Detroit Set To Become New Silicon Valley

More and more tech and engineering startups are moving to detroit, concentrating a new generation of innovators in the Michigan area, and it’s amazing it took this long for it to happen.

The average detroit home costs a fourth of what the average San Francisco house does, the state has old veterans of the auto industry, and several colleges pumping out worthy engineers every year. The fact is, Michigan is home to a great many minds waiting to be tapped, and many of them have no interest in moving out to the west coast.


So don a little bit of Michigan pride and invest in the growing future.

Southeast Michigan is starting to look like northern California, minus the redwood trees, the year-round good weather and the crazy expensive housing.

Automotive startups and tech giants have been beefing up their presence in the Detroit area in an attempt to attract engineering talent away from traditional automakers, because those engineers don’t want to move out West.

“We want to capture the talent that’s here that doesn’t want to go to California, possibly because a spouse is working or their children are in school, and they aren’t ready to make that transition,” said Helen Watson, human resources manager at Karma Automotive. Continue Reading

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Author: Ann Chumleigh

I set out to share with all the chic Fashionistas that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles that are made with US in mind! As a successful entrepreneur based in Michigan, who is constantly trying to grow, I hope to inspire, get inspired and motivated by my readers.

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