Best Places to Take a Date When in Clinton Township

Asking someone out is difficult enough, let alone choosing a perfect place to take your date.  Whether it’s your first date or you’re looking for something fresh to spend the day with your loved one, you will adore these places in Clinton Township. The area has more to offer than what you might think and makes for a great day trip if you’re vacationing in Detroit.

Now let’s start with something friendly, even families with kids (and kids at heart) will surely love these places.

George George Memorial Park

What would be friendlier than a walk in the park? This place is great to spend a day in a leisure walk with nature. There plenty of room to walk or jog, if your date seemed to be a more athletic type. A walk in a garden with flowers, fountain, trees and bushes is always romantic in a subtle way. Beautiful sceneries in every corner and great if you want to take pictures as a remembrance. The place is also perfect for the pre-nuptials photo shoot and even in prom pictures. The pavilion are worth mentioning to hosts events, ( a wedding perhaps?) it’s well maintained and very nice.

C.J. Barrymore’s Sports & Entertainment

If you want a little bit of fun and wants to rouse kid inside you then visit C.J. Barrymore’s.  They have the latest and greatest arcade games that are in really good shape. What is really nice about this place is the energy which will always give you good vibes throughout the day. This place is full of kids and surprisingly enough adults too. It might not be advisable to go if you want a quiet time together. But if you are going on a blind date, this probably is the safest place to go out with. You can play arcades games or laser tags.  If it didn’t go that well, at least you enjoy being a kid once in a while.

Morley Candy Makers  

A sweet something for your sweetheart (cheesy I know… but can’t help myself using the term). The Home of Sanders Candy, Morley Candy Makers will definitely bring sweet smiles on both of your faces. It’s a tour where you will both watch a short film about chocolate at the start of the tour. Think something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you can watch how they make freshly made candies or whatever they making that day. If you are lucky, you can even witness how they make their famous hot fudge topping and bumpy cakes. They will even let you sample some their candies at the end of the tour. If you can’t get enough of the place, there is a shop within the vicinity to bring home some of their famous made candies and confectioners.

Painting with a Twist

To bring out some artistic talent in you or if you want to spend the day learning a new skill, then Painting with a Twist is the perfect place for both of you. The instructors are really helpful in teaching you painting techniques. Actually, all of the staffs are friendly and attentive. The best of all is you and your date can casually sip some wine or relish an ice cold beer while doing some artwork. Don’t bring too much though, you want to be sober until the end. You don’t want to take home an artwork that looks like mashups of everything.  There was never a dull moment in the room; the instructor will bring the room alive when everyone seems too concentrated on their own thing. You and your date will surely have fun making those artworks, whatever your painting skills are.

Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room

A nice dinner would certainly end the day well for the both of you.  Try this place, you can grab something to eat and something to drink. Why get a bottle of wine when you can taste several? Also, they have beautiful nooks perfect for a date night. I would recommend going to this place on Fridays since they have live entertainment to pair with those wines. Michigan is best known for its wine, and this is one of those places where you can try locally brewed wines. They have extensive selections of wine and don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with the selections. The staffs are all friendly and accommodating they help you choose the perfect match for your food. It’s a great place if you want to taste most of Michigan’s wine trails. After all those activities, you may want to sip a glass of wine, relish the day with your date, just relax and feel the ambiance.

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A Gastronomic Journey through Canton Charter

In almost every corner of this Michigan town, you will find a place to eat. But for travelers who sometimes wonder about the good and often fantastic places to eat, this one is for all of you. Canton Charter offers different cuisines from almost every part of the world. Don’t believe me? Then here goes a list of their most raved restaurants in the city. Expect classic American fare, dishes from the Middle East and a fusion of all kinds of extraordinary cuisines.

Biscuits & Gravy (Great for Breakfast, Brunch, and Sandwiches)

When traveling it’s best to have a full stomach to fuel your day ahead.  What is great about Biscuits & Gravy they serve generous portions, a fantastic way to start the day. Their portions can feed two people at a reasonable price! It’s dining from home, away from home. The owner and the staffs really do care about their customers, very attentive and friendly. They have a very homey atmosphere which is great when traveling. Another fantastic experience with this place is that almost all of the foods (and I mean all of them) taste delicious. You can come here every day and order different food from the menu and not be disappointed. So my advice? Just go. Don’t hesitate.

Urban Tawa Indian Kitchen  (Indian food, Vegetarian, Vegan)

There’s nothing special about the place, no gimmicks, no flashy décor. Urban Tawa is just natural, warm and inviting-which I love. And I love the food even more. There’s a couple of Indian restaurant in the area, but nothing beats this place. Everything is a must try, their samosas, vegetable biryani, paneer, honestly I can go on and on but I’ll stop here. But I have to commend those pieces of bread, it’s just right, not too soft and perfectly baked (or fried). Their appetizers are just amazing, and did I mention most of their foods are vegan? It’s perfect for those who are really conscious about what they are eating. Even more fantastic is that they are continuously remaking their menu to make it even more vegans.

Curry On Crust Desi Pizza (Indian, Pizza)

Okay, here’s the thing, it’s not that I love Indian food, but this place is really unique. It’s like a fusion of Indian and Italian cuisine (which is a rare combination).  They have this pizza that has a different twist on their crust and I am sure you will love it. The crust is the most boring (yet important part) of pizza and they made it interesting when they create Curry on Crust without overpowering with the flavors. The pizza is not even that greasy compared to other pizzas. Curry on Crust menu is very affordable for those budgeted date nights. Everyone can eat here as their food was certified Halal. They even make mango pizza.

La Sharm Palace (Meditteranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine)

There are handfuls of restaurant that offers great food, generous servings and not to mention really delicious food for a cheap price. La Sharm Palace is one of them. You can like eat $3-4 of really tasty pita sandwiches from your choice of meats, combined with tabouli. Their deboned chicken with rice and garlic paste is a must try. Their oven-fired pita bread always comes out fresh from the oven. They really stand out not just because of their food, but for their service as well. You can feel you are indeed welcome and the servers love their job.

Courthouse Grille (Italian)

Ah and then there’s Italian. I know you are expecting to read something about this. The usual pizza and pasta dining experience, well this is not your ordinary Italian resto. They offer a lot more. It’s an amazing dining experience here are Courthouse Grille, there was never a time I did not enjoy their food. The staffs are all accommodating with questions and helpful on what your belly craves. It’s like a super fine dining experience where you can still jeans while ravishing fine dining cuisine. A performer seems like serenading you while waiting for your food. And it’s worth the wait.

Kabuki (Japanese)

Kabuki is one of those places that have the highest rating when it comes to reviews. So I checked it out myself. And I true to its review this place is amazing. They offer the best and the freshest sushi in town. The place has a very classic yet stylish décor and interior. Despite its location, it has a very spacious dining area, supposes it gets packed really easily. Even when there’s a lot of people inside, its rather clean and you get seated immediately. If you are not so familiar with Japanese cuisine, don’t worry, their menu has a very helpful picture of what to expect on your dish.

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Why Travel to Ypsilanti? Here are Several Reasons Why You Should

Ypsilanti is a unique name for a town. It was named after the Greek war hero, Demetrius Ypsilanti. Locals only refer the town as “Ypsi”. Ypsi is a progressive city where you can find an amazing community full of vibrant and exuberance. Even though the town is seen progressive, they have still preserved much of the area’s history. To get started, Ypsi is divided into two districts; one is “Downtown” and the other is known as “Depot Town”. Just a short drive from everything Ann Arbor has to offer, Ypsilanti has some great things to check out when in town.

The Water Tower

The first thing you will notice in Ypsilanti is the historic Water Tower that stands in the very heart of the city. The tower was built in 1890 and stands 147 feet tall, since then it became one of the landmarks in the area.

Ypsi’s rich history

Just walking around the streets of Ypsi, you can immediately see how they preserved their rich cultural history in the area. The architectural structure of the sidewalks and the local community held heritage events all throughout the year. If you want to see more of their deep history you can visit four museums that house most of their cultural heritage. The four museums are:

Ypsilanti Historical Society

This museum houses most of the Ypsilanti’s artifacts dating back from the 19th century. The brick mansion was built in 1860 which the City of Ypsilanti purchased in 1966. In 1970, the Ypsilanti Historical Society founded the museum to help with the local research, house archives and supervise with preservation efforts. You can expect to see local Native American relics, artifacts from 19th-century homes. The museum is also known for their exhibit about the Ypsilanti Underwear and Ypsilanti Mineral Water bottle materials.

Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum

For true motorheads, a visit to Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum will definitely pump up your heart. Even if you are not, you can still appreciate the effort and the history of the last Hudson dealership in the world. The museum houses exhibit from the General Motors Willow Run Plant and other Ypsilanti automobile related ventures. Along with the display, the museum also includes some historical value of the artifacts. The museum houses 30 vintage vehicles and a wide collection of advertising, service and repair items that was part of the automobile businesses during the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Michigan Firehouse Museum

The museum displays a Romanesque Revival firehouse during 1898 which includes exhibits of a restored bunk area and horse-drawn vehicles. It also houses massive collections of firefighter gear during the early firehouse around the 1900s. This is a perfect place for families and group tours during the summer. The museum can also host events for your specific needs. Every year, they held Fire Truck Muster event in Riverside Park which showcase both historic and modern fire truck from nearby states.

Yankee Air Museum

The Yankee Air Museum serves as another great place that focuses on aviation during the major conflicts in the world during the 20th century. The display includes aircraft from the different timeline in the history which also helped shaped the aviation world. Some of the well-known aircraft are the Run B-24 Bomber Plant, the B-17 Flying Fortress, and B-25 Mitchell bombers. It’s certainly a unique experience from other aviation museums. The best time to come and visit is when they held their yearly event for the Thunder Over Michigan.

The Yearly Events

Speaking of events, Ypsilanti hosts some of the spectacular events in the region that you keep coming back for more. They have great local produce showcase in their weekly farmer’s markets. Ypsi also has incredible cruise nights, art shows and air shows. There are a lot of events to mention but some of their famous events include Michigan ElvisFest, The Color Run Michigan Eastside and Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival.

The Food: Ypsi’s cultural fusions of cuisine

Your belly will thank you for a gastronomic experience in Ypsi. They offer a wide variety of cuisine from classic barbecues and fresh salads to cultural fusions from almost every part of the world. Usually, when you dine in Ypsi’s, your meal will not be complete without a generous amount of mac and cheese. The city boasts of best-tasting burgers, local brewed beers and artisan coffees brews. The great part of Ypsi is that you will feel like you belong as a local, which is often a rare treat for travelers.

The Scenic Parks

Ypsi is one of those places that has incredible scenic parks that call for afternoon walks, ball games, and even an occasional run. The Riverside Park runs along the Huron River and hosts some of the major city events. There are several other parks hidden within the city waiting for you to explore its abode. Ypsi contributes to the Big 400, a 400 square miles of parks in Southeast Michigan.

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The Best Places to Eat in Woodhaven

During a vacation in Michigan, make sure to spend some time in Woodhaven. Along with some wonderful things to do, they have a great selection of places to eat. Below are some of our favorites.

Christoff’s Family Dining Restaurant

Great for: Families and group of people (Homemade Food)

Christoff’s seemed like a regular family owned diner nothing special about the place, nothing bad either. ‘But wait until you taste their food. It’s the closest thing you can have to homemade comfort food when eating out. It’s a good place to dine along with your family especially with you have kids.  Even though some people referred the place to be a Greek restaurant, most of their menus are classic Americans foods, which most of the times are home made. It’s a popular place for the locals, and you’ll get the feeling that everyone seems to know everyone. They serve generous food for a relatively cheap price, so no complaints there. Staffs are friendly, making sure you don’t leave unsatisfied or famished.

Olga’s Kitchen

Great for: Family and people who love Vegan

Not all cities can offer vegan food, so it’s really nice to have a break from the ordinary in Olga’s Kitchen. They have a unique flair of the usual Greek cuisine, a bit pricey but well worth it. They also have other locations, but the foods taste the same at each location. They also have a meal where you are given a complete course; you can have your choice of meat, a basket of snackers and a drink. People are raving about their snackers, a must try whenever you visit Olga’s. This place beat any other ordinary meal of burger, pizza, and pasta kind of thing. Seems like this place can turn an ordinary American classic into a Greek style cuisine, like what they did on fries. They serve curly fries with their own sauce and feta cheese. If you are driving along and find an Olga’s Kitchen, make sure to stop and order something.

Sparta Family Dining Restaurant

Great for: Dining for family with kids (Great Food for a cheaper price)    

It seems like nothing can beat Sparta for a good meal at a very inexpensive price around Woodhaven. It is a must for travelers when dropping by in the area. They are very accommodating especially for rowdy kids, they have very friendly servers. Don’t let the exterior fool you, as their foods speak good service. They served great breakfast menus with very generous portions. Good food, great servers at a reasonable price. It’s a hard to find a place like this. Woodhaven is great during the summer time. The place offers lots of activities and historical tours around the area.  

Blue Margarita Restaurant

Great for: To dine solo or with a friend (booze is involved)

When you need a drink or two, locals usually suggest that you go to Blue Margarita Restaurant. As their name implies, they serve great Margaritas, (no surprises there).  It’s a great place to dine alone, since can get packed easily, making new friends should not be that difficult. Or you can ask a friend to join for lunch. They also offer good food at a very reasonable price, even their booze isn’t on the pricey side. But remember; don’t go overboard on that liquid diet! You can order food from the bar or in a parlor, nevertheless, its endless fun time. As it can be very busy a times, you just need a little bit of wait time or you can come a little early than the usual lunch or dinner time.

Black Rock Restaurant

Great for: Family dinner and night outs

This is a unique place and a peculiar take away from the usual steak dinner. It’s a fun dining experience for the family.  Blackrock Restaurant will serve you raw steak and a very hot stone reaching 800 degrees temperature. You can cook the steak in which you can cook to your desired taste on top of the heated stone. Servers will even teach you the proper way of using the stone.  Careful not to touch the stone, and certainly keep your kids from grabbing the stone or you (they) will regret it. Blackrock also serves enormous portions of the side that can easily satisfy 4 to 5 persons. As a great combination with the steak, Blackrock also offers a selection of indulgent wines. Aside from the steak they also serve other classic local favorites like baby back ribs and more.

Shish Garden

Great for: People on a diet (if you just stick to their salad choices)

Shish Garden offers Middle Eastern restaurant with huge servings. It’s a Lebanese restaurant that serves great lamb dishes, bread even coffees. If you are following particular diet try their salad and bread with garlic. They also offer pita wraps if you are in a hurry, just grab one of these and you have a great snack on the way.  But I suggest spending time with your food here, relishing all of the unique flavors of the Middle Eastern cuisine. You can expect great service in this place along with their food with is reasonably priced. It’s the best Lebanese restaurant with the authentic flavor.

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Burger Hunting: The Best Burgers In and Around Detroit

For most people, there is a need to find the best and tastiest burger. Whether in their hometown or somewhere else, they seek to find the perfect match of ingredients with the mouth-watering sauce of burgers. So if you’re not in the mood to check out urban farming initiatives in Michigan, there are several places where you can find a great burger in Detroit, and here are some of the best places to begin.

Taystee’s Burgers

Location: 10419 Ford Rd Dearborn, MI

Let’s start the journey for the winner of the Burger Brawl just last year, Taystee’s Burger. Visit the place and ask for the Tasty’s Ali’s notch yo cheeseburger, that’s their winning piece of meat. The place is located on Ford Rd in a gas station but don’t let the humble location fool you. The place was clean and well-kept. The award speaks for itself, they serve one of the best burgers in town. They made their winning burger, aside from the usual burger toppings they added nacho cheese, and jalapenos to make is super delightfully special. It was cooked to perfection; the meat is juicy, seasoned just right and full of flavors. It’s definitely worth your time to drive and taste the winning burger.


Location: 311 E Grand River Ave Detroit, MI

One great thing about Colors is the simple menu. It’s not too overwhelming for people who are not familiar with the place. The place is also known for their friendliness which translates on how they really value their customers. You can never miss the place because it’s right next to the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel which makes it even more popular in the area. You may have to wait for a while to be seated, it gets packed really easily (a good sign that their foods really reel in the crowd). They also rotate the menu so it best to make use of what’s their specialty for the week or month, but their burgers really never run out of choices.

Slabtown Burgers

Location: Traverse City

A meal in Slabtown Burgers is a must whenever you are in Traverse City. A trip is not complete without a meal involving cherries. Their extensive choice of the menu includes gluten free mushroom burger and a hand cut fries. Slabtown attracts a lot of crowds, the line can sometimes be outside the door, but the wait is pretty much short. It’s a popular destination for both locals and travelers alike. The old house adds flair to the whole ambiance perfect for dining out in one of their bleachers outside. Just another perfect day to enjoy the soft breeze coming out from the lake.

Brome Burgers & Shakes

Location: 22062 Michigan Ave Dearborn

This place smells amazing. You can see locals coming in with a tourist or a friend in tow. The people’s burger is a must try at Brome.  They also offer vegan burgers and organic burgers for those who follow a strict diet, hey not many burger joints offer it. But they made it here, just the same if not better and more flavorful. The ingredients are all fresh like the bun and other traditional ingredients. It’s more that comfort food, it is fulfilling.

Motz’s Hamburgers

Location: Southwest Detroit, Delray 7208 W Fort St Detroit, MI

Motz’ Hamburgers has been in the business since 1929. It may not be the longest running restaurant, but it is one of the most iconic burger joints in the country. The place is as authentic as you can get for a burger joint from back in the day. It serves the best sliders in town, as in they have phenomenal flavor and texture. Despite the size, it’s actually full of flavors with the gooey cheese as the pinnacle for the burger. They also serve a wide variety of burgers like veggie (for the health conscious) and salmon burgers. But the classic is always the best.

Famous Hamburger

Location: 22207 Michigan Ave Dearborn

What makes Famous Hamburger, well famous? It’s their extensive choices of burgers and their expertise to master each one. They have the chicken burger, avocado burger, BBQ bacon burger, a burger without buns, and gluten free burgers. But their specialty in the house is their Famous Burger; the 1/3 pound patty is topped with a fried egg, full of beefy flavors and the egg is a nice break from the ordinary. The bun is fresh, the other ingredients are just right for bring in the flavors together. Cravings are all satisfied here in Famous Hamburger. The staffs are just awesome with the service. Also, try their delicious milkshakes.


Location: Ann Arbor

Almost everyone loves this place from students and professors, to tourists and locals alike. Aside from their great bar, they also make the perfect Texas style burger with BBQ sauce on Texas Toast or English style bread paired with Stilton cheese. Still not enough? They also serve the Badger Burger, the pinnacle of all of their burgers. It’s served with cheese, bacon, and onion stack. This burger is huge! You’ll have your burger cravings satisfied for the whole day.

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Best Donuts in Detroit

Okay, If you’re still not done with your foodie trip, the next stop on the list are the desserts – good old donuts. We all love our bread; some just love it so much they wanted to top it with extra sweetness. Hence, donuts were born. And if you really love Detroit, you just have to check out these donut hotspots.

Dutch Girl Donuts

Delicious donuts and you can even watch them making a fresh batch. It’s what donuts supposed to be, simple and flavorful. I bet you could not just peek inside and not leave a box of donuts in your hands. Some of their bestsellers include the traditional plain glazed donuts, chocolate crullers, glazed blueberry, and glazed crullers. You can even pair it with their perfectly brewed coffee and just say GOOD MORNING!

Daily Dozen

Detroit boasts of the superb donuts made by the Daily Dozen. This place can even compete with other artisanal donut shops in other cities. People are raving about their peanut butter cup chunks, butter swirls, S’mores chocolate cake donuts and the best Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup donuts. They even put a sweet twist to the ordinary Samoa, topping it with caramel, toasted coconut, and the all-time favorite chocolate. That’s not all, you have to drop by and see some of their specialty made donuts.

Donut Villa

Great variety of pastries here but the best are still the donuts paired with a mug of coffee. Some would agree that life gets better in Detroit because of the donuts at Donut Villa. It’s still the old school approach to donuts, which means they offer instant comfort food. They always make sure you leave with the freshest donuts in hand, not just one but get a box just in case you can’t stop eating them. Words may not be enough to describe how great their donuts are. Nothing beats their simple way of preparing them.

Elias Donuts

For at least 30 years, this place serves the traditional donut. Now that a sweet record that really hard to beat and an indication of their delicious foods. Their place is even the same old-school donut place where you see in the movies. Once you enter the place, you feel like being transported in the past, it still has the same 1950s flair into it with soda shop chairs. They served paczki like every day of the year! Cheers to that!

New Palace Bakery

Another place to eat paczki when you cravings kick in is in the New Palace Bakery.  Some of their famous paczkis include almost all of the flavors you can get from fruits like cherry, apple, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and lemon. They also have great fillings like the usual chocolate Bavarian, plain Bavarian, buttercream, plain sugar, and custard. Yeah, I know, hard to choose right? That’s why they make it every day all year long.

Dilla’s Delights

This place is a game changer, they offer superb vegan options for donuts. That’s pretty amazing – now everyone can indulge in this little sweetness of made from heaven. You can easily locate Dilla’s Delights and parking isn’t a problem. You don’t have to be too picky when choosing the donuts as they are also pretty affordable. Dilla’s Delights also offers apple fritters, which are incredibly dense and can easily satisfy your cravings. However, be sure you hit the door early because once they sell out, they close for the day.

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter serves the best fritters in the area. If you go there early in the morning you can still get freshly made fritters out of the over. You can even smell them by the door, the stint of cinnamon and in the apple pie like what everyone loves but this time it’s a donut form. They also offer a wide variety of freshly made donuts.

Beignets 2 Go

The food truck goes to the D and everyone is raving about it. Why not? They have a unique concept to the all-time favorite, topping each one of them with your choice of sauce. You can choose from Beignets 2 Go very own sauce of dark chocolate, powdered sugar, raspberry sauce and bacon. And they didn’t stop there; they also have their own delectable take on the ‘cronut’, which you have to try at least once.

Rose’s Fine Food

Rose’s Fine Food hasits own unique flair as a diner, the seating is comfy in a relaxed atmosphere. Even busy people who come here loosen a bit to take their time and enjoy good food.  They offer great artisanal food and amazing coffee. But their donuts are particularly noteworthy. They make their donuts fresh from scratch here – always a welcome addition to a donut shop. My advice is to buy whatever they have, but always check if they have chocolate first.

The Looney Baker

Craving a midnight snack? Or simply want more sweetness before turning in? Then head on to the Looney Baker as they are open 24/7 a day all year round. It’s not just okay donuts, they served the best fluffy cake donuts in the area. It’s topped with sprinkles and nuts, they also have other confectioners available every hour of the day.


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Flea Markets You Shouldn’t Ignore while In Michigan

Hey, traveling isn’t complete without a little bit of shopping on its side. Luckily Michigan offers not just the best but the cheapest flea markets all over the state. So here are some of biggest and best flea markets across the awesome state of Michigan. Happy hunting!

Bay Area Indoor Flea Market & Specialty Shops

Location: 3787 E Wilder Rd Bay City, MI

The Bay Area Flea Market is a great place to find vintage furniture, antique toys, glassware, and toys. If you are lucky you may find a rare collectible of trains, die cast cars. You can start with their extensive collection of comics, magazines, and books. There are a lot of things to explore in the place, best to head there now.

The Mega Mall

Location: 15487 Old U.S. 27, DeWitt Charter Township

This flea market had been around for more than 20 years. Wow, imagine what you can find hidden in some of its nooks. You may even find a rare antique item or a collector’s book tucked away under the pile of other things in The Mega Mall. It’s a huge place to find certain things, whether a trinket or something to give to someone else. It’s not just a flea market; it’s an iconic place near the state capital.

Reits Flea Market

Location: 45146 W Red Arrow Hwy, Paw Paw

Reits Flea Market is one of the largest markets in the state and is located in Paw Paw. It just opened its outdoor booths last month and over 500 participants flooded the area. So chances are you are going some with some amazing bargains from the locals. If you are a tourist drop by the Reits Flea Market to fully understand the way of life in the state and how more friendly the locals can become.

Armada Flea Market

Location: 25381 Armada Ridge Rd, Richmond

It’s that time again where everyone wants to be outdoors and enjoying the sun. Armada Flea Market is situated right in Richmond, a popular hotspot in the area. Every bargain hunter will enjoy hunting in this flea market. They are open on Tuesday and Sundays from the month of April until October. You can probably buy great antique pieces here for a cheaper price than elsewhere.

Michigan Antiques Festivals

Location: Midland and Davisburg

The Michigan Antiques Festivals contains more than 80 acres of different unique items waiting to be found. It’s a place where you can scout the whole place and keeps wanting for more, never leaving a spot unturned, just in case you miss something amazing to find. And it keeps getting better; they have two locations, twice the fun. One is located in Midland and the other in Davisburg. In Midland, they will start to sell on during the first week of June, last week of July and September. Meanwhile, in Davisburg they already started early this month and another will be in early October.

Harvest Antiques and Collectibles

Location: 12330 James St. A20, Holland

This is more of a collectibles shop rather than a flea market. It’s located on the west coast of Michigan in a nice spot near the lakeshore, in Holland. You can also expect some scenic view while cruising along to this place. They have a massive collection of vintage records, antique furniture and even political mementos from decades past. Lastly, the people in flea market are friendly and so accommodating, you’ll feel like in your local store.

Royal Oak Farmers and Flea Market

Location: 316 E 11 Mile Rd, Royal Oak

This place is situated in a great location, right beside the Royal Oak Farmers Market. So when you are done or got tired from all of the treasure hunting, you can just grab something in the farmers’ market to refuel you. You can also make the flea market a side trip whenever you buy your weekly groceries. The Royal Oak Farmers offers almost everything that you might need. This is also one of the popular destinations in Metro Detroit. You can start the treasure hunting every Sunday in Mile Road.

Burley Park Antiques Flea Market

Location: 19558-19684 Howard City Edmore Rd, Howard City

If ever you head to Howard City, try to see the Burly Park Antiques Flea Market. It’s your chance to check and find something amazing in this flea market. The best time to probably come here is during the summer, you can find vintage clothing and accessories. You can also buy some of their best local produce.

Dixieland Flea Market

Location: 2045 Dixie Hwy, Waterford Township

The Dixieland Flea is the largest of its kind in Oakland County, hundreds of vendors gathered in this place and thousands of people see it to experience it. It’s like a treasure hunt for the adults but better, because they have thousands of antique items and different collectibles from all ages. One great thing about the Dixieland is they have both indoors and outdoors shops.

Allegan Antiques Market

Location: 150 Allegan Co Fair Drive, Allegan

You can find amazing unique pieces of jewelries, vintage furniture and delicate glassware in Allegan Antique Market. It’s a huge flea market of over 400 vendors from different parts of Michigan to sell some of their unique items. The best part is they also have carnival vendors on site, so kids can also have good time and won’t get bored easily while you spend your time shopping. The market opens every last Sunday of each month from April until September.

Greenlawn Grove Flea Market

Location: 16447 Middlebelt Rd, Romulus

Greenlawn Grove Flea Market offers more than what meets the eye. They sell from vintage toys to the different assortment of musical instruments. They open every Saturday and Sunday from 6 AM to 3 PM. It’s a great place to find collectibles items such as books, furniture, and trinkets at a cheap price.


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