You Need To Check Out These Restaurants In Lansing Michigan [Local Friday Features]

Welcome to Lansing. The Capital of Michigan. Lansing is a thriving town, with places and restaurants its people are proud to brag about. It is home to the Michigan State Spartans. And if I’m honest, I kind of like the MSU logo. Don’t tell my family.

If you plan to visit Lansing of these days, here are four of Lansing’s most visited restaurants with food to die for because of their unique flavor and atmosphere.

The Most Visited Restaurants In Lansing Michigan

  1. Golden Harvest Restaurant

Courtesty Golden Harvest's Facebook Page

Courtesty Golden Harvest’s Facebook Page

This restaurant has people waiting in long lines. Food is delicious, and they serve in generous portions that you can’t help but share.

Golden Harvest is not your usual restaurant. No, you are not going to get in a classy restaurant with classic music. It doesn’t look so inviting on the outside unless you’re curious enough to fall in line. The restaurant owner boasts about nothing but the food they serve and the people who go there agree.

The place has an odd and eclectic design which adds to the overall atmosphere they are trying to create. They have loud and funky music and excellent and energetic ambiance.

You might not want to come here alone, though. But if you feel like going out and being adventurous for one day, you can stop by, fall in line by 7 am and talk with strangers for an hour while waiting.

Since waiting in line is going to be long, if you are in your usual morning rush, then this isn’t the place to go. But it has more than 200 reviews on Trip Advisor and has a certificate of excellence label, and its food is definitely off the charts.

But just to set expectations right, waiting for the food you ordered may also take up to one hour. On a lighter note, it means you have an opportunity to talk and bond with friends and family.

The music is loud, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good conversation. However, it is not an ideal place for business-related conversations. But it provides you with an experience you can’t miss when in Lansing.

They have different sets of menu each week and has different specials for each day.

The place closes early at two o’clock in the afternoon, but since the line is long, you can expect them to cut at 12:30 pm, especially when there’s just too many for them to cater. Bring coffee or water to drink while waiting, wear something weather appropriate and most importantly, bring cash because they don’t accept anything else.

  1. Soup Spoon Cafe Restaurant


    Courtesy Soup Spoon’s Facebook Page

This restaurant boasts of its artisan food which looks as perfect and mystifying as Picasso’s paintings.

Just like any other Lansing fave, this restaurant also has people waiting in line for them during lunch and dinner rush hours. It is rated number one in TripAdvisor, with over 400 reviews. As the name itself suggests, they serve great soups and have different menus for each meal.

Remember, their menu for lunch isn’t going to be available for dinner so expect not to see your favorites if you visit on a different hour. They apply a particular technique or style for every meal, and that makes the restaurant stand out.

The place is our typical restaurant, doesn’t look so classic and you can call for a reservation in case you don’t want to wait during rush hours. They have friendly service, which is common in every review and their bartenders are ready to entertain your questions.

Most importantly, they serve locally sourced food, and that means the ingredients are fresh. They have a vegan menu for vegan customers. And it is surely a great place for night outs.

They have a small space, but it is not full all the time.

  1. Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill Restaurant

zaytoons restaurant lansing

via Zaytoons Facebook Page

Zaytoon is not the only restaurant in Lansing that serves Mediterranean dishes, but when you mean Mediterranean plus Lansing, then this is the place to go.

They won’t be number 4 in Trip Advisor for no reason, and they have the right to boast about it. Zaytoon has more than three hundred reviews, a certificate of excellence and a great crowd of loyal customers.

There are three things that you will love about Zaytoon. First their pleasant, friendly and efficient staff. Customer service is something they are expert with and that is what makes them stand out over any other restaurant in Lansing.

Second is their fantastic food and their fast service. Zaytoon has hearty servings that you can share. They have vegan options, and they serve one of the best Hummus there is in town.

Lastly, is the incredible price, clean area, and sophisticated decor and atmosphere. You will get the value you expect for your money, and they keep the place clean and shiny. Zaytoon also has this sophisticated modern design that is something you’d want for your house.

The only caveat though is their cafeteria style of service. You will have to fall in line, order, pay for your food, and bring it to your table. Nonetheless, you can still get a seat and table right away.

  1. Lansing Brewing Company

    Lansing Brewing Co

    Courtesy Lansing Brewing Facebook Page

If you are looking for great craft beer, then this is the one thing you should look for on the list. If you follow our blog, you will notice that Lansing Brewing Company appeared on our list of The 5 Best Lansing Breweries. So yeah, we like it!

LBC offers a variety of great-tasting beer. Angry Mayor is their best seller with hops that make it top of the line.

They have a great menu, large portions of servings, with quality ingredients and beautiful plating. If you are looking for meat, divine meat, and more meat, they have it.

They serve the food hot, and the Cuban sandwich is something you can look forward to when you go there for a meal.

They are at the heart of the ballpark areas, a central location, accessible to anyone after games. Because of that, they have a spacious parking area.

The place is something that makes it stand out. The place has a somewhat industrial feel, but it has a spacious seating with a laid back outdoor setting, a fireplace, and most importantly their corn hole for games. It is perfect for groups, and they have a great space for parties.

The corn hole is an answer to boredom while waiting for a ready table. But LBC also has a live music stage band you can dance to and sing along with while drinking your beer. Just don’t expect the place to be excellent for business-related meetups because it can get pretty loud in there.

They have a kids menu, and the kids’ noise isn’t going to embarrass you because LBC’s noise is going to drown theirs. They have giant TV screens all over the place so you can watch games while eating.

LBC is a great place with fantastic drinks (beer, wine, and spirits) and fabulous food.

Lansing is a product of constant efforts by its people and government. It offers great places, food, culture, and an enjoyable environment. The restaurants above are only just a few of the much incredible it has. It is too bad that Lansing doesn’t have a better sports team to root for….


Just kidding! Or am I?


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5 Best Breweries in Grand Rapids [Local Friday Features]

Nicknamed Beer City, there’s a ton of competition as far as breweries in town are concerned. That being the case, there are many more worth trying out than what is discussed below. These are just our votes for the absolute best that Grand Rapids has to offer.

Schmohz Brewing Company

2600 Patterson Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546

(616) 949-0860

When first walking into Schmohz Brewing Co., the place gives off the air of a charming dive bar. And for most of us beer lovers, that means it’s a hot spot that you just have to visit in Grand Rapids. While the beers brewed in house at Schmohz are great (especially the Schwartz), what really makes this place stand out is the atmosphere. Everyone there was warm and friendly, including the locals who you can tell frequent the establishment quite often.

Unlike most breweries you will find throughout Michigan, you aren’t going to be able to get a bite to eat here. However, they make up for this with free popcorn and also craft a couple of their own sodas that’re worth trying out.

The happy hour at Schmohz Brewing Company is on Friday from noon to 3pm, but they also have specials that happen every night of the week. Except for Sundays – they’re closed on Sunday, so plan accordingly.

Creston Brewery

1504 Plainfield Ave NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

(616) 805-4523

There’s something undeniably cool about Creston Brewery. Where the Schmohz Brewing Company is more of a down-home dive location, Creston offers a contemporary take on the beer scene that’s accented with neat touches like the sampler trays being old vinyl records and a very modern aesthetic overall. Don’t let that scare you away, though, the staff here is wonderful and they’ll make sure you are more than well taken care of, just don’t expect to have many random conversation with random patrons since the layout here is a bit more like a restaurant than a bar.

That being said, the beers at Creston are creative but not to the point where you’ll question their intent. If you go, make sure to give the Cheshire Wit a sip or three.

Food-wise, they offer up fusion-Mexican fare with the fusions coming from places like Korea, Turkey and the deep American south. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

They don’t seem to have a happy hour to speak of, but their prices are decent enough that you won’t have to plan around one.

Greyline Brewing

1727 Alpine Ave NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Greyline Brewing’s setup offers a minimalistic take on decor that fits the location’s atmosphere really well. It’s not a loud location, making this a good date spot or somewhere you’d go with friends if you’re not looking to get all riled up.

If you’re looking for one of the best stouts you’ve ever had the pleasure of gulping down, Greyline’s Shaky Knees is absolutely phenomenal. It truly is a standout among a selection of great brews.

Their food menu offers up some great appetizers as well as a good selection of well-priced sandwiches for you to sink your teeth into. They also have a charcuterie menu, which is a nice departure from a lot of breweries and the cheeses, meats and breads are wonderful alongside a couple beers.

There’s not a happy hour at Greyline Brewing, but, like Creston, the prices are pretty good all the time so the lack of a happy hour won’t leave you wishing there was one.

Brewery Vivant

925 Cherry St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506

(616) 719-1604

Brewery Vivant was built in an old funeral home, which makes for yet another interesting atmosphere for partaking in excellent craft beers. Stained glass windows, classic arching and subdued lighting make for the perfect place to drink and eat with whatever kind of group you might have with you.

As far as their beers are concerned, you’re in for a real treat when you visit Brewery Vivant. In particular, you need to give their Big Red Coq a try, which is a bold belgo-american red ale and it’s magnificent. Not a fan of red ale? They’re sure to have a house brew on tap that fits your preferred style.

The meals served there are a little eclectic in that there isn’t any one theme to latch on to, which is cool if you’re down to get a little experimental and try something like Goat Pot Pie, Risotto or their Pork Tenderloin.

Like a lot of the breweries in Grand Rapids, Brewery Vivant also doesn’t have a happy hour. However, the prices are already great to start with.

The People’s Cider

600 Maryland Ave NE

Ste B

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

(616) 322-7805

Alright, I know, this isn’t a brewery like the one you’re looking for, but you have to give The People’s Cider a shot. They craft their own ciders and the place is an absolute stellar addition to the brew scene in Grand Rapids. Their awesome selection of ciders are served in seats set up around casks and the whole place makes you feel like you’re a real part of the process.

No meals or happy hour at The People’s Cider, just great drinks!

Love local beer? Check out the breweries in Traverse City, breweries in Lansing, the breweries in Detroit mi.

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What You Need To Do To Have A Great Michigan Experience

Michigan boasts the Great Lakes, Jim Harbaugh (yeah baby! Ok, Tom Izzo for you State fans),cars and boats, good food, and good beer. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re just looking for hidden attractions and unusual things to do, here are places and activities you need to check out when stopping by the Wolverine State.


Take a Tour Around Belle Isle

Known for its conservatory, Nature Zoo, aquarium, and its beach, Belle Isle Park is a place where it isn’t hard to spend a whole day in the area.

What is now called the gem of Detroit is a 982-acre island between the US and Canada. It has an extensive history starting with the Ottawa and Ojibwe peoples who first lived in the island.

During the French Occupation in Detroit, settlers called the area Hog Island. After all, it was a place where the settlers housed their pigs, chickens, and other livestock to protect them from coyotes coming from the mainland. During the 1840s, private individuals who acquired ownership over some of the lands began developing the area into a resort. It was then that the people named the place Belle Isle.

In 1879, the City of Detroit assumed ownership over the island, and over the years, developed it into a large park to provide residents a place for recreation and relaxation. But during the 2000s, because of the financial problems the city faced, the park did not have the maintenance it needed. And so, in 2013, the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan came up with a lease agreement that has paved the way for the Park to become one of the must-see places in Michigan.

Conquer the Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sometimes we just need a place where we can unwind, kick our shoes off, and get comfy with sand beneath our toes, all while looking over the great view that is Michigan.

Climbing the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes is a rite of passage for anyone traveling to Michigan.

The place got its name from the sleeping bear of a Chippewa legend. It is a tale of a mother bear and her two cubs that sought shelter in the opposite shore of the lake, away from an enormous forest fire. However, miles of swimming had their toll on the cubs, and they eventually lagged behind.

The Sleeping Bear is unlike any other, stretching over 50,000 acres by the side of Lake Michigan. Hills, forests of birch, beech, pine, and maple, and a fresh breeze will embrace you.

And if you’re into fishing, you can also have the Sleeping Bear experience in the small lakes and rivers that surround the nearby area. But of course, any visit is incomplete without marveling at the beauty of the massive and impressive coastal sand dunes and bluffs.

Take an Adventure Through Ann Arbor’s Fairy Doors

The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor are whimsical portals and a series of small doors that open to another world. They are a type of installation art scattered all over Ann Arbor and first appeared in 1993.

When Kathleen and Jonathan Wright, together with their young daughters, were renovating their century-old home, they discovered miniature doors that were only six inches tall. They found the doors opening to hallways with railings leading to other tiny doors. They also found windows with lights inside.

In 2005, Jonathan documented and even installed, more of the little doors all around the town. Fairy doors soon opened worlds to minuscule coffee and tea shops, shoe salons, toy stores, schools, and music venues. What better way to get to know Ann Arbor than by walking around town locating all the fairy doors you can find?

Chow down on different coneys

Coney Island in Michigan means a different hot dog tradition. Instead of the amusement park in New York, Coney Island here refers to an estimated 500 diners enjoying Greek food, and what we know as coney dogs – the pride and treasure of Metro Detroit.

Coney dogs are the delicious hot dogs in a bun covered in ground beef chili sauce and topped with mustard, onions, or other garnish.

Some say the tasty food is a blessing that came with the wave of Greek migration to the US around 1900 to 1919. Whoever thought of topping chili beef on weiners is a sure winner as countless variations of Coney dogs exist all over Michigan.

So, American or Lafayette, anyone?

Snowmobiling the Backcountry

Michigan can offer you literally thousands of snowmobiling trails groomed to provide folks an interconnected and extensive snowmobile trail system. So when you’re in the state with one of the highest number of snowmobile registrations in the country, not giving snowmobiling a try just doesn’t make any sense.

Experience the snow-capped terrain of Michigan and navigate through national forests and, again, literally thousands of frozen lakes as well as open fields that are in no short supply. You will have to explore the scenic trails covered with blankets of snow.

And don’t worry about the accommodations as there are plenty of lodging establishments and restaurants to choose from for those traveling by sled.

Dip into one of the Great Lakes

You can also go for all five. Not visiting and having a swim in one of the lakes is another of those things that just doesn’t add up when you’re in Michigan.

Try to enjoy the breathtaking views of each of the five lakes. The Huron, Erie, Superior, Michigan, and Ontario lakes all makeup one-fifth of our planet’s freshwater surface, totaling an area of 95,160 square miles.

You can find all of the lakes on the border between the US and Canada, touching areas of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. All of the lakes are home to thousands of species of animals and plants.

It’s good to spend at least a day in one of these lakes, or you can also enjoy a break in one of the smaller inland lakes. Either way, a lake visit is one way to enjoy Michigan properly.

Visit the Grande Ballroom

The Grande Ballroom was a 1920s jazz dancehall that transformed into Detroit’s rock counterculture center during the 1960s. Today, it’s an abandoned building with the years that passed eating away the infrastructure and turning the legendary stage into a crumbling beauty open for public consumption.

Charles N. Agree was responsible for the Grande Ballroom’s Art Deco style with hints of Moorish flair. The venue is a witness to different periods in history drowned by the shifts in music style. Now, the Grande Ballroom remains empty with nothing but stories from the past and their silence to invite explorers setting foot in Michigan.


There are plenty of things and places to experience when you’re in Michigan with your friends and family. When going on a trip to the Great Lakes State, make sure to enjoy its beautiful dunes, exciting snowmobile trails, magnificent lakes, picturesque islands, great food, and buildings as well as installations that share the changing culture of the people in Michigan.

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5 Best Breweries in Detroit [Local Friday Features]

The motor city has more than its fair share of breweries, so whittling down the top five is a bit of a challenge. Still, we did the hard work and based off of visitors’ reviews and our own personal experiences, we think we’ve come up with the five breweries in Detroit that you absolutely need to hit up for a drink.

Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria and Brewery

441 W Canfield

Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 262-6115

Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria and Brewery is a fun, casual spot to eat and drink that can accommodate a family if you need to bring kids along. They craft a handful of beers, most of which cater to those who like a darker brew. Communal seating and a decor of wood and steel make chatting it up with strangers an easy task. Thankfully, everyone here always seems to be in high spirits and open to talking it up.

As far as the food here is concerned, you need to order their Korean Short Rib Pizza. After trying that, good luck even thinking about ever ordering anything else there. Really, it’s that good.

The only complaint with Jolly Pumpkin is their ordering and seating situation. There are a couple lines that you need to go through before you can even sit down, which kind of makes the situation feel like a bit of a hassle. That being said, the beer and food are both good enough to still come here, which says a lot. Try shooting for non-peak hours and you’re going to end up loving this place.

Atwater Brewery

237 Joseph Campau St

Detroit, MI 48207

(313) 877-9205

The tap room at Atwater Brewery is right inside their warehouse, which makes for a cool conversation starter and a feeling that whatever you’re drinking was crafted just for you. It also doesn’t hurt that Atwater Brewery is right in the Riverfront district, meaning there’s a good chance you might just be around there and be able to stop in during a random outing.

They have nine beers that they craft, and their signature Vanilla Java Porter has earned that spot for good reason – it’s a unique concoction that has some nice sweet and coffee tones.

The food they offer gives you a wide selection of dishes to choose from, but the star of the show here is absolutely their hot dogs (weiners), which come in all kinds of flavors – they even have vegetarian and gluten free dogs if you’re so inclined to eat that way.

The happy hour at Atwater is pretty good and happens 3 to 6pm, Monday through Friday. During happy hour, you can get $2 off beer, $6 craft cocktails, $7 wine, cheese and crackers, and $9 sandwiches with beer.

Motor City Brewing Works

470 W Canfield St

Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 832-2700

Motor City Brewing Works has been in operation for over two decades now and by the looks of things they are not going anywhere. They offer up one of the best spots in Detroit to grab a quick bite and drink seriously excellent craft beers.

If you’re looking for something both refreshing and packed with flavor, they offer an English style mild ale called the Ghettoblaster that is a treat.

Like many of the breweries in Detroit, the food offered at Motor City Brewing Works is centered around pizza. There is some really experimental and out of the ordinary ingredients as far as their pizzas are concerned, but their standard pizzas are exceptional in their own right as well. Baked in a brick oven, the crunch is a great complement to their house made craft beers.

Also, every wednesday they hold a “This Week in Art” event which spotlights a rotating selection of arts from artists in and around Detroit and is well worth the visit if you’re into that scene.

Brew Detroit

1401 Abbot St

Detroit, MI 48216

(313) 974-7366

Alright, if you’re really into beer (and why wouldn’t you be?), Brew Detroit is where you need to spend all your free time. The place is a literal beer co-op. What this means to you is that you’ll be able to sample some incredible creations from individuals and some larger local brewmasters (even Atwater brews some stuff here) on tap that you will not be able to find anywhere else. It doesn’t hurt that Brew Detroit is also much more spacious than most local bars and breweries, making it feel comfortable and welcoming.

One thing you need to keep in mind before hitting up Brew Detroit, though, is that they don’t have food or a happy hour there. That being said, this is still a great place to hit up to have a few drinks and watch the game or to visit after dining out.

Batch Brewing Company

1400 Porter St

Detroit, MI 48216

(313) 338-8008

A fun spot for food and drinks, Batch Brewing Company offers everything you want from a brewery. They have communal seating, so you’ll get a chance to meet some new people while sampling a good selection of craft brews.

If you make your way to Batch, make sure to give the Batch Sambac Sour a try. It’s a well-crafted beer with a nice flavor and a brilliant finish.

For food, the options are mostly Mexican-inspired like tacos and bolillos (sandwiches), but they offer a seasonal bread pudding that people are losing their minds over, so that is well worth trying. They also make their pretzels by hand, which are large and with the cheese fondue are killer with the Batch Brown Chicken Brown Ale.

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5 Best Breweries in Lansing [Local Friday Features]

Lansing is one of those cities that always seems to be scratching at the surface of being a big city. Because of that, the scene there is an eclectic mix of places trying to be a big-city club and those attempting to be a small-town dive bar. Luckily, the breweries in town make up that middle ground and do so magnificently. Here are our picks for the 5 best breweries in Lansing.

Bad Brewing Company

440 S. Jefferson St

Mason, MI 48854

(517) 676-7664

So even though Bad Brewing Company is (a little) south of Lansing, they certainly deserve a spot for a couple reasons. For one, they’re not really all that far away, so there’s that, but the craft brews they’re putting out are some of the finest you’re going to find anywhere around.

Their “usual suspect” (flagship) Ash Street Amber is a rich ale with great flavor and a pinch of sweetness that’ll have you coming back for more. The rest of the beers in their lineup, including their rotating selection, all seem to be made with love and are well worth trying out whenever you get a chance.

Bad Brewing Company itself doesn’t serve any food, but there is a food truck called Good Bites that is usually on site. One of the cool things that Good Bites brings to the table is that they work in conjunction with Bad Brewing Company a couple sundays a month to offer a “Sunday Funday Brunch”, which offers great breakfast dishes alongside your favorite brews.

Ellison Brewery & Spirits

4903 Dawn Ave

East Lansing, MI 48823

(517) 203-5498

A favorite stop amongst locals, Ellison Brewery & Spirits crafts a variety of creative and time-tested beers that make it worth visiting at least once. The atmosphere is laid back and the staff’s super pleasant demeanor is infectious to anyone in attendance, making the whole place feel like a fun family gathering (as opposed to those with political fights around a turkey).

The beers here worth trying at least once are their Crescent Fresh IPA and the Tiramisu Stout. They’re both wildly different from each other but both are going to leave you pleased with giving them a taste.

Ozone’s Brewhouse

Image via Yelp!

305 Beaver St

Lansing, MI 48906

(517) 999-2739

Situated in old town, there’s a lot to enjoy about the look and feel of Ozone’s Brewhouse. The service is friendly and the drinks are great. There’s not a lot to say about Ozone’s as a whole because the place is so new to the scene, but the beers there are creative, fun, tasty and go down incredibly smooth for this being such a small place.

Just so you know, come with a meal already eaten or stop here on your way to dinner. And, when you do, make sure to order a Kryptonale, their Cherry Vanilla Amber (oh so good!).

EagleMonk Pub & Brewery

4906 W Mount Hope

Lansing, MI 48917

(517) 708-7350

EagleMonk Pub and Brewery offers up a pretty different take on the brewery scene than most of the locations you’re going to find. It has a lighter atmosphere and the decor is relatively subdued compared to everywhere else. However, that shouldn’t be any kind of implication that the beers here are lacking in any way.

One your visit to EagleMonk Pub, make sure to order a Red Eye Rye. It’s packed with rye malt and there’s a good reason it’s the brewery’s signature drink – it’s fantastic.

The food there consists mostly of pizza, paninis and snacky appetizers and is pretty good. Good enough, in fact, that you could just come here for the food (though you’ll likely end up having at least one beer before you leave).

Above all else, the service at EagleMonk Pub & Brewery is the best you’re going to get in Lansing, whether you’re visiting a brewery or anything else.

Lansing Brewing Company

518 E Shiawassee

Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 371-2600

It has taken Lansing Brewing Company a little while to get itself worked out, but things have really taken off for the location over this last year or so. Their meals have gotten better and service has apparently improved dramatically. One thing that’s well worth noting, though, is that they have always served exceptional beers.

They have three signature beers: Official Union Golden Ale, Angry Mayor IPA and the Amber Cream Ale. They’re all pretty good, but the hopping on the Angry Mayor IPA makes the brew a standout at Lansing Brewing Company.

Food at this location is pretty decent and the selection is relatively large compared to what you will find at most breweries. If you’re not sure what to munch on alongside your craft beer, the poutine is always a solid choice as the Amber Cream Ale gravy on it makes for a good complement to each of their signature drinks.

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5 Breweries In Traverse City You Need To Visit [Local Friday Features]

Traverse City offers up a great selection of breweries that are all pretty close to each other, giving those of you who like to beer hop a great outing when downtown. Of the many places to drink in town, the following are the five best breweries worth visiting and sampling their fine creations.

North Peak Brewing Company


Photo Courtesy Of North Peak Brewing Facebook

400 W Front St

Traverse City, MI 49684

(231) 941-7325

The North Peak Brewing Company can be found in an historic building that once housed a candy factory and offers up a cool, rustic interior that really makes the place feel special. Now, to be clear, it’s not the great atmosphere that makes this brewery one of the best in Traverse City, it’s the great collection of brews to choose from. During any given visit to North Peak, you are bound to find a beverage that suits your palate.

They carry sweet IPAs made with a lot of hops, dark porters, pilsner malted Belgian ales and quite a few more tasty drinks they brew in house, including a popular cider. For food, they offer lunch, dinner, kids and party menus. Their menu options include a variety of dishes, including seafood, steaks, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and more.

If you are looking for a good time to go, the happy hour at North Peak Brewing Company runs from 3 to 6pm, Sunday through Friday. The happy hour itself is $1 off any alcohol beverages and $1 off any appetizer or pizza.

The Workshop Brewing Company


Photo courtesy of Workshop Brewing Facebook

221 Garland St

Traverse City, MI 49684

(231) 421-8977

The Workshop Brewing Company is a down-to-Earth location that takes pride in a few different and interesting things you wouldn’t think about when breweries come to mind. The first is that they do what they can to “preserve Northern Michigan’s spectacular natural environment”. The second is that the brewery stands as a place where the community can come to relax and enjoy themselves whether or not they drink. Finally, and the one thing that’s not really a surprise, is they take a lot of pride in their beer.

But when it comes to that beer, the Workshop Brewing Company departs from what many microbreweries around the country have done by not trying to create elaborate or off-the-wall drinks, even if the names are a little goofy at times. They are all about mastering the classics, and that is something they have surely done with their nitro porter Pry Bar and their English IPA Ten-Pound Sledge.

Their menu is mostly made up of pizzas and “handheld” dishes like sandwiches, burgers and tacos.

The happy hour at The Workshop goes from 3 to 6pm, Sunday through Friday

Rare Bird Brew Pub

rarebird brewpub traverse city breweries

Rare Bird Brew Pub Photo Courtesy Of Facebook Page

229 Lake Ave

Traverse City, MI 49684

(231) 943-2053

Much more so than the other breweries on this list, Rare Bird Brew Pub is a great location to hit up when you want to watch a live show or take part in an event. Their schedule is pretty packed with live music and other things to check out and do, with their schedule broken down as such:

Mondays – Open Mic Night

Tuesdays – Trivia

Wednesdays – Live Music

Friday through Sunday – All manner of live shows you can check out on their calendar

They get a little experimental with their half dozen house-brewed beers, but if you instead enjoy more classic brews, they have 35 taps ready to pour something you’ll love.

The food offered there is a collection of favorites alongside a few new flavors (like the Spicy Green Curry Bowl or the Kimchi Burger) and is pretty good eating even if the selection feels a little small.

Happy hour at Rare Bird Brew Pub goes from 3 to 6pm, Monday through Friday where you can get Rare Bird Beers poured for $3.50.

Right Brain Brewery


Photo courtesy of Right Brain Brewery Facebook Page

225 E 16th St

Traverse City, MI 94684

(231) 944-1239

Right Brain Brewery is a great place to visit for a variety of reasons. The artwork there is constantly changing and offers visitors an interesting collection of pieces to think on (if they’re so inclined) and the location itself is full of vibrancy and fun. They brew over twenty different drinks for you to partake in and offer a lot more if none of their house-brewed offerings catch your attention.

The only real downside to Right Brain Brewery is a food menu that seems to lack much imagination, especially when you compare it to everything else the spot offers.

As for happy hour there, they hold it from 3 to 6pm, Monday through Friday. During happy hour, you can get pints for $4.25 and members can get their mugs filled for $3.75. If you’re wondering, membership is a one-time $225 fee, offers a number of discounts, gives access to members-only events and comes with quite a bit.

The Filling Station Microbrewery


642 Railroad Pl

Traverse City, MI 49686

(231) 946-8168

Located in an old railroad depot, The Filling Station Microbrewery brings Traverse City yet another cool take on the brewery scene. The Filling Station also serves as the Hub for TC Pedal Pub.When dining or drinking outside, it really feels as though the place is a lively train station, which says a lot about their decorative efforts. They offer about a dozen great beers, though the Rolling Stock IPL is absolutely a standout amongst the selection.

When it comes to food at The Filling Station, they are all about the wood-fired pizza. Other than a few salads and some snacks, the entire menu is flatbread pizza (unless you count the kids menu, which consists of mac n cheese and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich).

No happy hour to report.

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Livnfresh Celebrates A Huge 2016 At Vernales Steakhouse [Local Friday Features]

It is rare when you are able to combine your passion with your business venture. When it happens, you get to actually love what you do every day. What a pleasure! Well Dave and Cari Samalik have been able to have that experience. They have been in the screen printing business for over 20 years and they have had a love of all things outdoors forever. They have turned this combination into Livnfresh. Started in 2010 in Northern Michigan, the company produces high quality products that reflect a love of the outdoors and the uniqueness of its customers. The shirts are a cotton polyester mix for a soft and comfortable fit and winning fans all over the USA. The images are exclusive to Livnfresh and are guaranteed not to fade. The screen print designs are innovative and tailored to meet the needs of any one with the smallest inkling of style 🙂 . You can find these designs on all types of fashion apparel, including tee shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, hats, and stickers. Any of these products will truly exceed your expectations.

The company name really is a lifestyle for the Samalik’s and their employees. The products help you express your love of outdoor activities and staying fit and active. From a statement, as simple as “Hunter” to something more personal like “Great Lakes Girl” or “Life is Better Unsalted”, you can will LOVE Livnfresh. Now that the company is in thirteen different states, you have an opportunity to also show your love for your particular state. From Florida to California, they are constantly coming up with new ways to showcase your statepride.

Most people love where they live or have a special place they visit, and now this special feeling can be expressed. This love of place is what we all have in common and can be a linchpin that unites us. That theme is carried out on the website and social media platforms where special state run events and locations are highlighted. Information on activities like hiking, biking, golf, hunting, and fishing is also provided. Over the years, Livnfresh has expanded its operations, and this year it opened a new location in the downtown Traverse City area. There was even more excitement when the company announced that in addition to being featured on Amazon, the products were now approved to sell through Walmart online.

Considering the great year experienced by Livnfresh, it only makes sense that the owners would want to celebrate Christmas at an equally successful business. So, on December 1st, all the full-time employees dined at Vernales. This restaurant was voted the #1 steakhouse in Michigan and also won the Wine Spectator’s award of excellence. The awards are meaningless unless you can deliver and Vernales is more than capable of doing just that. The restaurant has great food and an atmosphere for every situation. You can get together with friends and enjoy happy hour at the sports bar or on the patio. If you’re looking for a more intimate, adult only setting, you can dine in the temperature controlled wine cellar. If you’re a group like the Livnfresh employees, you can reserve a table in the Chop House. All areas are casual, with cozy fireplaces, and a diverse menu. Vernales also provides catering and a banquet area for large events like concerts and weddings. Great food and beverages and the perfect atmosphere make Vernales the perfect party place for a company like Livnfresh. Based on their histories, it seems like these two companies will enjoy a great deal of future success.


Vernales Exterior

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