Don’t Overlook Allen Park – There’s More than Meets the Eye

Allen Park is part of Wayne County, Michigan which was famous for their tree-lined streets brick houses. The town is also part of several communities known as Downriver. The town houses two of the most prominent brands in the country, Ford Motor Company and the Detroit Lions. Several Ford Motor offices and facilities are located within the boundaries of Allen Park.

Just recently, Allen Park gathered much of the state’s attention as it hosted the Made in Michigan Festival. Hosting the much-awaited state festival proved that this small community has a lot to offer and makes up much of why Michigan is so awesome.  

Made in Michigan Festival

Because the kick-off event went really well last year, organizers of the festival have made it two days long now. The last weekend of September was dedicated to food, wine, shopping and music in Allen Park celebrating pure Michigan-made excellence. From September 29 to 30, visitors to Allen Park had all day fun for everyone in the family. The festival featured many food trucks and the best Michigan craft beers. To get more into the festivity, live music played all day. There is always something for everyone in this two-day event, an open-air market of all Michigan-made surely inspires everyone to love our state. This event will always draws  some serious crowds, so make sure to plan ahead once you’ve decided to go.

But if Made in Michigan makes you crave for something else, Allen Park has some great eats to discover when festivities aren’t going on.

Moro’s Dining

For a taste of authentic Italian dishes, Moro’s Dining has a lot to offer. They are well known for their flamboyant table-side food preparation to make sure to only get the freshest dishes. Their portions are really generous and the taste even better. They serve great steak options with a perfect balance of seasoning bringing out the natural flavor of the beef.  Don’t miss out on their Strawberry Romanov dessert which is made at your table complete with extravagant preparations.

Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant

If you’re craving for some salsa, head on to Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant. They serve homemade salsas, Mexican sodas, and offer a variety of lunch specials. People would often order the restaurant’s legendary rice and beans. Because of the popularity of the location, it can often get rather crowded, so make a reservation if you know you’ll be heading there. Angelinas has great pricing for their food with large portions. Like any other authentic Mexican restaurant, you will be greeted with the warmest smile and fresh from the stove food. Also worth a try since Allen Park has several parks with great picnic areas is to take the food with you and prepare an alfresco dining experience in the open with your family.

The Glass Onion Griddle

This place takes an ordinary breakfast food and put a unique twist that everyone loves. For a small place, you wouldn’t expect they’d serve such amazing comfort food, but you’ll be glad to be proven wrong. The Glass Onion Griddle is a cozy place to bring your family and friends for an energizing meal before visiting other hotspots around Allen Park. Protip: Their eggs benedict are a must if you’re coming here for the first time as is their Great Lakes coffee.

Whenever you are planning to go to Allen Park, whether for a festival or get a feel of Michigan life, make sure to taste some of their local cuisines. And while you’re at it, make sure to cozy up if you head there during the upcoming winter with one of these great Michigan hoodies.


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Author: Ann Chumleigh

I set out to share with all the chic Fashionistas that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles that are made with US in mind! As a successful entrepreneur based in Michigan, who is constantly trying to grow, I hope to inspire, get inspired and motivated by my readers.

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