Best Places to Swim in Chicago’s Michigan Lake Shores

A beach is a place of utter recreation may it be a seashore or a lakeshore, as long as there’s sun, sand, and water, there’s bound to be fun. It can be as simple as hanging out by the shores on a modest patio, or you can attend the various festivals and events that happen on the sandy lake shores. So, let’s gear up, gets some sun and have some fun!

While (obviously) not in our great state of Michigan, Chicago is planted firmly on the shores of our state’s namesake lake, Lake Michigan, so I think it’s alright if we give the city a pass this time. Also, before we begin, all of Chicago’s beaches are open from May to September and may adjust depending on how the season goes, so make sure you plan ahead.

Oak Street Beach

Arguably the most popular place to hang out on Chicago’s shores. It’s located at 1000 N Lake Shore Drive in Downtown. It’s the closest beach to the central town and hosts volleyball tournaments, various concession stands, restaurants, bike and watersports rentals, along with bathrooms, first-aid stations, and of course, a lifeguard station. Oak Street is not as crowded during the day and comes to a new life during the evening.

North Avenue Beach

Another one of Chicago’s popular beaches which is located in 1600 N Lake Shore Dr. It has all the amenities of a beach like concession stands, rentals for bikes and water sports like jet skis and kayaks. It also has the essential first-aid stations, restrooms and lifeguard stations. North Avenue beach is popular with teenagers and it’s not uncommon to have music parties in this part of Chicago.

Rainbow Beach

Located in 2873 E 75th St Rainbow Beach is a 60-acre beach. It contains the beach quintessential similar to North Avenue and Oak Street. During the day, it’s mostly casual fun in the sun for visitors, but at night, the fire awakens. It’s common for people to start barbecues during the night. A family friendly beach filled with all family-oriented facilities.

31st Beach Street

Not as popular, but considered one of the best if you’re looking for a decent beach that has a playground. 31st Beach Street is easily accessible by car and requires a bit f a walk by foot, but the result is worth it. Not as crowded and with that, the beach is relatively clean. It also has the quintessential of the beaches, especially the lifeguards who often go on canoes to supervise the beach’s visitors.

Kathy Osterman Beach

Found in 5800 North Lake Shore Drive, this beach is also called “Hollywood Beach”. The place is not as crowded and is popular because it has been unofficially known as the LGBTQ Beach. Also has all the quintessential needs of a beach, with food stalls and clean bathrooms. Chinese festivals are held here, like the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and the Chinese Moon Festival. Easily a beach for all walks of life.

Montrose Beach

Not the largest, nor the most spectacular, this beach found at 601 W Montrose Ave, has its charms. It hosts one of the best, if not the only, dog beaches. Half the beach is a fenced area where you can bring man’s best friend out for some sandy shoreline fun. It’s also a good spot for bird watching as seagulls, hawks, and all manner of lake-faring birds flock and fly close to the shores, (but not too close to the people.) It has all the needed stalls for a lake beach, and it offers a great view of Chicago.

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The Best Newlywed Snowboarding Resorts Destination in Colorado

Having your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary in one of the premier resorts of Colorado would make it an experience to remember if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Can you imagine skiing or snowboarding with the breathtaking view or riding through one of the many lifts and you can go see the spectacular beauty of nature with your loved one? You can do that and even more when you stay at one of the many amazing ski resorts in Colorado.

If you want to be certain of a memorable and romantic experience, then the following Aspen resorts should be where you spend your time with. One of the most well-known resort groups in the country, these Aspen resorts are some of the country’s most amazing skiing and snowboarding destinations.

Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort

The Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort would be a great choice if you want to learn with your significant other the ropes regarding skiing and snowboarding. In this resort, athleticism is more prioritized so younger couples would love this mountain getaway. They have a lot of trails and runs and the view is simply spectacular. If you are also a big fan of snowboarding, then visiting this resort may prove immensely satisfying for you since this is where the Winter X games occur. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush after a wonderful spectacle and then retiring to your rooms with wonderful stories and conversations.

Aspen Mountain Resort

For the people who want a more secluded romantic honeymoon, then the Aspen Mountain resort would be a wonderful choice. However, please do you know that their skiing and snowboarding trails are more geared towards the intermediate and expert skill levels. There are still runs available for the beginners but they are quite few. You will be staying at a place where the mountain view is breathtaking. They are also wonderful black diamond trails. If rest and relaxation is what you are after, then this is a great choice.

Aspen Highlands

Do you love high elevation and cool fresh air? How about wonderful long skiing trails? If you say yes to any of these questions then the Aspen Highlands would be a great choice for you. The Backcountry Bowl here is considered to be the best in the country. The terrain and landscape are just perfect for that romantic vibe. Do you want to experience eating amazing food in a place that is overlooking the great mountain ranges? Then you should try eating at aspen highlands premiere mountaintop restaurant, the aptly named cloud nine alpine bistro. With its select swiss and alpine cuisine, you can be assured that you and your significant other will remember this dinner for quite a long time.

Aspen Snowmass Resort

Lastly, for those who already have small kids with them or just want to have a family-friendly outing, then going to the Aspen Snowmass Resort is the right choice. This is a resort that focuses on activities for little kids or groups. It is also the largest skiing resort in the area. You and your family will also enjoy spectating on the wonderful tricks that snowboarders do in one of the three terrain parks. It has convenient lodgings, beautiful views, and competent and friendly staff. This resort is a place that you will never regret visiting.

Any of those four resorts can get you the romantic getaway that you are looking for. Just make sure your skiing and snowboarding levels are at par with what the resort has to offer. Once that is squared away, you can then enjoy your romantic escapade to your heart’s content.

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A Guide To Lake Erie’s Facts and Figures

Today, there is much information that anyone can find online. In a few clicks, people can get all the detailed information they need. They can get it in just a few google searches. They can watch a Youtube video, and they can already get all the instructions they need about a topic. Such is the power of the web. Such is the power of the new social media today. With crowdsourcing websites, it is now easy to get the right information people want.
In the case of information about Lake Erie, this ease and complete access is the same thing. People can just get all the information they need about the rich geography and data about Lake Erie online. With the  information in this article, you can now learn everything about Lake Erie. Let’s start.

What Is The Average Depth of Lake Erie?

The simple answer to this is 62 feet. That said, Lake Erie is still the shallowest lake among the five Great Lakes today. With an average depth of about 10 fathoms and 3 feet, and a maximum depth of around 35 fathoms, this lake is still considered big. The volume of the lake is about 2,900 cubic miles. This gives the lake an even profound depth.

What Is The Current Temperature Of Lake Erie?

As of today, November 1, 2017, the current temperature of Lake Erie is about 13 degrees Celsius. That relatively makes the climate in Lake Erie very cold and hard to explore.You may also want to know that in Buffalo, where a part of Lake Erie is, the weather could reach about 55 degrees.

Is Lake Erie Man Made?

It will be for your benefit to know that: No, Lake Erie is not man-made. It is a product of glacial movements since thousand years ago.

How Deep Is The Deepest Part of The Lake?

You should know that the thickest part of Lake Erie would reach so far as 64 m. That’s around 210 ft. You can just imagine the rich biodiversity in the lake because of such depth. You could also imagine how much rich history Lake Erie witnessed because of such wisdom. There is also about 799 mi of shore length in Lake Erie, and this makes the lake one of the deep bodies of water in North America. The depth of such lake means that it can be a living area for various fish, including walleye, alewife, common carp and rainbow trout.

What Is The Water Temperature in Lake Erie?

It’s easy to remember that Lake Erie’s water temperature is about 52 degrees. It may reach to about 59 degrees, but that’s not the average temp. It may even be said that Lake Erie’s weather would be a typical Cleveland April. This kind of weather is still right for people to explore the lake. They should just carry with them protective gear, so when it rains, they don’t have to worry about getting wet.  

Why Is There Salt Under Lake Erie?

There is salt under Lake Erie because 400 million years ago, Lake Erie used to be a seabed. The evolution and movement of glaciers and soil erosion pushed down the lake’s salt and minerals.

Is Lake Erie One of The Five Great Lakes?

Yes, it is. It is, in fact, it is the fourth-largest lake among North America’s five Great Lakes regarding the surface area. The other lakes in the group are lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario and Lake Superior. Lake Superior’s name came from the French term lac superieur, which means upper lake. It also refers to the position of the lake, which is just north of Lake Huron. The indigenous tribe Ojibwe is the one that calls Lake Superior as Michi gami, which refers to great water.

Lake Ontario comes from the Wyandot word Ontario io, which means shining waters. On the other hand, Lake Michigan got its name from the Ojibwa word mish-himz, which also means great water.

Other Relevant Trivia About Lake Erie

It would be useful to know, too, that Lake Erie’s formation began about 1.1 to 1.2 billion years ago. This happened because of the split between a fusion of tectonic plates. These plates were created by a Midcontinent Rift, which helped create Lake Erie.

Another fun fact about Lake Erie is that it is claimed to have been formed during the end of what is now known as The Last Glacial period. Various glaciers, basins of lake and erosion happened during this phase of Lake Erie’s evolution.

It may also help you to know that right now the water volume of Lake Erie could amount to about 115 cu mi. That is about 480 km3. That’s a lot of water. That’s also a lot of blessing for those who live nearby because that amount of water can house a lot of varying edible fish.

It may also be said that the residence time of the lake is now about 2.6 years. The surface elevation of Lake Erie would also reach approximately 173m, which is around 569 ft.

Another exciting piece of trivia about Lake Erie is that there were several groups of Native American cultures living on the eastern end of the lake. The Erie Tribe is one of those inhabitants. They had an education system beyond their days and lived a unique lifestyle. The Neutrals were another tribe that lived on the northern shore of the lake.

It could also be useful in your school research to know that Lake Erie was once claimed by the Iroquois for their hunting needs. Right now, these tribes are still active in the area, but not as active as they used to be.

Regarding history, it was recorded that it was the Frenchman Louis Jolliet who was able to first explore Lake Erie. It was also recorded that Lake Erie was the last of the Great Lakes examined by European navigators.

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The Largest Lake in Michigan

Michigan is a state between two Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The state is comprised of two land masses between the two lakes, with the northern part smaller than the southern part. Southeast of the southern part of Michigan is Lake Erie, another one of the Great Lakes, but Michigan’s connection with it is pretty small. Still, today we are going to discuss which among these lakes is the largest in Michigan?

Michigan’s Great Lakes

Lake Huron is west of Michigan. This lake is also on the Canadian border and has the longest shoreline among all the great lakes. It’s the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world, which pays credence to how massive Lake Huron is. Is it the largest in Michigan though?

Lake Erie, southeast of Michigan, holds a special record being the warmest lake among the great lakes, yet oddly, it’s the one that freezes more than the other lakes. The reason behind this is that Lake Erie is not only one of the smaller Great Lakes by surface area, it’s also not nearly as deep as the others. Its total water volume doesn’t come close to the other Great Lakes

East of Michigan is where you’ll find Lake Michigan. This lake alone has more than 12 million people living along its shores, making it the most inhabited among the great lakes. The center of Lake Michigan is also quite deep, dipping at 281 meters into a place where there’s not much life and a whole lot of empty mud.

With all these facts, it’s still quite hard to definitively say which is the largest. Even if we start listing the numbers, there’s still room for argument. By largest do we mean the widest lake? Or the lake with the most amount of water? What about Depth?

The numbers are as follows:

By Surface Area

Lake Michigan:  22,300 square miles (57,800 square kilometers)

Lake Huron: 23,000 square miles (59,600 square kilometers)

Lake Erie: 9,910 square miles (25,700 square kilometers)

It appears that Lake Michigan is short by about 700 square miles, but that’s until you take a look at the amount of water.

By Water Volume

Lake Michigan: 1,180 cubic miles (4,920 cubic kilometers)

Lake Huron: 850 cubic miles (3,540 cubic kilometers)

Lake Erie: 116 cubic miles (484 cubic kilometers)

By sheer volume or amount of water, Lake Michigan takes home the gold. If there’s still room for argument, let’s take on average depth and see if Lake Michigan scores another point.

By Depth

Lake Michigan: 46 fathoms (279 ft/ 85 m)

Lake Huron: 32 fathoms (195 ft / 59 m)

Lake Erie: 10 fathoms (62 ft /19 m)

Lake Michigan scores another. Though Lake Huron is bigger by span, if you add all the other values up, Lake Michigan is the largest lake in Michigan.

There’s a slight catch though. Technically speaking, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are a single body of water. At the point where North Michigan and South Michigan meet, the channels between the two lakes are level. In this case, we might as well consider the connected Michigan-Huron to be the largest lake in Michigan.

Nevertheless, each of these lakes in Michigan are wonderful to visit and are exactly why it’s so easy to show pride in our state with our exclusive Lake Girl gear.


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The 3 Best Colorado Ski Resorts

The state of Colorado has 21 winter skiing resorts. Choosing the top 3 from the 21 world-class resorts is difficult. All of them have amazing views and have their own special characteristics that can’t be found in other resorts. Just for 2015-2016 season alone, ski resorts in Colorado had 13 million visitors. Obviously, this is a sizable amount. Statistics for the demographic who primarily ski shows a .5% increase. It is said that there are 53.9 million skiers in the United States, and visitors to Colorado account for the lion’s share of the country’s skiing tourists.

The numbers show just how dominant Colorado is in the skiing tourism industry. What is also interesting to note is that one resort alone takes 5.6 million visitors of the 13 million reported tourists. Here you can read about three world-class mountain skiing resorts in Colorado that you should visit.

1. Vail Ski Resort

Vail Ski Resort is the most popular and most visited company on this list. The parent company has four resorts that are among the top destinations in the country, but we will be talking specifically about their main resort, which is the Vail Ski resort.

This location gets around 370 inches of snow each year so you can be assured of the quality snow to ski on. The lift that you use is also absolutely amazing, which offers 4 miles of breathtaking views. You will not miss this resort as it has all of the amenities you would ever need and is confined in an urban setting. In this resort, convenience and beauty is paramount.

This resort has more than 5,200 acres that you can play and frolic around. It also has a lot of quality restaurants for you to enjoy. For instance, you can go to the Mountain Standard if you want to taste local cuisine, to Sweet Basil for fine dining, or to any other restaurant in the area.

Being one of the most popular resorts has its advantages. The lodgings are impeccable and the staff are friendly and competent. The downside of this resort is that due to the number of visitors, parking can occasionally be problematic.

2. Aspen Snowmass

This is considered to be one of the best skiing resorts in the country. The goal of this resort is to give family a wonderful skiing experience. If you are planning a family vacation in Colorado, this is one of the better choices. It has world class facilities. That is to be expected since a lot of the rich and famous come and visit this resort.

It has a lot of skiing runs available to the tourist no matter the skill level. It also has a lot of activities that cater to kids. The view is immensely amazing and it has 3 terrain parks that are incredibly fun to play in. It has a number  of world-class restaurants as well. You can choose to dine in the restaurants in the town or to it out overlooking a panoramic view from a mountain top restaurant.  The Sun Deck restaurant is known for its amazing food and equally breathtaking view of the mountain ranges.

On the other hand, this resort can be both pricey and a bit crowded. This is to be expected since this resort has one of the best schools in America as well as world-class restaurants and convenient facilities. There is a very big chance that you will meet celebrities in this resort as well. The staff is made up of amazing people not only professionally but also personality-wise. This resort has definitely earned its stellar reputation.

3. Arapahoe Basin

On the other end of the spectrum, this resort offers possibly the best skiing experience you will find. Locals and professional skiers alike call this resort the legend. The reason why is because the skiing trails and runs are perhaps the longest and most difficult slides and slopes that are offered in the country today. It has 960 acres that you can play around, but take note that of the 109 trails that it offers, less than 10% or around 19 of those trails are for beginners.

This mountain skiing resort is located 68 miles from Denver, but the great thing about it is that it has its own local culture that really stands out. The staff are immensely competent but that is to be expected if the resort that you are working on is considered to be one of the more difficult hardcore skiing and snowboarding destinations in the country.  

Another great thing about this resort is that overcrowding will never be an issue. The operating company of this resort is more laid back compared to other skiing destinations. Those two characteristics bring together culture of friendly competitiveness and a real appreciation for skiing and snowboarding. It has a vintage appearance which gives it the untouched classic ambience.  The mountains and the view are also great, but this is really for those who prioritize skiing over having a 5-star classy dining experience on top of a mountain.

The downside of this kind of setup is that there are not a lot of commercial facilities in the area. This may mean vacation that is less convenient for you and your family. Due to the nature of the terrain and difficulty level, you will also encounter a number of competitive people at the resort. 960 acres may seem small but you should not underestimate the difficulty of the slope. There is a reason why most of the skiers here are off the expert level. If you are looking for a great adrenaline rush, then this ski resort will give it to you in spades. It is truly an experience to ski in the legend.

With those three best skiing resorts available, choosing which ski resort to go to might be a little more challenging than you thought it was going to be.

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The Facts You Want to Know About Lake Erie

Today, we will take a look at some questions about Lake Erie you might have. Your curiosity is important. That’s how we discover new things. So without further ado, let’s explore some of your questions about Lake Erie.

Is Lake Erie Frozen?

One of the more common questions today about Lake Erie is if it’s frozen. Are there any pictures out there that could prove how cold it is in Lake Erie? How long does Lake Erie even freeze? The answer to that is simple. First, yes, Lake Erie does get frozen. There are photos online that will verify that the Lake does indeed freeze. Generally, it freezes for as long as the winter lasts.

Is Lake Erie Salt Water?

It may help you to know that Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes in the U.S., which consists of Superior, Huron, Ontario, Michigan, and Erie. All of these are freshwater lakes. So no, Lake Erie is not a salt water. It accounts for one-fifth of the freshwater in the planet that reaches about six quadrillion gallons.

It’s also worth noting that the Lake Erie does look like a body of ocean. It must be because of how big it seems and the depth it reaches. This Lake does also afford a scenic view even if it has a problematic population issue by the nearby state that it is located. With this great view, the place is one of the many places that people visit when they want to have a great vacation. They also go to this place to enjoy fishing.

How Thick Is The Ice On Lake Erie?

There’s enough information online to say that Lake Erie has a thin ice. It’s thin enough that it may not be able to promote erosion strength. Lake Erie is a shallow lake, but it used to have ice that was so thick that it was even possible to drive over it. This is no longer the case.

How Deep Is Lake Erie At Its Deepest Point

The simple answer to this question is 64 meters. In contrast, Lake Michigan is 281 m, while Lake Ontario is 244 m. Lake Huron right now is 229 m. In this respect, it is safe to say that Lake Erie has the shallowest and the warmest biologically healthy lake among the five Great Lakes. It’s also useful for you to know that Lake Erie is about 57 miles long at its widest while you can get around 871 miles of shoreline of it in its most comprehensive reach.

How Many Gallons Of Water Are In Lake Erie?

It’s also an open information for everyone that there are about 1.3 x 10^15 gallons of water in Lake Erie,  which is 1,300,000,000,000,000. Another interesting information you need to know about Lake Erie is that its water pollution. Eight billion gallons of sewage were thrown into Lake Erie back in 2004. 2 billion worth of toilet flushes were dumped into the water source.

Lake Erie, by the way, remains to be the smallest lakes among the Great Lakes regarding water volume. It is second to Lake Ontario. It is also worth noting that the lake is about 30,140 square miles in total basin area and drainage.

What is the Water Temperature of Lake Erie?

There is, of course, a series of answers to this question, because of water temperature changes. The average Lake Erie water temperature, though, is

85 F (29 C), during high temperatures. During low temps, such as in summer months, the water temp reached 70s F (21 C to 24 C). During these pleasant water temperatures, people flock there to enjoy lake activities.

Other Important Information About Lake Erie

It may also interest you to know that Lake Erie is considered the fourth largest body of water regarding surface area. With its round area that consists of about 9,910 square miles, you sure have a lot to explore in the area. There’s also a lot of diversity in the lake, as can be shown in the research done by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Did you also know that Lake Erie is surrounded by four U.S. states? These four states include Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. You can also find Toledo, Ohio on the western end of the Lake. The southernmost part of the Lake reaches the Detroit River, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. One of the tributaries near the lake in St. Clair River.

It’s also worth noting that Niagara Falls is the outlet of the Lake and that Niagara Falls connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

There are also several people living on the shores of Lake Erie. These people are the natives of the land. Some of the tribes that live in the area include Erie tribe and the Iroquois. These people are indigenous. They have their ways of living. It’s also worth saying for anyone curious that the French Explorer Louis Joliet is the one who discovered Lake Erie in 1669.

It would also be fun for people to know a little bit of trivia about Lake Erie. Urban legend indicates that there is a lake monster in Lake Erie. Bessie is the name of the huge sturgeon that seems to be the monster in Lake Erie.

There are various species that you can find in Lake Erie. In fact, different invasive species like quagga and zebra mussels can be found in Lake Erie.

It may also interest you to know that there are three basins in Lake Erie. Its western basin average has a depth of around 24’. The central basin average of Lake Erie is 60’.

It’s also a fun fact to know that Lake Erie came to exist from a glacial ice around 1 million and 12,600 years ago. This is a historical geological fact and may be able to help you learn more about the Lake than any other book you read.

It could also be useful for you to understand that Lake Erie contains a lot of minerals. You can find the largest sandstone quarry in Lorain, Ohio, and this extends out to the Lake Erie. This means that many types of metals can be found in the Erie’s waters. It may also be of your interest to know that there is a significant reserve of gas that can be found in Lake Erie. About 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas is in Lake Erie’s reserves.

It’s also essential for people to appreciate that Lake Erie had predecessors. It used to be a various set of beachlines that spanned a few miles. It may even be safe to say that the developed beaches today wouldn’t have existed without Lake Erie.

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Discover the Battle of Lake Erie

There’s so much inaccurate information online, and much of what you come across ends up being nothing but fluff. Similarly, finding trustworthy sources these days can prove to be more challenging than ever before. Online sources also often tie in something that benefits the writer her or himself  r the website hosting that information. You should always be careful. You should always remember that there’s a lot of noise online. If you’re researching for your home assignment, then you should be able to filter out that noise. This is the same thing that will happen to you when you want to learn more about Lake Erie.

Lake Erie is a fascinating place. This Great Lake has a particularly rich history, and the surrounding and immediate geography offers a ton of diversity.  Its geography is diverse. Its history is profound. In this article, we will answer some of your questions about the place. We will answer some of your curiosity. We will engage some of your demands to learn about Lake Erie. Let’s start.

When Was The Battle of Lake Erie?

The simple, direct answer to this is September 10, 1813. The event took place in the Put-in-Bay area of Lake Erie, which is near Ohio. The result of this war was a Decisive American Victory. The belligerents involved in this war are the United States and the United Kingdom. Some of the responsible commanders and leaders in the war include Robert Heriot Barclay, Oliver Hazard Perry, Jesse Elliot and Robert Finnis. Some other important facts in the war include the different equipment used. These include schooners, brigs, sloops, and ships. There are about 80 casualties in the war, with 200 wounded and 306 captured.

What Was The Battle Of Lake Erie?

The Battle of Lake Erie is also called the Battle of Put-in-Bay. This was fought using nine vessels in the United States Navy, and the Americans caught about six vessels of the British Royal Navy.

The war also resulted in a great American control of the lake. This, in turn, gave the Americans the chance to recover Detroit. This war is also what led to the victory in the Battle of the Thames that resulted in the break the Indian confederation in the Tecumseh region. This war in Lake Erie is one of the most significant naval battles in the War of 1812.

Why Was The Battle of Lake Erie Important?

It may be safe to say that the War at Lake Erie is important because it shows the first time that the British naval squadron was defeated. This is also the first war that forced the Britain empire to abandon the Detroit area. With USA’s new control of the territory, it was able to expand its control to the territorial northwest.

It’s also important to know that the Lake Erie was important because it showed how strong the American army despite being poorly prepared. During the war, the U.S. army was inept. They didn’t have the right people. U.S. President James Madison didn’t have enough people. U.S. even had to almost give up Detroit. The war is important because it established again the morale needed by the U.S. Army. Despite the odds, U.S. was still able to win against Britain. This victory was able to cut ties between Canada and the U.S., giving extra strength to the American forces.

The victory was also monumental because it caused the British empire to fully abandon Detroit and the rest of the American Northwest Territories. Without this victory, the British empire could have pierced through the heart of America. They could have gained enough momentum to win the great war in 1812. They would not have allowed the U.S. to gain the independence they have right now.

The victory was also important because it paved the way for America to gain control of St. Lawrence Seaway. This event stippled the British army from gaining advantage to win in the War of 1812. The victory was also able to destabilize the British Navy and Moral, which leads countries to a better control of the situation. This victory is also significant because it established America to the top again. It led to making America a great national Army and led to give it the independence that it enjoys now.

What Happened At The Battle Of Lake Erie?

The main event that happened in the Battle of Lake Erie is the victory of the U.S. against the British Empire. In the military history, this is important. This victory is one of the signs that showed the strength of the Americans. The war was also a testament to the ingenuity of the soldiers in America. It was also during this war that the American navy proved its worth. Under the command and leadership of the renowned Oliver Hazard Perry, America conquered Great Britain. The victory was also monumental for America because the US gained control of of a beloved monument that proved their strength. The victory in Lake Erie also prevented the British from getting control of the Northwest Territories.

Why Was The Battle of Lake Erie Fought?

The Lake Erie War was fought to establish back the control of Northwest territories near Lake Erie from British control. This is important because, without it, Britain would have gained more North American territories. Without the war, Britain would have had more leverage of the States. Without the victory, it could be hard to imagine the independence of the United States from Britain. It could also be said that the war was fought to reclaim the honor lost by the American army. This victory was the first unqualified defeat of the British empire in naval squadron history.

It could also be that in general, the fight at Lake Erie occurred to gain independence from Britain. The United States wouldn’t be independent today if it weren’t for this victory. This is the sole reason why the war was fought.

Without the war, the British would have command of Lake Erie and take control of the American Northwest. The war was also fought to destroy the moral of the British Empire and to stop them from their pursuit of control of the United States.

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