Happiness, Love & Loss

We spend a lot of time having fun here at Livnfresh, and a lot of that is by talking with our great customers. We love the stories we hear about you all going on journeys, hanging with friends, exploring the woods and relaxing by the lake and it’s all of you who motivate us to come to work every day. Still, we received a message the other day that made us both glad to be around but sad for the news. Margaret Evans sent us this message:

“I just want to tell you your page makes me happy. My best friend just passed away and it was unexpected and sudden. With that being said and all the sadness that goes with it her favorite place in the world was to go up north. So every time I see one of your posts show up on my page I think of her and all the happy times we’ve had together. Just thought I would share one way your page makes someone happy. ”

So we wanted to let Margaret know that she’s in our hearts and to send love from Michigan with some beautiful photography from here on the Fresh Coast:

Waves crashing on Lake Michigan


A winding road on the Upper Peninsula


Rocky shore along Lake Superior


The woods in Burton


Lighthouse on the South Pier in South Haven


A Michigan home during a white winter


Margaret Evans, we are truly sorry to hear about your loss.

With love and regards,

The Livnfresh Staff

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Author: Ann Chumleigh

I set out to share with all the chic Fashionistas that we CAN don the latest and greatest of trends, fashions and styles that are made with US in mind! As a successful entrepreneur based in Michigan, who is constantly trying to grow, I hope to inspire, get inspired and motivated by my readers.

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