Michigan 12 Year Old Raises Almost $2,000 To Bring Wolves To Local Zoo

Mackenzie Couch, a 12 year old Michigander has raised $1,710 to transfer a pair of wolves from California to the Binder Park Zoo. The young girl has even forgone Christmas presents to help raise more for the cause.

This species of wolf is believed to have less than 100 living in the wild today, and the Binder Park Zoo was part of the effort to conserve them – however the zoo had not long ago sent their females away for breeding at other locations leaving their wolf enclosure empty. It seems there is a lot of love in Michigan for these wolves.


The new wolf brothers at Binder Park Zoo were cautiously testing their new home Monday, but one person was positive they were in the right place.

Mackenzie Couch, 12, watched the wolves roam the enclosure at the zoo but she had already met them about a week ago.

“It feels very amazing,” Couch said. “I cried a little bit when I first saw them.”

The Kalamazoo girl had raised $1,710 as of Monday to help pay for the cost of bringing wolves back to the zoo, having sacrificed her Christmas presents to get as much money to the cause as possible. Donations can still be made at www.gofundme.com/mackenzieswolves. Continue Reading

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