Deals and Destinations for Snowboarding Students

Winter Park Resort
Sunlight Mountain Resort
Copper Mountain Resort
Multi-Resort College Student Deals

After all the stress of college, it’s great to visit snowboarding resorts in Colorado with some friends to have some fun. You can soak in the breathtaking views and enjoy thrilling winter sports. But many of us would think twice about spending so much money on a vacation, especially with bills and the school projects to pay for. It’s a good thing that many of Colorado’s best resorts offer discounts to students!

There are numerous mountain resorts in Colorado to choose from. All of them offer a great time, whether you’re with your family or friends. Here are some of the best resorts in Colorado that offer great deals for college students.

Winter Park Resort

Just two hours away from Denver is the Winter Park Resort, located in the Rocky Mountains. Other than senior discounts and military discounts, Winter Park Resort offers college student discounts with proper student IDs. You can get a discount of more than $100! They also have the Winter Park Express for those who don’t want to navigate all the way up the mountain.

Need to get your blood pumping? Winter Park Resort has plenty of exciting activities to choose from. From snowboarding, skiing, and tubing, they have it! Winter Park Resort is also included in the Rocky Mountain College Super Pass Plus that gives the best deal for students who want to go mountain hopping.

Sunlight Mountain Resort

Snowboarding is thrilling and fun. But after you’ve tried all the adrenaline-pumping activities, it’s nice to soak and relax in a natural hot spring. Sunlight Mountain Resort got this covered. Their Slope & Soak 4-Pack gives you a day to ski and snowboarding, plus access to their luxury natural hot springs. For college students bringing their student IDs, you can get up to $100 discount on their season passes. Bring in your buddies to go on an adventure, then relax your muscles in their hot springs after a day of fun.

Copper Mountain Resort

With exciting adventures waiting both outdoors and indoors, Copper Mountain Resort is another go-to for vacationers. Copper Mountain Resort is one of the favorite destinations of both locals and tourists. Their Woodward Copper Barn is an indoor facility with trampolines, indoor ski and snowboarding, and foam pit jumps. Copper Mountain has 2,465 acres of terrain that provide a great snowboarding fun for both beginners and experts. By providing student ID, you can get up to $110 off on their season passes.

Multi-Resort College Student Deals

Other than separate discounts on resort passes, college students can enjoy passes to multiple resorts using one deal. Students can save up to $140 off while gaining access to many of Colorado’s best resorts. Resorts included in the packages include Winter Park Resort and Copper Mountain Resort.

The college life is hard. But as they say, work hard and party hard. When you need to take a break from classes and projects, it’s great to know that you can still save while having the time of your life. And if you want to look good while doing so and show off your love for all things Colorado, check out the LIVNFRESH line of Colorado Clothes and Accessories.


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The Short But Concise Guide To Lake Erie For Your Research

In this article, we will be discussing many basic facts about Lake Erie that will help you during research. Here, we will answer some of the fundamental questions you may have, including things like what states border Lake Erie and a variety of other trivia about this Great Lake. Let’s start.

How Many States Border Lake Erie?

There are four U.S. states that surround Lake Erie. These states are New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio. The Canadian province of Ontario is also near Lake Erie.

What State Is Lake Erie In?

Lake Erie is situated around the four states listed above. All these four states and the Canadian province of Ontario divide the jurisdictions of Lake Erie. These jurisdictions are found in the southern, eastern and western part of the Lake.

It would also be helpful for you to know that the lake is named after the Erie People. This is one of the tribes that live near the lake. There are other tribes in the lake. Many natives also reside here. The tribal name “Erie” is actually short for Iroquoian, which means long tail.

If you want better specifics, Lake Erie is near Lake Huron, which is an inlet in Detroit River. It would also be helpful for you to know that the natural outflow of the lake is Niagara. The falls in the Niagara also provide electricity to U.S. and Canada through Lake Erie.

Where Is Lake Erie Located On The Map?

On the map, you can spot Lake Erie at these coordinates: 42.2°N 81.2°W. That said, the primary inflows of the lake come from Detroit River, while its outflow is at the Niagara River. The basin countries that cater the lake include Canada and the United States. It may also interest you to know that the right ow the max length of the lake is around 241 m. That’s pretty big. It’s a long width considering it’s just a lake. This makes the lake an ideal traveling place for local tourists. The scenic view and forestry around the lake also makes it an exciting place for families to pitch a tent for camping. It’s also an ideal place to fish. Fishing is one of the common activities people do in this lake.

There is about 116 cu mi of water volume in the lake. Its shore length reaches about 799 mi, and 72 mik for its islands. The surface of the lake would also reach an elevation of around 569 ft. The lake right now has about 24+ islands.

It would also be good for your research to learn that the settlements in the lake include Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York. Erie, Pennsylvania and Toledo, Ohio are also the other states where the lake is.

Other Important Trivia About Lake Erie

Did you know that the name Erie came from the Native American tribe that lived in the place? The name is from the Erie people that lived in the lake. The name Erie is a derivative of the Iroquoian word erielhonan, which simply means “a long tail.”

It would also be useful for your school essay to learn that the primary inlet of the Lake is the Detroit river. This means that the Lake is able to help generate hydroelectric power. This is because of the Niagara Falls that is located near the lake.

The rich biodiversity in Lake Erie is also worth mentioning. There’s a lot of variety of fish, animals and other species living in Lake Erie. Sadly, these animals are threatened by modern harm, such as water pollution, algae blooms and eutrophication.

There is also rich history in Lake Erie. In fact, the Great War of 1812 happened in the lake. This war is important in the history of America. It’s important because it was able to secure America its independence from the British Empire. Without this victory, America would not have reached its goals.

One of the highlights in the rich war history of Lake Erie involves the leadership of Oliver Hazard Perry. He is the general who led the American soldiers to win the Lake Erie from Britain.

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Best Resorts in Colorado for Single Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a really fun activity whether you are doing it alone or with a group. It is not exactly for a family with little kids, but for single people this is such a great way to work out. A lot of the world’s best ski resorts are found in Colorado. On the other side, there are some ski resorts that are better for a family gathering and a few that works best for singles snowboarding. Searching for a snowboarding destination in Colorado can be difficult since there are a lot of great snowboard services providers.

Here are a couple skiing resorts for the snowboarders who want to go solo.

Aspen Resorts

Any snowboarding enthusiast would know Aspen due to the one big event, sometimes considered to be THE EVENT, of snowboarding that it will take care of. We are talking about the Winter X Games.  You can meet fellow athletic singles here with that wonderful lineup of events. Ever since 2002, the eminent snowboarding games are held in Aspen, particularly Buttermilk ski resort. This proves how modern and safe the facilities are. This also shows how serious the Aspen resorts are for skiing and snowboarding.

You can be assured of amazing facilities, great accommodations, and enthusiastic people. This makes the resort group one of the best choices for snowboarding. It has a wonderful nightlife, so all of the single people can congregate and just have fun.

Aspen Snowmass is known for its three terrain parks. Lowdown park is appropriate for beginning snowboarders and for those who want to transition to the intermediate level. It has a half pipe that is suitable for single snowboarders who just want to take it slow. For those in the intermediate level, the second park would be a great fit for you. It has around 15 features for boxes and rails and another 10 features for jumps and other interesting concepts. This is great for those who want to practice pulling off tricks. For those in the expert level, the Snowmass Park works best. It has around 50 medium to large features, which gives expert solo snowboarders a lot of room to play in.

The aspen resort group has operations on four resorts, and Aspen Snowmass is more known for snowboarding. If you want to meet like-minded individuals, Snowmass is the place to go, but the other Aspen resorts can also be a viable choice.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort

For those who are looking more for the mountain and local flavor, Copper Mountain Ski Resort is the best choice for great things to do in Colorado. The great thing about this resort is that it combines both urban convenience and the local laid-back ambiance. There is the T-Rex Grill, where you can get amazing burgers and beers. You can also get a wonderful fine dining experience in Moonlight Dine and Ski game. Are you perhaps in the mood to meet with locals? Then you can head over to Flyer’s, which is copper mountain’s little secret area for gathering and meeting up with interesting people.

They also have the Big Island Terrain Park, which is a great way to meet single snowboarders and have fun. There are rails where you can practice your snowboarding tricks and also an area where you can just spectate on the amazing snowboarders.

With 27 ski resorts, Colorado can offer you a great winter vacation. For snowboarders looking for fun, these two resorts will definitely meet your expectations.

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Designing Shirts for a Great Cause – Haiti Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior and the World Orphans organization teamed up to bring some much-needed attention to the children of Haiti through a program being called Haiti Ninja Warrior. We here at LIVNFRESH are proud to have been a part of this wonderful project as we were tasked with creating the Haiti Ninja Warrior t-shirt. You can see the participants from the project, many of who are American Ninja Warrior competitors, wearing our design this video about the charitable project:

In this project, “ninja warriors” are taking time to teach and play with Haitian orphans in athletic camps. It seems like such a fun way to bring a little joy to these children and we are incredibly happy to be a part of the project.

If you would like a Haiti Ninja Warrior shirt of your own -while helping the program out as well- click here to order.


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Best Places to Swim in Chicago’s Michigan Lake Shores

A beach is a place of utter recreation may it be a seashore or a lakeshore, as long as there’s sun, sand, and water, there’s bound to be fun. It can be as simple as hanging out by the shores on a modest patio, or you can attend the various festivals and events that happen on the sandy lake shores. So, let’s gear up, gets some sun and have some fun!

While (obviously) not in our great state of Michigan, Chicago is planted firmly on the shores of our state’s namesake lake, Lake Michigan, so I think it’s alright if we give the city a pass this time. Also, before we begin, all of Chicago’s beaches are open from May to September and may adjust depending on how the season goes, so make sure you plan ahead.

Oak Street Beach

Arguably the most popular place to hang out on Chicago’s shores. It’s located at 1000 N Lake Shore Drive in Downtown. It’s the closest beach to the central town and hosts volleyball tournaments, various concession stands, restaurants, bike and watersports rentals, along with bathrooms, first-aid stations, and of course, a lifeguard station. Oak Street is not as crowded during the day and comes to a new life during the evening.

North Avenue Beach

Another one of Chicago’s popular beaches which is located in 1600 N Lake Shore Dr. It has all the amenities of a beach like concession stands, rentals for bikes and water sports like jet skis and kayaks. It also has the essential first-aid stations, restrooms and lifeguard stations. North Avenue beach is popular with teenagers and it’s not uncommon to have music parties in this part of Chicago.

Rainbow Beach

Located in 2873 E 75th St Rainbow Beach is a 60-acre beach. It contains the beach quintessential similar to North Avenue and Oak Street. During the day, it’s mostly casual fun in the sun for visitors, but at night, the fire awakens. It’s common for people to start barbecues during the night. A family friendly beach filled with all family-oriented facilities.

31st Beach Street

Not as popular, but considered one of the best if you’re looking for a decent beach that has a playground. 31st Beach Street is easily accessible by car and requires a bit f a walk by foot, but the result is worth it. Not as crowded and with that, the beach is relatively clean. It also has the quintessential of the beaches, especially the lifeguards who often go on canoes to supervise the beach’s visitors.

Kathy Osterman Beach

Found in 5800 North Lake Shore Drive, this beach is also called “Hollywood Beach”. The place is not as crowded and is popular because it has been unofficially known as the LGBTQ Beach. Also has all the quintessential needs of a beach, with food stalls and clean bathrooms. Chinese festivals are held here, like the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and the Chinese Moon Festival. Easily a beach for all walks of life.

Montrose Beach

Not the largest, nor the most spectacular, this beach found at 601 W Montrose Ave, has its charms. It hosts one of the best, if not the only, dog beaches. Half the beach is a fenced area where you can bring man’s best friend out for some sandy shoreline fun. It’s also a good spot for bird watching as seagulls, hawks, and all manner of lake-faring birds flock and fly close to the shores, (but not too close to the people.) It has all the needed stalls for a lake beach, and it offers a great view of Chicago.

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The Best Newlywed Snowboarding Resorts Destination in Colorado

Having your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary in one of the premier resorts of Colorado would make it an experience to remember if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Can you imagine skiing or snowboarding with the breathtaking view or riding through one of the many lifts and you can go see the spectacular beauty of nature with your loved one? You can do that and even more when you stay at one of the many amazing ski resorts in Colorado.

If you want to be certain of a memorable and romantic experience, then the following Aspen resorts should be where you spend your time with. One of the most well-known resort groups in the country, these Aspen resorts are some of the country’s most amazing skiing and snowboarding destinations.

Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort

The Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort would be a great choice if you want to learn with your significant other the ropes regarding skiing and snowboarding. In this resort, athleticism is more prioritized so younger couples would love this mountain getaway. They have a lot of trails and runs and the view is simply spectacular. If you are also a big fan of snowboarding, then visiting this resort may prove immensely satisfying for you since this is where the Winter X games occur. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush after a wonderful spectacle and then retiring to your rooms with wonderful stories and conversations.

Aspen Mountain Resort

For the people who want a more secluded romantic honeymoon, then the Aspen Mountain resort would be a wonderful choice. However, please do you know that their skiing and snowboarding trails are more geared towards the intermediate and expert skill levels. There are still runs available for the beginners but they are quite few. You will be staying at a place where the mountain view is breathtaking. They are also wonderful black diamond trails. If rest and relaxation is what you are after, then this is a great choice.

Aspen Highlands

Do you love high elevation and cool fresh air? How about wonderful long skiing trails? If you say yes to any of these questions then the Aspen Highlands would be a great choice for you. The Backcountry Bowl here is considered to be the best in the country. The terrain and landscape are just perfect for that romantic vibe. Do you want to experience eating amazing food in a place that is overlooking the great mountain ranges? Then you should try eating at aspen highlands premiere mountaintop restaurant, the aptly named cloud nine alpine bistro. With its select swiss and alpine cuisine, you can be assured that you and your significant other will remember this dinner for quite a long time.

Aspen Snowmass Resort

Lastly, for those who already have small kids with them or just want to have a family-friendly outing, then going to the Aspen Snowmass Resort is the right choice. This is a resort that focuses on activities for little kids or groups. It is also the largest skiing resort in the area. You and your family will also enjoy spectating on the wonderful tricks that snowboarders do in one of the three terrain parks. It has convenient lodgings, beautiful views, and competent and friendly staff. This resort is a place that you will never regret visiting.

Any of those four resorts can get you the romantic getaway that you are looking for. Just make sure your skiing and snowboarding levels are at par with what the resort has to offer. Once that is squared away, you can then enjoy your romantic escapade to your heart’s content.

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A Guide To Lake Erie’s Facts and Figures

Today, there is much information that anyone can find online. In a few clicks, people can get all the detailed information they need. They can get it in just a few google searches. They can watch a Youtube video, and they can already get all the instructions they need about a topic. Such is the power of the web. Such is the power of the new social media today. With crowdsourcing websites, it is now easy to get the right information people want.
In the case of information about Lake Erie, this ease and complete access is the same thing. People can just get all the information they need about the rich geography and data about Lake Erie online. With the  information in this article, you can now learn everything about Lake Erie. Let’s start.

What Is The Average Depth of Lake Erie?

The simple answer to this is 62 feet. That said, Lake Erie is still the shallowest lake among the five Great Lakes today. With an average depth of about 10 fathoms and 3 feet, and a maximum depth of around 35 fathoms, this lake is still considered big. The volume of the lake is about 2,900 cubic miles. This gives the lake an even profound depth.

What Is The Current Temperature Of Lake Erie?

As of today, November 1, 2017, the current temperature of Lake Erie is about 13 degrees Celsius. That relatively makes the climate in Lake Erie very cold and hard to explore.You may also want to know that in Buffalo, where a part of Lake Erie is, the weather could reach about 55 degrees.

Is Lake Erie Man Made?

It will be for your benefit to know that: No, Lake Erie is not man-made. It is a product of glacial movements since thousand years ago.

How Deep Is The Deepest Part of The Lake?

You should know that the thickest part of Lake Erie would reach so far as 64 m. That’s around 210 ft. You can just imagine the rich biodiversity in the lake because of such depth. You could also imagine how much rich history Lake Erie witnessed because of such wisdom. There is also about 799 mi of shore length in Lake Erie, and this makes the lake one of the deep bodies of water in North America. The depth of such lake means that it can be a living area for various fish, including walleye, alewife, common carp and rainbow trout.

What Is The Water Temperature in Lake Erie?

It’s easy to remember that Lake Erie’s water temperature is about 52 degrees. It may reach to about 59 degrees, but that’s not the average temp. It may even be said that Lake Erie’s weather would be a typical Cleveland April. This kind of weather is still right for people to explore the lake. They should just carry with them protective gear, so when it rains, they don’t have to worry about getting wet.  

Why Is There Salt Under Lake Erie?

There is salt under Lake Erie because 400 million years ago, Lake Erie used to be a seabed. The evolution and movement of glaciers and soil erosion pushed down the lake’s salt and minerals.

Is Lake Erie One of The Five Great Lakes?

Yes, it is. It is, in fact, it is the fourth-largest lake among North America’s five Great Lakes regarding the surface area. The other lakes in the group are lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario and Lake Superior. Lake Superior’s name came from the French term lac superieur, which means upper lake. It also refers to the position of the lake, which is just north of Lake Huron. The indigenous tribe Ojibwe is the one that calls Lake Superior as Michi gami, which refers to great water.

Lake Ontario comes from the Wyandot word Ontario io, which means shining waters. On the other hand, Lake Michigan got its name from the Ojibwa word mish-himz, which also means great water.

Other Relevant Trivia About Lake Erie

It would be useful to know, too, that Lake Erie’s formation began about 1.1 to 1.2 billion years ago. This happened because of the split between a fusion of tectonic plates. These plates were created by a Midcontinent Rift, which helped create Lake Erie.

Another fun fact about Lake Erie is that it is claimed to have been formed during the end of what is now known as The Last Glacial period. Various glaciers, basins of lake and erosion happened during this phase of Lake Erie’s evolution.

It may also help you to know that right now the water volume of Lake Erie could amount to about 115 cu mi. That is about 480 km3. That’s a lot of water. That’s also a lot of blessing for those who live nearby because that amount of water can house a lot of varying edible fish.

It may also be said that the residence time of the lake is now about 2.6 years. The surface elevation of Lake Erie would also reach approximately 173m, which is around 569 ft.

Another exciting piece of trivia about Lake Erie is that there were several groups of Native American cultures living on the eastern end of the lake. The Erie Tribe is one of those inhabitants. They had an education system beyond their days and lived a unique lifestyle. The Neutrals were another tribe that lived on the northern shore of the lake.

It could also be useful in your school research to know that Lake Erie was once claimed by the Iroquois for their hunting needs. Right now, these tribes are still active in the area, but not as active as they used to be.

Regarding history, it was recorded that it was the Frenchman Louis Jolliet who was able to first explore Lake Erie. It was also recorded that Lake Erie was the last of the Great Lakes examined by European navigators.

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