closer to Earth compared to the sun— the ratio has variations for both orbits are elliptical. As a result of this, when the orbital planes intersect and the distances perfectly align, the new moon appears to completely block out the disk of the sun. On an average, there are about one total solar eclipse that happens somewhere on the surface of the earth every 18 or so months. Therefore, on August 21, 2017, the city of Denver was lucky enough to have been able to witness a total solar eclipse.

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What is Denver’s Climate

Found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Denver is well known for its wide range of outdoor activities and for its picturesque view. Before it became the city we know and love today, Denver was a rough-and-rowdy mining town that had an ever-changing climate due to its inland locations on the High Plains. Denver, having four clear season..s and obtaining a fair amount of precipitation throughout the year, is located within the semi-arid, continental climate zone.

Denver- A Well-known City

Many assume that Denver, a well-known city situated in the state of Colorado, constantly experience extremely cold conditions because of Colorado’s mountains getting layers and layers of snow every winter. However, this is not the case. Since Denver is not in the mountains and is found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, winter does not linger as long in the city. Instead, Denver is a place where the sun is mostly present; people situated in the city are treated with even more sunshine each year compared to the generally known sunny cities of San Diego and Miami.

Being the warmest month, July has a daily average temperature of about 74.2 degrees and summers range from mild to hot with occasional high temperatures, reaching 90 degrees, and afternoon thunderstorms. Despite being one of the sunniest cities in the United States, the normal temperatures in Denver does not reach more than 90 degrees! In fact, only 33 days out of the 365 days a year in Denver experience 90-degree temperatures. Moreover, if you live in this city, you’ll only witness the mercury thermometer reach the 100-degree mark five times a year.

Denver is indeed one of the best cities to live in considering its moderate temperatures combined with its extremely low levels of humidity— this is a climate you would want to live in for the rest of your life! In summation, The Mile High City of Colorado receives a mild, semi-arid, and sun-drenched climate that makes the city comfortable and pleasing to live in.

Denver Weather

However, the weather in Denver can also be extreme— the ever-changing weather climate in this city can change in a matter of hours, according to its residents. This harsh and extreme weather can be hard for tires, trees, mechanical parts, house paint, and plants to handle. December, being the coldest month in Denver, experience a daily average temperature of about 29.9 degrees. The months of winter consists of snow and extremely low temperatures that alter between periods of milder weather because of the warming effects of the Chinook winds. In winter, daytime highs can reach 60 degrees and during the coldest nights, nighttime lows can fall right down to -10 degrees.

According to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center 30-year averages, the months of December, January, and February, Denver is ranked 18th coldest major U.S city as of 2014. Some residents call the week or two of below zero temperatures in January, “Stock show Weather.” Winter, being extremely cold, comes inevitably with snow and in Denver, snowfall is common throughout the late fall and during winter. Its snow measurements are about 53.5 inches on average. When it comes to snow and rainfall, snow starts at the end of September all the way through July in Denver.

Historically speaking, the biggest snow occurs during March, April, and May every year. As for rain, there Denver does not experience much of it. If it does rain, torrents of rain and flash flooding come. However, the climate in Denver is dry. Strangely, there are areas in and around Denver that are placed on the “coldest” as well as “hottest” in the nation list every year. During winter, it can get exceptionally dark and the sun comes down at around 4:30 pm. Simultaneously, it is also slow for the sun to return for the mountains block the sunlight. However, darkness does not last long in Denver and the city becomes lit again during the early days of March.

Fortunately, Denver and the city’s east-northeastern extension only experience few, weak, landspout tornadoes each summer and spring. Therefore, its residents have nothing to worry about. With the enhancement of the Denver Convergence Vorticity Zone or also known as the DCVZ, the month of June in Denver is likely to experience most of the light tornadoes. For extra information, the DCVZ is a varying vortex of storm-forming airflow that is habitually found north and east of downtown Denver; extreme and heavy weather from this can disturb airport operations.

When it comes to hail and hail storms, Denver is ranked 10th most prone to hail storms in the continental United States. This fact can be backed up by the three of the top 10 costliest hail storms in the United States history, occurring on the days of July 11th, 1990, July 20th, 2009, as well as May 8th of 2017.

To conclude, if you are planning a visit to Denver or planning on permanently residing in the city, it is important to know its climate in order for you to be prepared. Although it can be extremely rewarding due to its constant sunlight and zero humidity, the city still experiences other conditions and you must be well-prepared.

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Things to do in Denver during Spring

During spring, many students are on their spring-breaks and although the spring can still feel like winter in Denver, there is a wide variety of activities that many are able to enjoy in the city. When spring is mentioned, the first thing in your mind would be rain, the color green, flowers, and rising temperatures. However, in the city of Denver, it can be quite different. In Denver, spring can feel like the usual spring… but it can also feel like the dead of winter. Spring in Denver can be quite unpredictable so, we have gathered a number of things to do in Denver during spring that is available for you to enjoy at different conditions. Whether you are on a spring break, touring Denver, visiting friends and family during spring, or just bored, you can take this list into consideration.

History Colorado Center

Opened in 2012 in Denver’s Golden Triangle Museum District, the History of Colorado Center became an award-winning tourist destination that makes Colorado history fun and has exciting new exhibits, programmes, workshops, and performances. Being a hub for learning and entertainment as well as a place to shop and dine, this place sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination.

APEX Movement

If you want to do something active, get fit, but also have fun indoors while the spring rainfall comes around, APEX Movement is the way to go. In fact, many TV program athletes train at APEX Movement in Boulder. As kids, Parkour has always been in every single one of us. From jumping off swings, hopping over cracks in the sidewalks, to climbing trees, Parkour was installed to us from the beginning. Moreover, APEX Movement offers classes, birthday parties, as well as an open gym so you or your kids can challenge themselves the Ninja Warrior way.

Hammonds Candy Factory Tour

Got a sweet tooth? Then taking a tour of the wonderful Hammonds Candy Factory is a must! Hammond’s complimentary factory tours are not only fun but also educational for all candy lovers out there. Hundreds of tourists and locals gather together at this factory to see how their handcrafted and famous candy canes, lollipops, and ribbon candy are pulled, twisted, and made by hand.

Mid-air Adventures

Mid-Air adventures offer an active, unique, but still safe experience for guests of all ages. In their 12,000 square feet facility, guests are able to freely play around on their giant swings, 20’ climbing wall, indoor zip lines, slides, rope bridges, as well as their toddler area for the younger ones. All participants are fitted in a harness before they receive safety instructions from a trained staff. Furthermore, Mid-air Adventures are also able to host birthday parties and highly trained staffs take care of the kids while parents take pictures, also have fun, or enjoy conversations with each other.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

To those who are nature lovers or/and science geeks, this museum is a must-visit during springtime. It has been about 100 years since the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been the center of cultural experience in Denver. Visitors are able to explore the museum which is maze filled with treasures of the Earth— expect to see dinosaurs, science experiments, a digital planetarium, dioramas, space exhibits, touring shows, as well as IMAX theatre.


When the weather is feeling extra generous and giving you good temperature and amount of sunlight, hiking should be on the top of your to-do list! Some of Denver’s best hiking trails can be found in the western slope, including Red Rocks, Matthews/Winters, Deer Creek, Evergreen, and so much more.

Tattered Cover Book Store

One of the nation’s largest and famous independent bookstore, The Tattered Cover Book Store, often hosts free signings by some of the world’s most famous authors, offer free Wi-Fi, and hundreds of good books! This bookstore is a large indie bookstore and cafe that offer coziness and comfort, just like smaller bookshops, with snug sofas as well as a world-class newsstand. So what are you waiting for? Get reading and comfortable at the Tattered Cover Book Store!

Denver Botanic Gardens

Springs are all about the blooming of nature, therefore, enjoying the beautiful flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens sounds ideal. Take a stroll while enjoying the beauty of nature as you inhale the surrounding fresh air

Colorado State Capitol Tour

Why not tour the splendid, gold-domed Colorado Capitol Building during spring? In this place, you are able to stand precisely a mile high on the steps, witness Allen True’s alluring murals, listen in on the Colorado General Assembly, as well as check out the gorgeous Rose Onyx wainscoting.

Farmers Market

Although Denver is a major city in Colorado, there are still hundreds of nearby farms across the Front Range. Therefore, there is no scarcity of fresh produce to fill the city’s farmers’ markets. In addition to this, there are also humanely-raised meats, prepared foods, fresh flowers, baked foods, and artisanal personal care products readily available in these farmers’ markets. But no, the fun does not end there. In these markets, you are also able to enjoy live music, food vendors, and flea markets! If you are ever out and about in Denver during spring, you should look into one of the farmers’ market and have your own farmer’s market experience.

First Friday Art Walks

The First Friday Art Walks are the signature event of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe with numerous galleries, cultural attractions, as well as studios. Denver’s art districts stay open until late night during the first Friday of every month and people are able to enjoy a night of art, drink, food, and fun!

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