Michigan Mom’s Energy Conserving Message Goes Viral

A Clarkston Michigan mother decided to post a message for her three children on the thermostat:


“Unless you answer YES to all of these… Do not turn on the heat!!!
Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks?

Is it November?

Do you pay the gas bill?”

She posted the image on her Facebook account and overnight over 33,000 people had seen her message. Which goes to show how people are feeling about the first bites of winter with night temperatures hitting a chilly 30 degrees. If you’re looking for a good performance pullover to bundle up this chilly fall, then look no further.


CLARKSTON, MI – A mother in Michigan who wanted to teach her children a valuable lesson about conserving energy never imagined her note would go viral.

Autumn Brandon is from Clarkston, Michigan. Michigan winters definitely get cold, and Brandon says it’s been chilly this week with temperatures dipping into the 30’s at night. But she just wasn’t ready for her family to turn on the heat.

She wanted to teach her kids the importance of conserving energy and emphasize that gas isn’t free, so on Monday, she posted a note on her thermostat that said:

Unless you answer YES to all of these… Do not turn on the heat!!!

Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks?

Is it November?

Do you pay the gas bill?

Brandon posted the photo to Facebook because she thought her friends would think it was funny. One of her friends shared the post, so she decided to make it public. Continue Reading

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Michigan’s Autumn Colors Have Been Delayed, But The Display Will Be Worth The Wait

The late summer season had abnormally torrential rain, which might have ruined some camping trips, but it’s been good news for the trees.

This year the abnormal rainfall will be delaying the full display of autumn colors, but this delay will come with the bonus that the healthier trees will be bringing out a more dazzling display.

So expect the autumn show to be a week or two later than normal for your part of the state, and when you’re out on the bike paths rolling through the tumbling leaves, rock the season like it’s your style with this Michigan Cruiser Bike shirt.


Fall color enthusiasts will have to wait a week or two longer for West Michigan’s chromatic show.

Storm Team 8 says this year’s fall colors are running one to two weeks behind schedule. The best colors will likely be inland, across the western Upper Peninsula. A recent satellite image shows yellow and orange foliage north of Sault Ste. Marie and across a large swath of northern Wisconsin and the U.P.

Dry Michigan summers usually lead to a short fall color display, but the unusually rainy August likely put local trees back on track for a good display. Continue Reading

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Michigan Farmer and Part Time Teacher Discovers Nearly Complete Mastodon

It’s been an exciting week for Michigan paleontologists with a local grown farmer and part-time teacher was on a hike when he discovered a mastodon bone belonging to an 11,000 years dead local. Within hours there were volunteers from all walks of life who were quick to dig through mud and soil for one of the best mastodon skeletons that has ever been found.


So whether you’re out hiking or hunting in the great state of Michigan, wear a little pride and a little swag for the state with this Camp Life Hoodie.

Seth Colling’s keen eye brought a crowd of researchers, teachers, grad students, volunteers and TV cameras to the banks of an unnamed creek near Mayville in Michigan’s Thumb on Saturday.

“My whole life, I’ve looked at the ground and I’ve picked up interesting stuff,” said Colling, a farmer and part-time teacher at the Fowler Center for Outdoor Learning, a year-round camp for children and adults with special needs.

In 2014, Colling picked up a mastodon bone in the creek. On Saturday, University of Michigan paleontologists and grad students, along with teachers from Thumb-area schools, were unearthing more of the male mastodon that about 11,000 years ago met an untimely end — perhaps with the assistance of Ice Age humans. Continue Reading

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Happiness, Love & Loss

We spend a lot of time having fun here at Livnfresh, and a lot of that is by talking with our great customers. We love the stories we hear about you all going on journeys, hanging with friends, exploring the woods and relaxing by the lake and it’s all of you who motivate us to come to work every day. Still, we received a message the other day that made us both glad to be around but sad for the news. Margaret Evans sent us this message:

“I just want to tell you your page makes me happy. My best friend just passed away and it was unexpected and sudden. With that being said and all the sadness that goes with it her favorite place in the world was to go up north. So every time I see one of your posts show up on my page I think of her and all the happy times we’ve had together. Just thought I would share one way your page makes someone happy. ”

So we wanted to let Margaret know that she’s in our hearts and to send love from Michigan with some beautiful photography from here on the Fresh Coast:

Waves crashing on Lake Michigan


A winding road on the Upper Peninsula


Rocky shore along Lake Superior


The woods in Burton


Lighthouse on the South Pier in South Haven


A Michigan home during a white winter


Margaret Evans, we are truly sorry to hear about your loss.

With love and regards,

The Livnfresh Staff

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What Are The Nick Names For The State Of Michigan?

Check out the video it gives a good idea on the nicknames that are commonly used for The Mitten State, The Fresh Coast, Winter Wonderland, and My Favorite The Wolverine State! Go Blue!

*Please note-Stephen’s Affinity and undying love for the University of Michigan are his views and his alone. Livnfresh would never “Officially” choose sides on Michigan VS MSU. Stephen was forced to write this against his will. 

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